Shades FAQ Flying

This is the FAQ for the multi-user adventure game 'Shades', which is currently available via the '.world' system at (telnet 18088)

Please suggest new items for this list if you have any - additional items should be sent to:

1) How should I start?Up

After creating your character, you should type 'SHADES' to enter the land and then the best way to get aquatinted with the game is to look around the land by using compass directions, and then try to follow the route listed when you type 'HINTS' to get your first bit of treasure.

Have a good look at the information that is supplied in the 'Information Centre' which can be found to the east of the 'Natural Cavern', and also use the HELP command to get more information about individual items.

Make sure you stay up to date with the latest system news by reading the message of the day by typing MESSAGE, and also by reading the ChatTrack often.

Most important of all is to often SAVE your score, and also check your stamina after any fights! (See HINTS about restoring this)

2) What do I do with treasure?Up

You score points from treasure by placing it in certain locations in the game. The first place that you should drop your treasure is the 'Mad Kings Room' inside the castle, but there are also other locations within the game where you can gain the points from your treasure.

Also, you can find out the current value of an item of treasure by using the VALUE command, for example VALUE COIN will tell you how much the coin is currently worth. Finally, using the SCORE (SC) or QUICKSCORE (QS) command you can see how much the current total value of all the treasure you are carrying is worth.

3) How do I enter the 'riddle' rooms in the West Tower of the castle?

If you LOOK outside one of these rooms you will see a riddle question, to answer it, simply type the word that you think would answer that riddle. They are all one word answers.

4) What is a reset, and how do I find out when one is due?Up

In order to keep the game fresh and full of treasure for players of the game, each game resets every 45 minutes, and all the puzzles and treasure is returned to its original state. You can find out when one is due by typing WHEN, in addition to this there are warning bells that sound 9 and 3 minutes before the game is about to reset.

5) Why am I asked to select a 'Game Number'?

To make sure that too many people are not sent after the same items of treasure, after a certain number of people are on one game, the next game then becomes available for use, and then so on until the system fills up. Often game '7' is used for special events, such as quizzes, and when they are running you can get to this game by typing 'QUIZ' instead of SHADES and you will automatically be placed on game 7.

6) Where is the 'Chat' area?Up

When you enter the land, instead of typing 'SHADES' you can type 'CHAT' and you will then be placed within the 'chat' area of Shades. You can reach the main game areas by going WEST twice, and rejoin the chat areas from the main game by going EAST when you are in the Natural Cavern.

7) What are 'Safe' areas?

All the chat areas, and also the church in the city are designated as 'Safe' areas, and you can see if a player is in a 'safe' area by looking for the word 'safe' when you use the WHO or QUICKWHO (QW) command.

In these areas fighting is forbidden, and also you cannot perform magic, or have magic performed on you. Also you cannot bring any game objects into the chat areas.

8) How can I see how else has been playing Shades?Up

Using the WHENON (WO) command, you can see upto the last 40 players who have been in the land, although you will not always be able to see wizards on this list.

9) Can I find out how well I am doing?

In the main chat room, 'Outside the Pub', there is a score board which you can read by typing READ TOP <number from 1 to 40> which will list the highest player scores at the time. (This obviously does not include wizards in this list)

10) Can I leave messages for other players?

When you are 'Outside the Pub' or in the 'Natural Cavern' you can read and write messages on the wall. Simply type READ WALL to view the messages, and if you want to leave a message type WRITE <your message>.Up

Also longer messages can be left on the 'ChatTrack' which can be found WEST then SOUTH of 'Outside the Pub'. More detailed instructions on how to use this system can be viewed by LOOKing when you are there.

11) How do I communicate with other players on the game?

You can talk to a group of people by using 'SAY' which will appear

to all the players in that location. If you wish to talk to one player just type their name followed by your message. Please note that you don't have to type their full name, the first few letters will do.

However, if there is another player on with the same first few starting letters as the player you wish to talk to, then the message will go to the first person with these letters in the WHO list. This also applies to all commands referring to a player, for example, GIVE COIN TO PERI instead of GIVE COIN TO PERIALAGA.

To send a message to all the players in the game, use the SHOUT <message> command.

12) What happens to my character when it dies?Up

If you are killed by a trap or similar within the game, normally this will only result in your character being forced back to the 'login prompt', with the loss of the items you were carrying and any unSAVEed score. However if you are killed by a mobile or a player you will lose a percentage of your score which varies depending on your level. If you are of Enchanter/ess level or above you will loose 50% of your score. At each level below that you will loose half that percentage, for example at soothsayer/spellbinder you will loose 25% percent of your score, and so on.

If you started the fight, and it was with another player, you will loose double the percentage detailed above, for example, if you are Enchanter/ess or above, you will loose all your points!

13) Rules of Shades.

Generally none, however any offensive or obscene behaviour is likely to get your character wiped, and/or your account suspended. Also you may be penalised for actions which are grossly against the spirit of the game.Up

** IMPORTANT ** Shades and its operators and creators will not be liable for any actions or communications by the players of the Shades game, these shall be considered to be the responsibility of the player concerned. In additional we accept no responsibility for any loss, financial or otherwise that occurs during use of this system.

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