Winseer's meet pics Circa 1985-1988

The following pics were sent in by The Original Winseer, they were taken at a combination of The Sols Arms, Pippins Meets and The Acorn (!) Users Shows.
If anyone fancies showing just how old they are and can fill in some of the ??'s  then please let me know . Most of the names have been supplied by Winseer himself and thanks to Ray, Ambushbug and Mindy for filling in some blanks.

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                     Top: Lordant, Vick, Hazeii        Top: Alron, ?, Winseer, Gozariaxx                 Top:Hypatia,Camero
                       Middle: ?, ?                              Middle: Alron, Sven ,Damocles,                    Middle: Lab, Sappho
                       Bottom: Zarabeth, Camero                    Ambushbug, Lordant                        Bottom: Damocles, Heloise, ?
                                                                         Bottom: ??, Lordant, Hazeii's
                                                                                           (then) girlfriend

                     Top: Murrugh, Lordant, ?,                       Top: Pippin, Hazeii                          Top: Winseer. Rocky (Beermats french
                             Sharrah, Gandalf                             Middle: ??, Peri, ??, Ford                         girlfriend), Beermat
                     Middle: Mohican,??, Keddy(?)                Bottom: Scarlett, Fester                   Middle: Mrs Damocles, Damocles,
                     Bottom: Panda, Fluffs, Shocking                                                                                  ??, Godiva
                                                                                                                                           Bottom: ??, ??, Jhary

                    Top: ??, Sharrah, Nairabrab,               Top: Pegasus, Beermat, ??,??         Top: Ellie. Loveabull, Zarabeth,
                               Eukonidor                                   Bottom: ??, Softy                                   Ambushbug
                       Middle: Scarlett, Peri                                                                                 Middle: Centurion, Malwen
                       Bottom: Sharrah, Gandalf                                                                           Bottom: Beermat, Zoe
                                                                                                                                                    Heads  of  Mindy and

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