Please note that the following is not intended to be either blasphemous or to offend.It is merely a satire based around Shades and the Ten Commandments.If however, you think that it may conflict with your beliefs then please do not read on...

And Hazeii came down from the sky and brought with him a computer program.He called this computer program Shades.He sought out the great Ambushbug from the local drinking house and thrust upon him ten pieces of tatty printout paper.Upon these printouts did read the following.
I am Hazeii the Coder, here are the printouts that I have brought from deepest East Grinstead.You shall not work for any other programmer apart from me nor shall you try to dress like me, or impersonate me in any way.
Neither shall you try to copy,hack or sell the program called Shades.If Mercury or Vodafone or any other communications giant apart from the divine British Telecom shall try to bribe you, you should not let them near the program called Shades.
You shall not call me by any other name apart from Hazeii the Coder, nor shall you call me anything that may offend me otherwise you shall be blotted and your ID removed from the program.
You must remember that Sundays are reserved for wanton killing on the Bloodbath and you must honour this tradition by destroying all that moves.
You must play Shades all through the week, but on the seventh day you must play twice as much thus increasing my wealth.
Honour your parents, your husbands, your wives, your boyfriends, your girlfriends, your sons and your daughters for if you do they will give you money with which to pay your MicroNet bill.
You shall kill everything within sight as this is your given right.Those who are killed must not complain nor must they go to the novice game to restam for if they do the wrath of the Coder will befall them.
You shall not play around with a married Wiz or Witch unless they go by the name of Fluffs or Rodney, in which case anything goes.
You must not steal a weapon from a fight that you are not involved in for if you do you will be imprisoned for the rest of the reset.
You must not play with someone else's personna for if you do it will lead to all your points being taken away with the Setscore command.

You shall not enter another Immortals room unless that Immortal befalls you with the Admit command.
For these are the commandments of Hazeii, they shall be obeyed or you risk the threat of the Blot.

And then Hazeii did say unto the Bug 'file these printouts away but remember where you have put them for one day I shall return for an update".

The Hazeii then dissappeared and peace was once again brought to the land...

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