This is taken from an mbx of mine written around 1990 on Micronet stating my views on Pacifism in response to an ongoing dicussion on the subject and a mbx from a personna called Neb...with comments by Lordant at the end.

One of the points brought up by Neb was that in his day when there was no such thing as pacifism and when you could carry all the powerful weapons he managed to make it to wiz and so did many others.
Now I used to play in those days and the point I want to make is that there weren't nearly as many killers around then (the original Winseer would agree with me on that point).
As well as there not being as many killers there also weren't as many wizzes. Now if all the wizzes out there take time to put two and two together and sit down and think to themselves who are all the killers on the game, they will come to the conclusion that probably 95% of the killers are wiz seconds.
Now if all the wiz killer seconds went away for a few months and just left the new players alone I wonder how many paci's there would be!
Now I am just as guilty as any of the wizzes by having a second who goes around attacking anything in sight but before all of us start to moan about the number of paci's on the game, maybe we should think about whose causing it....
Just to illustrate my point, i remember on Essex Mud years ago when all the personna files had been wiped and everybody had to start all over again. There was no killing for about two months because everyone was trying to get their wizzes back!

Makes one think doesn't it????

Lordants comments:-

Killers have come and gone. The first wave of wiz seconds included those of Ford, Softy, Ossie, Jhary, Lordant. Its always the wizzes who develop the seige mentality of, "There are getting to be too many of us, lets stop any more getting there".
I put my killers away ages ago. Firstly because I was getting too good at it, and secondly there were too many killers out there!
Regarding the point about Exxex Mud, quite, its the glut of killers that has forced players to take the pacifist route to Wiz.

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