You thought that the killers charts were new?? Not so, way back in the dim distant early 1990's I used to produce the killer charts manually and what a pain it was!!

Read on for details of how it was done and also take a peek at a few of the charts that have survived

The year 1990, the place Micronet...

Hi and welcome to the Shades killer charts, each week I will compile two charts,one for the total numberof kills and one for the total number of kills in the previous week. To be included all you have to do is MBX me your total kill tally no later than 6pm every Sunday. Entries received later than this time or by any other means will not be counted!

There are only a couple of simple rules:-

1) The killer must be in current use
2) To be included in the weekly kill chart you must send in your tally on a regular basis (i.e every week!)
3) No cheating!! I will make random checks.
4) MBX's only carrier pigeons etc!

And now for some charts, click on the button by the side of the date of the one you want to see

Week ending 19th August 1990

Week ending 26th August 1990

Week ending 9th September 1990

Week ending 16th September 1990

Week ending 23th September 1990 * THE MEGA CHART *

Week ending 18th November 1990 * THE MEGA CHART *

Week ending 25th November 1990

Week ending 2nd Decemeber 1990

Week ending 9th Decemeber 1990

Week ending 16th Decemeber 1990

The New Years Day (1991) Mega Chart

Week ending 13th January 1991

Week ending 20th January 1991

Week ending 27th January 1991

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