Welcome to Zeons nostalgia trip. In this section you will find stuff that I managed to rescue from the Micronet Era of Shades. It was all written by me and was originally situated on the old Inshades area.
It has all been lovingly (?) pulled off my old Commie 64 and translated from orrible old Teletext format into brand spanking new HTML format.
Have a look through and see if any memories are stirred, or if you didn't used to play in those days, have a look to see what used to go on!!

. Oh yes and please note that Rhiannon used to be one of my personnas, not the one that is running around these days!!

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Rhiannon's view on Pacifism - 1990

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The Killer Charts 1990/91

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The Bloodbath Reports1990

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the Ten Commandments of Shades

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Inshades Feedback - 1990/91

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