What follows are messages taken from the Inshades Feedback area on Micronet, as always comments by Lordant are at the end. At a guess I would say they are dated 1990-1991

I have just had a very interesting arguement on scrolly with Panacea regarding our friend Fis.I was rather miffer about Panny coming on and instantly jailing Fis when he had been behaving himself all night.When I questioned him on his reasons he claimed that Lordant had said to him that Fis could be jailed for absolutely anything as Lordant wanted him off the game.
The reason Panny put for jailing him was shouting.Now as he wasn't shouting anything other than what anyone else shouts normally I find his actions rather pathetic.
Now would it be possible for Lordant to clear the matter up.IE did he say what Panny had said he did or did he mean jail Fis if there is a valid reason to do so? I hardly think that jailing people for exisiting is a valid reason.
Oh, and if Lordant does want him off the game then surely all the great one has to do is remove access to him. We all know that Fis can be very annoying at times but surely jailing him on sight is a bit OTT!

Lordants comments:-

Fis as we all know on previous account was a real pain who was eventually ostracised. There seems little doubt that the new Fis is played by the same person.
When he came back the other night I decided to try and give him enough rope to hang himself and refrained from jailing him, waiting to see if he merited ostracising again.
I realised that my 'lenient' attitude might be more than the Immortals could take, so 'Wizsayed' that they should feel free to jail him, if they found his actions offensive in any way.Fis does set out to annoy, so has no cause for complaint.

As some of you may know, last night another 0898 player suddenly made Wiz. His name was Basf and he was going around the game killing high level mortals. Now someone out there (a wiz) is mt'ing treasure for these players. Who and why I don't know but rest assured we will find out. This is not the first time it has happened, remember Wizzer . Anyway, thanks to Amby's swift action Basf has now been blotted and all 0898 players have been banished to game 16 where neither they can get to us nor we can get to them. What I ask you is to MBX Amby and INSIST that they are never allowed onto any other game again as this is the only way that we can stop a certain immortal from doing the same thing again!!

Lordants comments:-

It's a pity that the few idiots who think its amusing to spend xxxx amounts of money just to come on and shout abuse spoil it for the rest

At last!! I have worked out where Hazeii has gone...The chatlines dissappeared, then he went...conclusion??
Haze was a chatline!!

Lordants comments:-

That explains everything!!!

Whilst out looking for a fight the other night I decided to persue a seer onto the novice game (as I thought, well what the heck he shouldn't be on here anyway), only to be told by a wiz that I must leave as fighting was not encouraged on there.
When I tried to point out to this wiz that seers shouldn't be allowed on the novice game I was told "Oh thats Ok he's only collecting a few points". If this is now the case, ie. all levels can run freely on the novice game, isn't it about time someone pointed it out to all the Warlocks/Bewitchers out there so that they can go and collect points safe from attack?
I'm sure they would appriciate a safe game. Surely this is not how the novice game is to be used from now on??

Lordants comments:-

The novice game should be for low levels to learn about the game, where all the T is etc. The fact that higher levels can now gain access to the novice game is a bug which will corrected in the next update.
in the meantime, if I see any high level on there I tell them to leave and chuck them off if they stay.

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