Firstly I would like to clear up a bit of confusion that appears to have arose over the report that I made in the last issue regarding Teresta.To start with I did not say or intend to imply that she had got all her points 'given' to her, merely that she was seen twice being helped in the same way by seconds of a particular Wiz.
Also the comments that I made regarding the bug on the novice game was no way directed towards her but an entirely seperate article!.

It seems that romance is not entirely dead.Kudos asked Bulldog to marry him the other night during an unfortunate sex change (on Bulldog's part).But when I quizzed her on what her answer was he said (cos by then he had been changed back to a boy(grin)) that he wasn't queer, but he said he would marry me instead.....ahhhhhhhhh.
Nice thought Bulldog but I'm afraid this witch ain't the marrying type...

Is there no limit to how low Altaria will stoop...she is not satisfied with stealing T from experienced players, but she was even seen stealing 250 points from a new and player..Sorry Alondil (the victim) but it seems that Altaria has no morals whatsover....

I have noticed on the ChatTrack on scrolly that Cordell wants two others too help him do the singing pillars puzzle.I would just like to repeat what I have written on there..It is very nice to see that someone is actually interested in doing the more complex puzzles that Shades has too offer.
It makes a change from seeing players merely going around collecting the easy T and killing mobiles and other players. I wish Cordell luck in finding two others to help him and hope that after this both he and others will try some of the other puzzles within the game.
I mean when was the last time that YOU heard the demonic shriek come from the black tower??

A Story

In the great stretch of the Celtic lands, from the Western rocks of Ireland to the mountains of Asia Minor,the moon goddess was an impotant lady. She was a symbol of feminine independance as she passed over the stars between the sunset and sunrise.
In Britain they called her Rhiannon and the stories tell of her quiet superiority over mere males who might chase and never catch up with her Serene Ride.
Arthur was laid to rest in a boat with the nine draped maidens (These were the nine blackbirds sent by Rhiannon and were taken away to Avalon.
The birds sang a Celtic song, for they were the birds of Rhiannon,singing us to sleep or awaking the dead.
In the apple ochard of the Western Islands is where the goddess Rhiannon resides.Her hair is the colour of honey,her robe the blue of the sky edged with white swans down and her eyes of such a mystery that those who look in them will forever hope and find solace in the songs of her birds.
Her birds were desired by Ysbadadden the Giant, to sing him to sleep on the night before the heroes slew him...before the lady on her white horse took him away to the land of the souls.......

Why is Tippex's suffix Ripper3 when all he seems to do is berserk??
Why do mobiles always attack you when you are on low stam?
Can the sprite swim?
Who is Visor?
Has anyone EVER seen Frobar the Arch-Wiz?
How come you don't have fix the bridge when you go FROM the mansion TO the city?
Why doesn't the ghost ever attack?
Why doesn't the rat run away when you start hitting other people with it?

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