The first thing I want to do in this issue is give a special award to Righteous. I think I'll call it 'The I've got an IQ of less than an ant award'...Why? read on...

On Friday night Righteous and Die were playing on scrolly when Righteous asked Die if he was a which Die replied no. Silence came and then Righteous called Die a 'poofter'.
Upon inquiring why he had been called this (in a very nice manner of course)Die was treated to the following response...

"Cos you a bloke and Die is a girls name"

Well as you can imagine this confused poor old Die ..after thinking about it for at least one nano second Die then replied (again very nicely)..

"Er the name is DIE as in DROP DEAD not as in DI short for DIANA"

To this the bright Righteous said oh, I thought it was short for Diana..Ho hum we dont arf get em on here dont we...
Oh and I won't mention what he asked me to do afterwards either, lets just say he left the game very very quickly..several times..GRIN

Next up is the pass the bucket award...This time it goes to Cadbury for the following lickle gem..

Alondysquelch????... I ask you!!

Well I've just read my Mom's so called Poos..opps Paws column (see I do do this as I go along..snigger) and would just like to say that Ta Mon, I don't really need any help in writing my lickle bit.
Your see dear muver, I was writing this column long before you shed your first bit of fur and in those days there was competition in that there were loads od articles about shades.
Let's face it dear, you was lucky in that you started Paws when there was nothing to compare it with..but now my dear old column has come back you can't handle the pressure..still never mind muver dear...
Anyway, I have sent off that application form you gave me for story writer at the Sunday Sport..I do hope you get it, in the mean time keep practising at your column...

Next up is Vader ..what happened to you dear boy?? Not only have you resorted to low stamming 'learner killers' (by that I mean those who have just started on the road to LS this case Ranger) but you also berserk from fights??!!
Now obviously your F keys have broken down or else your mind and energy is elsewhere...WINK
Oh and now that I mentioned Ranger ..what can be done to stop this magnificent killer...not only is he not satisfied with having one defence to his name but now he has a kill as well!! Keep it up dear you will soon be numero uno in the killer charts!!

Die would just like to apologize to Atz ..he is very sorry for attacking and killing you when you were on only 20 stam but as you kept on zipping hin to your location he naturally thought that you wanted to was he to know that you were trying to get out of a fight with the Morloch???!!!...Snigger

Just found out that my poor mom has got Flu...get well soon my dear (oh did you notice that the first three letters of me moms name spell what she has got...FLUffs...cor amazing or what???)

Oh before I go, just a quick lickle note to dear Ravena .Please my love will you abstain from using your wiz powers to muck up other peoples fights...By this I mean not zipping a mortal to the immortals lounge whilst he is trying to attack someone and not forbidding fighting after his victim has fled and he is going after them again...

.......Till next time.....Rhiannon

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