This is one of the first issues of the Shadey Fox that I ever wrote, way back in 1987. A couple of points worth remembering is that Shades was only on Viewdata and only at 1200/75 then. Also it was possible to carry more than one powerful weapon at once (ie the ls and the rat), ah those were the days!!!

The singing pillars weren't around then instead there was a power station so when the Maintenance store or sewers are mentioned then that is where they were!

If you see something in brackets in this colour then that has been added by me now in order to explain something!!!

Oh yes and one other thing,As you read through you will see a section on Peri, now firstly just remember that in those days Peri was a lot younger and of course was just a mere player like the rest of us and also there was a personna know as Ford who also apparently played Peri's character. So alot of the things described may relate to when Ford was playing it and not Peri, there again they may not..:-)

As you probably have already noticed there are several nasty killers hanging around in the Shade,and what I hope to do in this first section is bring you info on them and to describe their tactics.
The first that we come across is the famous, or infamous, Winseer (this is not the same one as who plays now!). I could probably devote the entire issue to him but will just say that he is very good and seems to be a master of all tactics so in other words dont annoy him!!

Next up is Simonoxii (in those days people used to have the habit of adding roman numbers on the end of their name each time they got killed,so this was probably Simono's 12th personna!!). His main way of killing is to S&S, a method that I personally find dirty and cowardly (Oooerr, how my attitude has changed!!). Also watch out for him just after a reset as if he can get to the rat first he will show no mercy in using it!

Whilst we are on the subject of S&Sing, I will mention Goz. His usual method is to find the LS in the sands and then stay there and S&S his victims.

Next we have Snowie, he has perfected the art of fumble and strip and will use them to gain possession of your weapon and will then turn round and attack you with it.

Next is Unlickvii, his usual tactics are to summon you and steal your weapon and then after you have run away he will S&S you!!

A change of styles now with Jessica, she uses the H&S (hunt and slay),method. She is very good and watch out for her after a reset with the rat.

Well the main fight of the night was between me and the cowardly Perialaga (ooerrr were you really a coward in those days Peri!!!).
I logged onto game 2 (ah those were the days more than one game open!) to discover that he was up to his normal tricks of generally distrupting the game (Peri, really??) - see later for more details of him.I went on and joined in the affray, he promptly attacked me with the rat which I eventually managed to steal but didnt have time to ret with exit Foxy.
I returned for another go but lost again so I brought on Zeon and chased him to the windy path and attacked him. I stole the rat and retted with it, all looked ok until in true Perialaga style the coward fled and quit! Still next time...
My one aim of Shades is to try and rid it of this worthless player (Unlike now where I think you are the best thing since sliced bread!!) and I'm sure that there are alot of you that would agree with me (Sure they wouldnt anymore!!)

Death to Perialaga!!!!!

Talking of this lovely player here is my view on him (ooerr dont blot me Peri..this was 1987!!)

This so called shades player takes great delight in disrupting the game for everyone else. His usual tactics are to get the rat and brass key and then wait in the sideline for someone to attack the sprite. He will then go on and low stam. He will not wait around if he gets into trouble but will flee and quit and then log back on and be generally abusive. Well at least some wiz have given him an appropriate suffix...


I received a letter from Mighty regarding my article on Nanjusi in the last issue. He says and I quote 'Nanjusi is a wally and hardly ever kills. He swears constantly if he is killed and is an all round dickhead'
Thanks Mighty..over to you Nanjusi

Beeslebub wrote to me about his method of killing and it seems he has something against Winseer. Anyway here we go..After a reset he forgets about T and goes to get the LS. When he has it he types zip win until he arrives then k win ls,he follows this with a st sabre win, as he says that Winseer always carries it! Then he rets with the sabre, this i presume finishes Winseer off although he didnt tell me if this has ever worked! Perhaps either Beez or Win could clear that point up! Anyway if Winseer is not playing he will go for the LS and drown himself in the sands and then go and pick it up from the maintenance store (Store cave as it is now). Then he will zip the highest level player that is on and attack. He says that this has worked quite often and amongst his victims have been Winseer, Aritifax, Hackenslay, Rampage and Alien.

Well Tuesday wasnt a very good day for me. Foxy got noviced twice and Zeon lost 20K.Foxy first..

She attacked Kickaha with the LS but after a few blows the reset came. After logging back on she rushed to moats bank where Kickaha was and thinking that he must have been on low stam, attacked him with her bare hands, but alas he had got the girl and he won. Anyway I logged back on to see the message Kickaha has been killed by Whirlwind, who incidently Foxy had killed earlier. Much to her joy, Foxy congratulated Whirly and a new partnership was born. Anyway just goes to show that two girls do it better....hehehehehe

Later that night Kickaha did get his revenge by novicing the both of us, still thats life in the Shade I time time..

Onto Zeon now..He managed to log onto an empty game and was busy collecting T. He had just done the mansion when he heard the drawbridge moving, so did a QW and saw that Dupe was on. He found that Dupe was holding the LS and waiting south of the drawbridge. Zeon had the Sabre so went to the narrow trail and filled his buffer with 5 st ls dupe, ret all. He hit return and in it went but arrghhhh to Zeon's shock the kill command went in as k upe sabre!!! and so up came the message There is no such player followed by Dupe attacks you with the rusty longsword! In go Zeon's steals, the first 3 had no effect then came up Dupe has stolen the finely balanced blade from you. Eek Zeon thought. his stamina was down to 70 and he still had a full up buffer (ahh the joys of Viewdata!). If he stayed he would have had no chance and there wasnt time to flee or quit so he did one of Winseers famous *8117's (A trick used on Micronet to get out of the game FAST!!!) Zeon logged back on to find he was now a soothy...well done Dupe..mutter

I decided to revoke my revenge on some unsuspecting Shadists so I went killed Bodecca, Pipes, Rakkard and Cochise. One thing I will say is directed towards Rakkard....I wish that you would learn to take being killed as part of the game and not call your kilers Homo's, Pratts and the like..hehe talk about bad losers!!

Anyway after this little spurge of killing came my downfall. I went after Fingers with the sabre but to my suprise he managed to avoid me so I logged back on later to find that he was in the sewer. I grabbed the axe and waited for him at the entrance with a Kill fin axe and a st sabre fin in the buffer. He arrives, I hit the return key and lo and behold up comes the dreaded Fingers steals the woosmans axe from you,closly followed by You have stolen the finely balanced blade from fingers the seer. I typed in ret sabre but before this goes in up comes Fingers the seer starts to use the mild unassuming rat!!!....Hi Zeon the Seer!!

Well done Fingers, by this time I was a bit peeved so I thought sod it and went back in again..sure enough Fingers attacks me with the sabre and my steals didnt work...Hi Zeon the Valiant!!

I went for a cup of coffee....

Anyway thats it for this time and dont foget the MBX's!!!

Loads of Love and kisses....Foxy

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