Hi and welcome to the Shadey Fox, a regular(ish) magazine about the weird and wonderful goings on in the world on Shades.
If you have any stories of interesting things that may have happened to you in the Shade then please let me know about them.

Well, as you have probably noticed (or maybe didn't!) I am back from a 2 month break and what should happen? I log on right in the middle of an update!
After the initial shock reaction (Sorry Hazeii), I notice that my stamina has shot up to 28000 instead of the normal 5000 for an immortal...This turned out to be a bug and is now back to normal (sigh).
Anyway, the game crashes and I am unable to get back in so I go off to bed.
Around 3am I find that I can't get to sleep and decide to give it another go. On I go, in go my ID and Password and up comes the message 'Incorrect account in use'. EEEkkkk I think and rush to MBX to let Shades know about it.
Off goes my MBX and I resign myself to having to wait until the next night for a reply, BUT NO, my MBX was answered straight away. It turned out that Hazeii was still online ironing out a few bugs and he sorted it out there and then. Thanks Haze, and by the way I did enjoy being a Coder for a while even though it was you playing and not me!!

On the same night (after I got my witch back) I was snooping Ysabell and Hthinsa having a fight when I noticed something very strange...Ysabell's stamina was 28000! and poor old Hthinsa's was only the normal 180. Oh, I thought to myself,something weird is going on here.
Anyway, I watched and what I saw restored my faith in fair play.Ysabell noticed her stamina and didn't take advantage of it and wipe the floor with Htinsa, but fled instead..nice one Ysabell!!

It seems that it is possible to get any level onto the novice game (although Hazeii has told me he is sorting this out).I suppose this could come in handy for those Bewitchers and Warlocks out there who do not yet know how to play the game..no names mentioned of course!!..Thanks to Augustus for pointing the above out to me.

The award this week goes to Teresta who was recently seen sat in the church whilst a Wiz second ran around the game and brought T to her.Now, I hear you say, this is just a case of a nervous Bewitcher who didn't want to risk getting involved in a fight taking it easy for a while, but when I say that she is a PACIFIST! maybe you wont!!

Oh, and as the same couple were seen about two months ago doing the same thing when she was a much lower level, it makes you wonder just how many of her points she actually got herself???!!

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