em:is sitting here in her basket trying to grin wickedly now the holidays are over....sigh

Ere...wait a mo..this aint Paws..ooops must try to stop copying my Moms stories. Perhaps if we play seperate games then I won't see the same thing she does...hhmmmmm have fun on Trash...

Anyway...welcome to.......

beware of imitations...

Well it's been a very hectic couple of days since Friday. First was my wedding to Notrag on Friday night,....and a lovely do it was too. I would just like to thank everyone for turning up and extend my special thanks to Lordant for performing the ceremony. Notty's gorn away for 11 weeks now (sob) I just don't know how I'm going to behave myself while he's away...WINK
Oh before I forget, congrats to Pearl on making witch, nice going love

While we are on the subject of archieving immortality, I would just like to congratulate myself on getting Zeon to Wiz.
I started playing with Zeon (ooeer) back in 1981 on the old Essex Mud where eventually he made wiz and I brought him over to Shades when I first started playing 4 years ago. I thought it was about time to put him where he belongs, I would like to thank Curtains and Karma for doing their best to stop him making it...GRIN

Toys/Toy has just had a lesson in how to lose approx 70K in 3 minutes. He was playing viewdata and Toys the Soothy attached Smoking and was promptly defeated by him. Then Smoking attacked and killed Toys the now seer, then Toys decided to have another go and was defeated again. So not to be put off. Toys brought on Toy the Sorc and attacked Smoking..and got defeated!!. Hi Toy the Novice...not your day really was it!!

It looks like we have lost another new player..Kaiser was last seen moaning about the fact that he had only been playing for 6 days and has been attacked. It was suggested to him that he should log onto the novice game until he got the hang of it and where he would be safe, or alternatively if he didn't like the violence to go and play that nice peaceful game called Trash. Both of these suggestions appeared to fall on deaf ears as he went away in a huff..ah well..

A warning to all you killers out there, watch out for Nukemhi , he has developed an annoying habit of forcing people to flee when they are fighting someone else..as Tamilla found out.
No, I didn't think you could force other people to flee but apparently thats only true with mobiles!!. If Fred attacks Bert then Joe can force Fred to fl o!!

Just come from me Moms wedding and very nice it was too..as I left, her and Dad were under the table together...I won't write anymore about it cos Mom will probably accuse me of stealing the story...

The 'oh my god guess what I just found out' award this week goes to Gadfly who shouted out the following lickle gem on scrolly on Sunday night..

Now as Gadfly is a necro and he has only just realised this, it maked one wonder if he has ever played the game other than when he was by himself!

The fantastic achievement of the week award goes to Ranger who got his first kill...congrats and may this be the first of many....COFF

This next bit will mean more to immortals, I scored Alondel just now and his creation date was 5th July 1991!!..does he know summit we dont???

Finally , here's a letter I have received from a Mr D E Mon....

Wanted, two yound adventurers to join me for Sunday tea and to help polish my sword. Meet me in the Black Tower and please bring your own fairy cakes

Signed..Lonely and Bored


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