Firstly I would like to point out to Heretic (see feedback dated 30/11), that I was not trying to be 'clever' as he put it (in his own polite way). The fact was that the article was the result of research into the name Rhiannon being done by a friend. The source of the information was not know by me. May I take this opportunity to thank him for letting me know of from whence it came, as I will now be able to find out more.
I would just like to suggest he should re-read 'The Mabnogion' as he will then find that I did not 'copy chunks' but re-arranged and re-tensed' what my friend had already written in her own words!. I apologise if I misled anyone but it was purely unintentional.
In the meantime perhaps some other Shadist would like to MBX me with the origins of or reasons for chosing their personna name..perhaps you first Heretic??

Just a quick word to Kudosi..when you next decide to 'insult' an immortal, don't run away but hang around so that we can discuss it!!..snigger...

The alarm clock went off, it was 9am.Mouze opened her eyes and reached over to turn it off.The wedding wasn't for another eleven and a half hours so she pulled the covers back over her head and dozed off for a while.
When she arose she phoned her Matron of Honour,Galadriel and her bridesmaid Mrsa to check that they were organized.She then went upstairs to slouch in a nice warm bath.
The time was now 1pm, she sat down to, what she funnily thought to herself, was her last meal as a single person. She wanted to ring her fiance Nongrata just to check that he was going to turn up but she decided against it thinking that of course he would.
The doorbell rang, it was Mrsa and Galadriel. She let them both in and organized a drink for them both and all three of them spent the next 2 hours getting dressed and made up and doing all the other things that girls do before a wedding.
It was now 8pm,Gal and Mrsa had already left and now Mouze stepped into the car that was going to take her to the pub. She arrived at 8.15pm to find Gal waiting. Mrsa was not to be seen anywhere but Mouze was sure that she would be there soon.
Shortly after this her fiance arrived closely followed by Lordant who was to perform the service.
The first guests to arrive were Albert and Arma. Mrsa was nowhere to be seen and Mouze was beginning to get a bit worried...
A few more guests began to arrive, with them Sparhawk who brought the bad news that Mrsa had been called out and was unfortunately unable to attend. It was suggested that he stand in and he accepted his new role of bridesmaid! He quickly rushed into one of the rooms of the pub to change into his new outfit.
Shortly after this Helly arrived.Sparhawk then emerged from the room wearing a lovely white dress!
Kisses were exchanged and Nongrata made some final adjustments to his trousers.
A slight problem with one of the guests, named Albert was quickly sorted out with a flick of the wrists by Lordant.Bart was the final guest to arrive just as the ceremony was about to begin.
No sooner had Lordant spoken the first words did the Matron of Honour start to sob, this was closely followed by an invasion of drunken Llamas.Hands were squeezed, sheep were let loose and the best man,Phaid phaided out!!
Two late guests arrived in the shape of Visor and Vivian closely followed by a red faced best man.
Rings were produced and exchanged, Visor started to cry, Sparhawk thought a pant was in order and Galadriel started to fantasize!
Vows were spoken, the grooms trousers started to play him up again and one of Sparhawks suspenders snapped.Then at long last Mouze and Nongrata were married.Everyone kissed everyone else and the happy couple were zipped off to the Bridal Suite...buts thats another story!!

What does an Ugly look like?
Does the girl really like being touched all the time?
Are we ever going to find out who Visor is?
Is anyone ever going to oil the city gates?
Why do you always get zipped from the mansion just after you have spent half an hour getting all the stuff you needed to get there in the first place?
How come when you are in a fight and you try to st all you end up hitting your oppenent with the glass cross or the brass ring?

If there is anything that you wonder about in Shades then MBX me...maybe together we can find the answer...

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