A round up of what has been happening over the Christmas and New Year period..plus a few other fings...

Well you lot, how did you enjoy Crimbo? Yes it's all over now for another year and as usual all we got to show for it is a great big hangover, an extra few inches around the belly and an empty bank account...still tis all worth it isn't it?
Anyway lets forget about all this real life rubbish and get down to the important thing in life..Shades
What a better way to start a round up of what's happened over this festive season than to wave goodbye to our old friend Altaria who unfortunately got noviced on Christmas Eve..
All I can say is that this event left me totally heartbroken...NOT!..and if I may pass on some advice to the poor departed Altaria ..try reprogramming some of your keys from Cripple, Jaunt, Summon etc to a more useful Flee Out!!
Anyway congrats go to Stead for doing Shades a great favour...grin

The same day almost also saw the departing of Zeon as he was the subject of a three way attack ....first from the thief...closely followed by Assassin and then lastly Curtains, how he survived I don't know but lets just say that he doesn't particularly like running around on 8 stam!

Christmas Eve arrived and so did Seamoon on 198K. Us immortals were waiting upstairs for her too join us when she decided to 'do it later' and faded out...then Shades itself decided to do the same!
When I returned everything was covered in snow and snowballs where around and the scoreboard was blank..Crimbo had arrived in the Land...
After the scoreboard had sorted itself out things began to return to normal....

A new killer going by the name of Connice made her debut on scrolly and preceded to make her mark..You've got a few of us puzzled as too who you are/were/will be my dear...

Crimbo day started off by Zeon receiving a pressie from Death,,,ahh well whats 45K when you're a wiz second!!!(must buy myself a calculator so that I can work out that 14 minus 18 equals dead...)
Anyway Zeon decided to go onto scrolly and see if there were any targets that he could lash out his unhappiness on. Sure enough there was a guy by the name of Taggii on the there. Zeon jaunted towards him but had an unsuccessful attempt at him.After this Taggii decided to attack him twice and on both occassions Zeon forced him to flee out.
Zeon was tired so he gave up and went to bed...oh and a word about what you wrote on the wall Taggii...I maybe a fool to jaunt towards someone I don't know but let me know who I'm messing with and I might think about it!!!...oh and who lost points me or you??

More congrats to Stead for killing Shaman ..maybe now he will stop lingering around and come out and join all of us nasssstttyyyy killers!!!
Well if anything else happened on Crimbo day I don't know about it cos I was elsewhere doing other things...so onto Boxing day....

I crawled out of my fur lined, silk covered water bed around dinner time and opened the door onto the Land and found that nobody was about...ahh well I thought either everyone had been killed or they were sleeping off the festivities of the previous day..i opted for the second option and crawled back inside.
After a quick nap I popped on with Die and who should I find but none other than our lickle 0898'er Warhead . Off I trotted to get the axe and quickly disposed of him.
Just one fing Warhead ,just because I killed you is it really necessary to call me illegitimate???. Just as well there wasn't an Immortal on wasn't it....

Oh, by the way did you know that the game now belongs to Falcon??. He was spotted having a go at Loving for collecting T whilst he was also on!. So if you want to play please MBX him and ask his permission first...!!

Right thats Crimbo out of the way now lets move onto what happened up till New Years Eve. First I would like to say congrats to Seamoon who finally made a witch at 1.45pm on Thursday after a couple of abortive attempts. Its nice to see another player who truely drserves immortality to make it..once again well done my dear.
Oh and did you know that you had more than enough points on you to make it..you didn't really need to do a tour of the dense forest and lumberjacks...or did you just want to wish the bear Merry Christmas???

Oh and while we are on the subject of the lovely Seamoon, after she made Witch I decided to have a wiz fight with her. Now obviously she didn't know that wizzes can't die (that's why we are called immortals...or immortshort if ya names Panacea ). Anyway because if this she when her stam got low she fled!!, but the best bit was that she went onto the novice game to restam!!..Never mind twinkles you'll know better next time wont ya...

New Years Eve arrived and the board was positively running over with mortals waiting to make the transition and join us.
First to arrive was Aeron, well done and welcome to the clan. Anyway Zeon decided to go and have a look around and promptly got attacked by the thief, the beggar and the bat and lost 7K in as many seconds...he decided that Vodka and Shades didn't mix and so had a very early night!!
The Vodka was flowing freely and I was popping from game to game doing nothing in particular when suddenly I was proposed to by Shoe!!
Now I'm sorry Shoe the thought was nice but I'm afraid that I can't marry you due to the fact that my heart has been won over by Notty..Yes me and Notrag are going to be joined in matrimony. He proposed to me on the same night and I accepted...sniff. So it's no more flirting..no more black silk nighties falling..cos I am about to become respectable!!!...WINK.

Darkness began to fall upon the land and Falcon was on 199955 and holding...come on you old bird hurry up will ya.....sigh..
Opps, I blinked, Falcon has just made it to wiz..well done..now you can propose to a certain cat can't ya..er you ARE going to propose aren't you????

The last treat of the new year came by way of me being adopted into the Cat family...hi Fluffy ...my mum!! (em wipes away a tear)
Hey, I just had a thought, that means that I am going to be married to my mums ex hubby....eekk is that legal???

Well time has come to wind up the festivities...yes its all over for another year...sigh...still not long now to go till the next one...

I would just like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy new year from me and Mouze...Ta for all the great times we've had over the past year and we look forward to the next 12 months of insanity!!!


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