The Northern Meet Report - 15th February 1997 - By Mindy

It all started one fine day, somewhere in London. As usual, my timing was hopelessly off and I arrived at the specified rendezvous point an hour too early. Burger King, Kings Cross station…. So I sat myself down on my sleeping bag and waited…… Fortunately it wasn't long before Zero arrived, said hello, and proceeded to feed himself at aforementioned BK.

Our train was at 12:30, and we had all arranged to meet at 12:00. By 12:15 there was still no sign of Elusive and we started to look a little concerned. By 12:20 we were wondering how late to leave it before running for the train. Just as we were about to do so, he turned up with 4 minutes to spare and we dashed for the train!

The train journey was, well erm, long! Entertainment was provided by taking the mickey out of the trainspotters at each station and how high tech they had now got, with video cameras and everything (never say yes if one of these guys offers to show you their home movies!!!)

We finally arrived in Durham, ready to grab a taxi, when we were pounced on by Pegasus and ushered into a very welcome sight - a car! We all piled back to Pegasus' house, and were formally introduced to Pebbles (the cat, rather than the persona!)

The next day we arranged to meet Koppatop and family in the Metro Centre. Pegasus drove us there and led a group of awe-struck southerners round the largest shopaholic's paradise known to man! We met up with Kop outside Quasar and proceeded to shoot the <insert expletive of choice> out of a group of small kids and each other! True to form, Zero won, and erm, I came last! Most embarrassing part was my score….. Pegasus had scored 1000, and was second to last, everyone else had thousands, or tens of thousands…..My score? 100 !

We spent the rest of the day walking our feet off and spending money, then went back to Pegasus' to get ready for the meet.

Slime and his wife Pema arrived at the house and we all drove to the arranged meeting point of The Garden House pub. We had a few drinks and some food, then Pema announced her disappointment at the lack of a Pool table… "We'll find a pub with a pool table!" cried Pegasus & Kop (them being the locals, as it were) so we all piled back into the cars and followed Pegasus to The Red Lion. The advance party did a quick survey of the premises, only to discover…. You guessed… no pool table! "I know where there's definitely one!" exclaimed Koppatop. So, back into the cars, this time with Kop in the lead, we drove to The Chester Moor, piled out of the car confidently, strode into the pub, only to find a room full of polite looking people, eating their meals….quietly! So quietly in fact, you could hear the cutlery chinking! And, well, no pool table!

At this point we were beginning to think there had been a secret countywide ban of pool tables…. Back in the cars again, Pegasus back in the lead, off we drove again. After a little way I began to think the scenery was looking a bit familiar, and we pulled into the car park of The New Inn, the pub 5 yards from Pegasus' house!!! And it had a pool table, a dartboard, and served alcohol! Way Hay!!!

More drinks purchased, we all settled down into a nice corner, with the exception of Pema, who strode off to challenge the locals and pool, darts and pronouncing her name right! Much merriment followed, including the beermat flicking competition and the telling of very sick, but highly funny baby jokes. Eventually it reached the time where Koppatop could take no more and had to depart. Fond waving, hugging and kissing followed (who said Shades isn't like real life?) and Kop left.

After another couple of rounds we realised it was now 12:30am! And there was no sign of anyone leaving! But we thought we ought to make a move, so we send Slime to fetch Pema. Ten minutes past, no sign of Pema…. So Pegasus and I decided to lend some assistance. We went round the corner to find Pema patiently trying to teach an old, very very drunk local to pronounce her name. Problem was, he was too drunk to pronounce his own, let alone hers!

We eventually prised her away and made our way back to the house…. Tired, happy and more than a little drunk….

Thanks go to Pegasus for putting us all up (or is that putting up with us all?) and Koppatop and family for a great game of Quasar.

Attendees :- Pegasus, Zero, Mindy, Elusive, Koppatop, Slime & Pema.