The London Meet Report - 1st March 1997

It was a dark and stormy night…. Oh no, hang on, that's how the last one started……

Ok, here goes… It was a dark, and seriously windy March night, as three lone travellers ventured across London to a small pub, somewhere in the Euston area…. Thinking they would be the first one's there as usual, Zero, Pegasus and Mindy, were shocked to find they had been beaten to it by Slime, Pema & Hero!

The first round purchased, they claimed their usual corner and settled down to place bets in the "Who will arrive next" sweepstake. Zero was the winner in the first round voting on Peri, as Peri and Chant walked through the door. Second prize was duly claimed by Mindy who had voted on Bergkamp.

At this point things memory-wise are a little hazy as to arrival order, (could have been the combination of the Flu suffered by the author at the time and the amount of alcohol consumed) but other arrivals included Hazeii, Ford, Maude, Aeia, Ed and Quinch. It was at this point we realised to our horror that the posters up in the pub for the "Live Band!" were in fact talking about that evening!! "Oh goody!" everyone cried ( and I think they were real tears) as we noted they were an Irish/Country/Rock and Roll band - talk about identity crisis!

As is normal for these events the conversation with Peri turned to Shades and what we wanted him to code in next… "I wanna be an Arch-Witch" cried Mindy.. "What? With your temperament?" replied Zero. "What's wrong with my temperament?" Exclaimed Mindy "It's better than yours!" To which Zero replied "I have the temperament to be an Arch-Witch!"

Hmmmmm, must be an effect of his next comment of "My head rattles around in my brain" ! Poor lad!

9pm rolled around (or was that us?) and still no sign of Zammo, after his ferverent promises to be there… There were jovial threats to blot him if he didn't turn up in the next 5 minutes, fortunately made under the influence of the large amounts of alcohol…(well at least he was still immortal last time I saw him!)

By this time the band was in full swing - torturing us all with their performance, although they did appear to get better the more alcohol we drank… funny that….

Mindy was heard to exclaim that she was "Lewd, crude and extremely road!" - an explanation for this was never forthcoming, probably due to the fit of giggles she then dissolved into. The beermat flicking made a comeback, but rapidly dissolved into beermat tossing. And the baby jokes unearthed at the Northern Meet were re-told with great enthusiasm.

At this point, Bergkamp announced his departure, pointing out he was soon to be performing a parachute jump and would anyone sponsor him. There were a number of offers of large sums of money if he would do it without the parachute, but eventually his sponsor form was whisked from his hands, and filled in, well mostly sensibly, by all of us. By this time most of us were singing along to the band if that's any indication of the state we were in!!!

All too soon it was closing time so we all departed to much hugging and kissing, and wended our very merry way home…

Apologies to anyone I have forgotten to mention and also apologies to all the old men who walked into the pub to be greeted by a couple of nutty women shouting "Frobar!" at them!