The Bouncy Castle Meet!

Well, the day had finally arrived... It was Saturday 26th April 1997 and yes it was the day of the West Sussex Meet, AKA Bouncy Castle Party!

I do not think there was a soul alive that did not know of this event, mainly due to the nice publicity from Peri's WWW pages and of course the gentle nagging from Mindy on the game in the days before.

People may think "Bouncy Castles?"

- For kids yes?

- You told the people you hired it from, it was for a children's party?

Well, none of the above is true, although from some of the antics displayed one could be mistaken.

Myself (Zero) arrived with Elusive at Horsham Station on the Friday to be met by Mindy who was two minutes late! This could have been attributed to Mindy's mobile phone ringing while she was driving and causing her no end of panic as she fought to free the phone from her clothing. It is unknown if Elusive has been forgiven yet for making this call.

Saturday morning arrived, well I knew it had arrived because I was woken with a kick to my backside from Mindy, telling me we were all leaving to prepare for the meet in 20 minutes, and it was before 9am!

Elusive, Mindy and myself arrived at Wedges Farmhouse and made preparations for the day ahead. Elusive and I were on mattress recon and rescue, while Mindy and her brother went to get the bouncy castle.

After a while a 4wd vehicle pulled into the drive and with about as much effort as a mouse giving birth to a elephant, something that can only be described as cube shaped emerged from the back. When I heard the rumour that the castle had arrived and not an instrument of assimilation, I helped heave the thing into position.

After much unfolding, plugging in, inflating, tying down, clambering about and erecting of tarpaulins to cover the castle in the event of rain it was finished.

Then Matt turned up in his jeep, this Shades player is probably one of the most lesser known players, simply because he has not got any further than the Start prompt, however as he gave me a chocolate muffin the next morning, he deserves a mention.

Next was the Krypton factor mental and physical agility test, or putting up the beer tent. These things always look easy, especially when they are colour coded, was it easy?

Nahhhhhh! It was quite funny to watch at least 7 people attempt to assemble tent poles of varying lengths and creating weird and wonderful tent shapes.

After that exhausting mental experience we retired to the lounge to watch PlayStation battles, meanwhile Mindy left to go on taxi duties and pick up Hero from Horsham Station.

Hero arrived and showed us what he had brought with him, a item that struck fear into all our hearts.... Yes... a CAMERA! And as if this wasn't bad enough, it was digital too for easy upload to his hall of fame!

We decided it was then time to give the Bouncy Castle a seeing to.

With it being less than a year since the last Bouncy Castle meet, I would have thought I would still be fit. After 5 minutes of bouncing around like a lunatic, I was knackered, the others were still bouncing around happily, so after a quick breather it was back into the fray.

Bedlam, Chaos, Mayhem are all words that are too mild to be used at this time, what with people landing on people, being drawn in by the gravitational pull of others and general collisions through movements not entirely under their control a good time was had!

Mid bouncing Slime and his wife Pema arrived and proceeded to remove shoes before bounding into the bustle. Elusive and I decided to increase the thrill somewhat…

And before you all jump to conclusions, we did not take our clothes off… Actually a scaffolding tower was nearby, so we decided to jump from it into the Bouncy Castle while avoiding neck-breaking injuries.

Hero notified us on Shades that he was going to make Chilli and with some gentle persuasion from Mindy and myself that there had better not be any kidney beans in there, he went off to prepare, taking Pema with him to help chop up the onions.

After an exhausting hour or so, we wandered into the kitchen, to be informed it had started to rain, good timing really on our part. Suddenly the screech of a cat assailed our ears and a large shaggy black thing walked into the kitchen, Peri and Chant followed a moment after. The shaggy black thing was their dog, Pandora, allegedly a puppy, although it could have fooled anyone.

Another Shadist arrived and greeted us warmly, Mindy said you must be Thor, to which he replied that he wasn't, much to her shock. When Mindy picked herself back off the floor he did admit that he was indeed Thor but did not have a red rose to give to Mindy as promised. Why he was meant to bring her a red rose is anyone's guess, although interesting gossip is now making it's way throughout Shades.

About this time, the other party started, hosted by Mindy's brother: Mr Whippy and his girlfriend, things were in full swing!

Hero's Chilli was ready! Elusive decided to be Chief Taster and try it first, followed by Mindy who placed the tiniest morsel possible on a spoon and eat it before going a strange colour and rushing for a large helping of Vodka & Coke.

I had told Hero previously that he could make the Chilli as hot as he liked as I could handle it, maybe that wasn't such a good idea… However I did have a bowl and finish it and most of the other partygoers thought the Chilli was excellent though a little hot for some!

Pema required a pool table, and seeing as there wasn't one in the house, Pema, Thor and Chant went driving out to the countryside on a magical mystery tour with Thor driving.

The rain had stopped! Hurrah. So the Shadist's decided to do some more bouncing. This event can only be described as "UGH!" To say the Bouncy Castle was damp was an understatement, my socks got drenched as soon as I took two steps onto it. Elusive and Mindy followed. After a few falls, we were soaked! Water collected nicely between the bumps of the castle, and it was far too easy to fall in them. Mindy and Elusive had enough and staggered off, I however being a glutton for punishment stayed on and got rather drenched! A change into dry socks was required… probably much to everyone's relief!

Back to the kitchen we went for rest, recuperation and alcohol!

Someone decided to get ice cubes from the fridge, which of course started an ice-cube war… Mindy was one of the main targets, closely followed by Hero. Mindy decided to hide under the table from the onslaught and then proceeded to try and put ice cubes in peoples shoes.

Meanwhile threats were heard from Peri directed at Hero for trying to deposit ice cubes on his person… However during this time Mindy stealthily crept up and deposited a cube down his person. Whether Mindy is still a Witch now is unknown.

Suddenly someone rushed into the room to tell us that there was a 16 year old girl running naked in the garden, it turned out to be another girl's younger sister. What she was doing naked in the garden is still a mystery, not that any of us looked through the window to see.

People obviously still wanted to bounce around and have fun despite the soaking castle, so overalls were provided by Mr Whippy, some were not all together complete, well to put it simply they had holes in. This was demonstrated by at least two young ladies, one who had got soaked earlier and had to put everything including her bra and panties in the washing machine and did not have much on under her overalls. The other had holes in rather strategic places, which I will not go into here. (Ahem)

We also heard rumours of a young lady bouncing topless on the castle, I do not know anyone who actually witnessed this, but on knowing other events that were happening that night, I could quite well believe it.

Mindy decided it was time to do the alternative Spice girls, to liven things up a little…

Mindy, AKA Baby Spice and ourselves and we all made our way to the living room to watch the display of erm.. heroics. This was mainly because she was the only once really dancing at the time, Mr Whippy AKA Scary Spice joined in for a couple of moves, but Mindy showed us all how it should be done. Unfortunately it was too dark for Hero's digital camera, so no shots of Mindy grinding away will be seen.

We were all getting quite merry now on a selection of drinks, Mindy was a little disappointed that she would not get to try the Aquavit that Guiseppe was bringing, unfortunately he did not make it, so Mindy will have to wait another day.

Chant, Pema and Thor arrived back from their adventures after having a close encounter with a bald gentleman, luckily Pema had gone to the rescue.

A little later, Thor, Chant and Peri oh and of course Pandora made their farewells and departed, probably they thought before the party got any wilder!

Which so rumour has it, did. We were informed that some a group of ladies were involved in lesbian sex in the toilets, a hair-drier allegedly was also involved. Although the use of a hair-drier cannot be confirmed, this is despite Slime's forensic examination of it. (Sniff Test)

After many lengthy conversations on every topic under the sun… It was time for bed, especially as it was a little after 2am.

Hero was shown to his room, in theory he had the room to himself, however a young lady had already gone to sleep on the mattress provided, so he had to made do with a blow up thingy. Well to sleep on anyway. I have not been told what activities followed that night…yet.

Then the rest of us piled in to another room and did our best to get to sleep before a very early start on the Sunday, well for Mindy and Matt anyway, who had to take the castle back - hehehe.

My thanks to Mindy and Mr Whippy for allowing this meet which went most excellently.

Those present were, in no particular order: - Zero, Slime, Pema, Mindy, Mr Whippy, Elusive, Peri, Chant, Thor, Matt and of course Pandora.