Reunion at the Sols!

It was a hot sunny Friday evening, the 15th September { 15th of August dont you mean? ed } to be precise. I had just walked out of Warren Street station, after departing a work leaving do early when I met Slime walking away from the Sols Arms. He was on his way to a rather exclusive place of eating… After checking I had sufficient funds to eat in this place, we both walked into McDonalds.

Being dressed all in black, including black boxer shorts, but we won't go into those just yet, Slime thought it would be good if I walked into the meet wearing dark shades, to complete my "Men In Black" image. However, my pair of shades were not to hand, courtesy of Mindy, so I had to do the sad thing and buy a 99p pair from McDonalds.

When Slime picked himself up of the floor, we eat and made our way back the Sols.

I was confronted by a group with only 3 familiar faces and 4 unfamiliar ones, excluding Slime and myself obviously. Riocaz, Thor and Merlin waved a hello, and then was introduced to Art, Archaro, Thor's brother, hereon referred to as Thor's hammer and of course the lovely Savannah.

The first thing I noticed, was that Merlin had left his pet hat at home, I decided that it must be hiding in the rain-forest looking shirt he was wearing.

I proceeded to get the drinks in, only to find that when I came to pay, Slime put some money in my hand and said they were on him. My luck sometimes never ceases to amaze me!

We tried to work out the last time any of us were in the Sols Arms, certainly for the last few years the London meet has been at the Queens Head & Marrow (my name for it) or more recently the Goat in Suspenders (Merlin's name for it). The bar staff has improved somewhat, if only in looks, rather than happiness.

Discussions were well underway, and the drink was flowing nicely, with my first drink at the Sols not being my first of the evening, I did have trouble reading Thor's T-shirt... I was told it said, "Where the Hell was I last night" and was cunningly designed to fool your eyes into thinking you didn't have 20/20 vision any longer!

I am glad to say that my opinion of the younger generation has improved somewhat. Art was not only drinking soft drinks (being underage) (for drinking), he also had a mobile phone sticking out of his top pocket. He did make a call or two during the evening, he assured me that he was calling home, however after he went as red as his shirt, I decided he must have been calling a 0898 number or two! (Probably 0898 M-I-N-D-Y too) ;-)

While Savannah and I talked about how quiet Shades has been lately, Hero & Archaro sloped off somewhere, to return about 10 minutes later… We couldn't really come up with an explanation as to why Shades was quiet, and I could not come up with an explanation as to where Hero & Archaro got to.

We were hungry, well, the others were, Slime and myself were still full up from McDonalds. It was time to trek off to the Curry house across the road. A table for 9 was sorted. The waiter came round asking for details of drinks, this was proving a difficult task for him, well we made it hard for him.

Starters and main courses were ordered, I just had a poppadom along with the dodgy sauces. Thor ordered a dish, which equated to everyone else's meal put together. I heard rumours that Hero had ordered a Spam Baji, whether he got this delicacy, I am not sure.

While I watched everyone else eat and talk, I listened in on a few conversations and heard some rather worrying comments: -

Merlin - "I'm a git"

Archaro - "I still can't define the universe logically" (he meant it seriously too)

Art - "My table vibrates"

Merlin - "I dream of being re-incarnated as a Mediterranean woman wearing 10 cardigans and having bandy legs"

The meal came to an end, everyone seemed to enjoy it. Now came the fun part! The bill was ordered. Merlin asked for separate bills, and this proved to be an impossible task for them, so a menu and the bill was obtained. Merlin set about the task of who owed what…

Slime and myself had to leave rather quickly, so we paid what was due and said our farewells.

I do not know if they got it worked out, but speaking from speaking to Thor the next day, he didn't want to be reminded of that particular part of the evening. Maybe he had to do the washing up!?

All in all it was a fun meet and kind of nice to go back the original Shades Meet Pub! My thanks to Savannah for arranging it!

Those present have all ready been mentioned, but they will only moan if I do not mention them again (fame and fortune does funny things to people).

And they were in no particular order: - Zero, Slime, Savannah, Art, Merlin, Thor, Thor's hammer (his brother), Riocaz and Archaro.

See you at the BBQ meet or the Blackpool meet!