Issue 8 (23/03/00)




My apologies for the delay in getting this edition written but I have been otherwise occupied for the past few weeks……suffering from what is commonly known as "bill shock"….grin.

This was brought on by a missive that had sneaked up on me from gulp … ..gulp…err…Real Life…..shudder. I must apologise for using that term and referring to non Shadey matters but after all the nagging I have received from various personae I thought I had better explain my neglect of duty. So, Leila, gerroff my back! Grrrrrr.

My last article, on manners and courtesy, brought a surprising number of people agreeing with me. I was quite taken aback as it's not a response to which I am accustomed, grin. Argument, dissension and downright hostility are all par for the course, but agreement on such a scale is quite rare. Hey Ho, I must be doing summat wrong….chuckle.

Other pet niggles have been brought to my attention since that article but the main grievance came from Immorts.

One of the perks of making Immort is that you get your own room. This room becomes your own personal domain, you call it what you will and decorate it acccording to your tastes. It is where an Immort appears when he arrives on game and somewhere he can take others to chat privately or whatever. BUT there are no locks on the doors and some not so fastidious Immorts have got into the habit of visiting other Immorts rooms while invis and, for want of a better word, spying on the occupants.

This is a very big NO NO, and the ultimate in bad manners and discourtesy. If this practice continues then the time will come when we will have to ask the Coder to put a lock on our rooms, similar to the one on the BS. This lock to be opened only by the owner and will only admit them and their invited guest/s.

We all welcome guests who drop in while visible, and we can always ask them to come back another time if it's inconvenient, but unless you do QW while chatting to your guest there is no way of knowing if you do have someone in there with you, uninvited and silent.

It causes ill feeling and should be avoided.

Good news for new players. At last they have somewhere safe to roam around and learn the game without being harassed by killer types. A novice game has been opened on Game 5 for players whose greatest score is up to 8k. By typing novice at the prompt instead of the game number they are automatically placed on this game and should be free to wander at will until they reach the level of seer/mystical.

This actually is a mixed blessing for genuine newbies. Whereas they can map the game and learn some of it's secrets in relative peace they will lack the input of older players as to the pitfalls and the finer play points.

Then there is the simple matter of survival once they have reached the magic 8k level and are not permitted to re-enter the novice game. There they are, nice sized morsels…errr mortals…all ready for the slaughter now they have entered the big guys game. For, make no mistake about it, once they reach that level they will be considered newbies no more and fair prey for all.

Another pitfall will be a false sense of security, for it is an unfortunate fact of Shadey life that there will always be some peeps who will do anything for an easy kill and so increase their kill scores. These same players will be quite capable of entering the novice game and wreaking havoc with their weapons.

So this leads me to the role of the Immort in policing this game, it falls to us to see fair play. Not only must we check the scores of all players on game 5 to ensure they are genuine novices ……e.g. a renamed killer will take his kill score with him as well has his greatest score…. And it's a rare novice who is an adventurer with 46 kills to his score, but it will also be a target game for all those high kill score players who will try to use the novice game as a place to run amok and to start shooting all the little fishies in the barrel.

It will be up to us to do a regular QW 5, and make a quick check of all player scores to ensure fair play. The penalties can be severe for anyone found abusing the novice game rules. For a first offence, they are to be warned then booted off the game so that they get the message. Any subsequent fouls can be treated with extreme harshness…..the use if Wizkill…has been sanctioned.

At the moment, the novice game is only open for players up to amazon/valiant level, we are still waiting for Perialaga to modify it so it takes a newbie to mystic/seer. But the advantages and the perils still remain.

There was a time, lost now in the mists, when any size player could access the novice game, and many a warlock or bewitcher could be found on there collecting "t" in comparative safety.

This was not as easy as it sounds, cos if found then they stood the risk of a wiz kill after the 1st warning….ouch! But I am given to understand that this will no longer be the case…….sigh. The level will be set at 8k….

I could think of a few high levels I would just lurve to bop. We all know the ones. They will only leave safe if they think the game is empty and then just to collect the t around the castle. At 600 points a game it is gonna take a helluva long time for them to make it to immort, especially if caught by a mobile now and then. Em: waves to Badriya and wonders, amongst other matters, why she thinks every persona who attacks her is one of mine??

It hasn't been so far, dear, but I live in hopes……beam.

Speaking of higher level players, I mean those from Sorceror upwards, have you noticed how many of them lately do just sneak on and do the easy bits? Anyone bigger than an amazon log on and phhffft! They qq immediately. Or, if you are lucky enough to catch one live and wriggling then the latest fad is to force your opponent to flee out. It's quite mind boggling really, cos all it does is make some immort even more determined to collect your scalp.

It's considered bad enuff if you have a persona who runs from a fight, and I should know, grin, I have one who can run like the blazes…..Megan….she wears new trainers every time she logs on, and boy! Can she go!

She refuses to fight, on principle. The principle being that she is darned if she is going to donate any of her points to Azmodan, and the more he screams and yells "coward", the quicker she runs. This is the way I have always played this persona, from right back in the mists of time, and I have no intention of making her change her ways.


She is terrific as a wind-up merchant for mouthy immorts…..grin.

Talking of said mouthy immorts, the atmosphere on game has been fraught with tensions in the past few weeks. Somebody has been doing a lot of talking, most of it from their nether regions.

Let me give you an example. Felon made Wiz, and also made some nasty mouthed enemies. All of a sudden it was being reported that he had made it by killing smaller players. So prevalent were these rumours that people were repeating them as fact.

I keep a log of the kills on the screen in the killer den for possible use in these columns and nowhere, not once, did Felon kill a smaller player. He killed Mouze when they were both sorcs, and he defeated Omega who was a warlock. Those are the only kills he made and are recorded.

On speaking with him, he admitted to another attack on Mouze who WAS lower than him at the time, but he got the worse of it…serves him right…cos he had to flee. But every dog is allowed one bite, so lets give it a rest now eh?

I have tried to impress upon Felon that the very fact he made wiz despite having to run a concentrated gauntlet by the game's own self appointed guardian was sufficient to earn the respect that comes with immortality, and anyone who says different can go boil an egg! It's a pity that a thicker skin isn't given along with the title.

I'm lucky, I've always had mine and it's great for not giving a damn about what people say.

The other thing I've always had, not acquired or learned, is an innate nasstiness. The sort of evil that just drips from the tongue with an ease that is inherent.

I thrive on it, unlike some who try to make themselves hated and try to play the big bad wolf. All they end up doing is irritating people and making a right ass of themselves (yeah I know, I spelt it wrong) wink.

Still, while they are play-acting it gives us all a chance to snigger behind our paws/hands.

A good rule of thumb is, if you cant cut it, shut it.

Oh, and well done Barefoot, for keeping Az busy, more power to your elbow, or whatever part of your anatomy you find does the trick. There are a lot of thriving biggies out there now you are keeping the guardian too tired to play all night.

BTW, has anyone seen our new Mayor lately? He gets elected, has a room and a pub named after him, then promptly disappears without paying for his bribes!

I'm beginning to get worried. He owes us all a fortune! Not to mention the females that are pining for him, silly moos.

Please report any sightings on the chatrack and let's see if we can track him down.


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