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I will begin this edition of Paws by reminding people that this column is not the official paper of Shades. It is simply my own views on Shadey peeps and events. I have noticed that some players have come to believe that what I say in here is akin to Holy Writ, not so, it's just, as the title says, my view…a cat's eye view, of the goings on that capture my interest or make me want to kick butt.

So I am also going to publish what was my usual warning, if you have been guilty of stupidities or misdemeanours when I've been present, then be prepared to find yourself in these pages. And if you are of a sensitive nature and are easily upset when you see your name in print, then don’t read any further.

Finally the election for Mayor has been concluded so I can now send in this article without the chance of it prejudicing the outcome.Wizzo was the worthy winner and Dazzle got dimmed with a miserable 23 votes. Em:beams. Now she won't have to listen to him crow and strut outside the pub.

Gawd knows who voted for the thief, but the fact that he got 53 votes not only must tell Dazzle something but is also a credit to Branwell's very active and very humorous campaign..

I got 52 votes, and all I can say is who the hell gave me the other 47? Does it mean I got some fans out there or did some peeps think they had better bung me a vote or 2 to keep me sweet? Whoever, whatever, thanks to you all.

Thanks must also go to Kali for organising it all, but perhaps it's just as well she decided not to go ahead with votes for the mobiles. I for one was ready to throttle her when she raised the issue, and poor Wizzo nearly had hysterics. The Thief thought he was in with a chance with his fellow mobiles, and who cares what Dazzle thought?

Since the last edition of Paws I have become sadly afflicted with eye problems. These have been brought about by my watching the antics of some female personas. Antics which have caused my eyes to either boggle or to water.
I have therefore decided that the time has come to refresh the memory of the older player and to instruct the newer variety in the very strong Shades tradition of courtesy and social manners.

Yup! You heard right. Courtesy and manners.

It's because I found myself actually breaking one of the codes of conduct that it was brought home to me that standards of conduct and good manners had slipped drastically. I will 'fess up later in this article.

Because Shades is mainly a fighting ..well…murderous it has always been essential to establish and practice a code of conduct OFF the fighting fields. That way when you have murdered an opponent and head back to safe, or been bushwacked and died, you don’t carry too much aggro back with you.

This prevents a build up of resentment or aggression when in safe and allows everyone else around you to relax too. A lot of people play simply to socialise outside the pub and no one has the right to make their lives uncomfortable for the want of a little courtesy.

The same applies to the 'females'. They have always strutted their stuff, and some do it darn well too, BUT, outright sexual emoting has never had a place on Shades except in the Bridal Suite or the guest bedroom, in private.

Girls, a well delivered innuendo or double entendre can be a joy to behold and can only enhance your reputation. Sleaze is just a disgrace. Bear in mind please that not only are there young uns playing but also there are those who do not appreciate watching a graphic display of how a brothel works… sordid detail.

So what on earth has Shades been reduced to? Em: shakes her head as she reflects on the rather outrageous behaviour of some of the female personas lately. Whereas Shades has always been noted for it's fighting and the sheer excitement of collecting "t" and points, just lately there have been other hazards a male persona has to face when he logs in.

Many is the male that has been grabbed, groped and grappled to the floor, and that's only as a form of greeting!
These new female types seem to have no shame nor any sense of normal social niceties either. E.g. I was sat outside the pub cleaning my claws with other people present when in came Slinky. She espied Zindavia and before he could say "Hi" she had herself stripped off, Zindavia divested of his garments and thrown to the floor, and then she started performing some rather obscure gymnastics upon his person……….

…..I made a few protests, well, we were all in a public place, and this is not the sort of behaviour one expects to see while one is digesting one's dinner. Poor Zindavia was obviously in distress judging from the noises he was making….coff… so after a warning, I had no choice but to jail Slinky for lewd behaviour in public.

I mean! There are places set aside for that sort of behaviour after all. But Slinky is not alone in this type of "new age" woman. I have not only seen similar scenes of writhing contortions accompanied by lewd comments but they all seem to be in competition with one another. Take Barefoot…..please!… if calling herself a tart, and acting the part, isn't demeaning enough she is now writing on the wall asking for more lessons in tartiness. As if she needs them.

Now Xyz has joined the foraging females all bent on outdoing one another in the grappling, groaning stakes. What is it with humans? I've never been so glad to be a cat, at least we are a lot cleaner in our habits. Sniff!

Give it a rest "girls" or take yourself off to Void when the urge hits you. It's compulsory there. Either that or wiggle your way to the Bridal Suite, not all of us are interested in watching the mating rituals of others and our gallant fighting males need rest more than they need oats.

There are other bad mannered emotes and behaviour that can upset many a player.

Take the yawn for example, this can be regarded as extremely rude as it shows a players boredom and lack of interest in their fellow players when it is done inappropriately. Brid…take note please. We can't all be paying you attention all the time and that is no reason for those very rude yawns. All they do is irritate and antagonise those present.

Then there is the loud mouthed yob. We've all met them. They sit in safe yelling insults at players out on the game. Nice work Barefoot and you too Moonraker, but bear in mind that if you upset people badly enough they lose all reason and decide to take it out on your other personas if they can't get you to leave safe. Shades players have long memories and if you mouth off from safe then they will bide their time and get revenge one way or another. So learn to zip it if you wanna keep it.

Taking revenge on one persona for what another persona has done is considered bad form, but human nature being what it is, it does happen. But let's try to keep a sense of proportion here. Each persona you play is considered a separate entity, usually played completely different to it's siblings and therefore should not have to suffer for the sins of its 2nd.

By the same token, if one persona is playing you do NOT call out it's better known name and infer that it is the same. Does ANYBODY not understand the concept of roleplaying? Please don’t say no or you are in the wrong game.

This is where I 'fess up……coff. I forgot myself and named a persona's 2nd on the chattrack, my only saving grace was to ask an arch to delete the posting.

But it was wrong and I was totally out of order.

There are other discourtesies that can irritate players and are best not done. Such as making your dislike of a player/persona intrude on others. If you cannot like someone then ignore them, anger and name calling only causes further upset, more to those in earshot than to the one at which its directed. It just shows a petty small mind, Azmodan the lurkalot wiz, but perhaps, one day, you will grow out of it. I won't hold my breath.

Oh and by the way, publically and abusively refusing a hand of friendship like you did was not only bad manners, but blurry stupid. Be advised, it won't be offered again.

Then there is the snigger emote. This one is guaranteed to boil the blood of anyone on the receiving end. Unless it is done during a humorous exchange, it can be considered a deadly insult, and is best avoided by mortals who can be extremely vulnerable to retribution.

Those are the main areas where courtesy and manners are noticeable by their absence. No doubt there are others but they don’t appear to be causing too much concern.

Some people have been told time and again that some favourite emote of theirs is giving offence, and by several players, to no avail. So perhaps if they see their name and crime listed here they might do summat about it. Eh Brid? One more blurry yawn
out of you and I will…will…..grrrr.

Let's keep the annoyances out in the collecting area and keep the pub a sociable and relaxing place eh folks? The atmosphere there has left a lot to be desired lately.


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