Issue 5 (31/01/00)




Em: Is sitting here in the killers den looking at the screen and shaking her head sorrowfully. The carnage is terrible and the body count is high.

What is happening here? So many personas dying time and time again that it is obvious they haven't got a clue how to fight and are being picked off like fish in a barrel. By the stam reported on the screen of the winners at the time of their opponents death it appears obvious that the 'victors' were assured of an easy victory.

This being so I have to ask why they were killed time and again by the same persona? It can't have been for sport, for where is the sport in killing newborns and innocents? Could it be some people will stoop to anything that will enhance their kill scores? Heaven forbid! On Shades? Nah…….

So, the time has come to reinstate the Fite Skool , if only to ensure that players can survive long enough to enjoy the game.

Remember that word……enjoy…'s what Shades is all about, and you can't enjoy it if you are forever lying on your back being counted out by that little old man, not to mention feeding the ego and attack score of a wiz 2nd.

Make no mistake, most of the known and regulars killers ARE wiz 2nds. They already have their wiz/witch so have had plenty of time to learn their art and so can relax and enjoy the fight.

The Fite Skool isn't just for new and inexperienced players, it's for all you who need to brush up on your fighting skills or who have never learned the art of defending your score.

The Skool begins on these pages but I will hold actual Fite Skools on game when I can arrange with an Arch to overseer it. Proven fighters will act as tutors, 1 on 1. and killing of the pupils will not be allowed by tutors. BUT if a pupil manages to slug his tutor then he is deemed to have passed the course.

Pre-Fite Tips

Before you even step out on the game or consider learning to fight here are some very basic tips for you. Learn them well, they could save your persona's life.

Use, or create a 2nd persona to use as a fighter. A disposal persona, one you use solely for mapping and fighting, and, lets face it, dying. For die you will, often. This way you can save your highest persona for greater things. One who can use the skills and knowledge, that hopefully you will pick up, to aid your search for immortality. These tips apply to all fights not just to Fite Skool.

Next, learn ALL the routes in Shades. You need to know where the safe places are and where and how you can re-stam.

Not to mention learning the various aids to restamming that the game affords you.

You need to know where to restam, and how, whether you are outside the castle, in the castle, on the trails and forest, or in the city. I haven't mentioned the mansion as that is only known to those with greater experience and these tips aren't intended to give you help in your general play, just in fighting.

Know the little girl's route and if you never set any other fkeys then set 1 for 'wh girl' and 1 for 'grab her'. They save more lives than any other command, except perhaps for 'flee out'.

When you play the game keep an eye on where the girl is, the odd 'wh girl' works wonders, because when you are suddenly attacked you will know her general location and can head in that direction after fleeing. This is why knowing her fixed route is essential.

Use software that enables you to target your opponent and steal and ret his/your weapon. Unless you are a brilliantly fast typist you stand no chance in a fight because ALL known fighters use fighting software. Don’t let them kid you otherwise. But you will discover this in the Fite Skool proper.

Never ever panic when attacked. Panic kills more personas than any weapon on Shades. Just remember that here there is no pain and no blood when belted by a sword, except to one's ego, when killed. Remember this is a game and the time WILL come when it's YOUR name that's announced as the winner.

Keep an eye on your opponent's score, do qs (whoever) during the fight and see how his stamina compares with yours. If yours is too low for the next blow then flee out and run like hell for the girl or the safe place of your choice. You can then re-stam and get back in the fray. Never fret about having to flee, we all do it, and he who runs fastest lives longest. But you had better be damn quick because you can be sure your opponent will be trying to zip you back to finish you off.

Know your weapons, some hit harder than others, and the power of a weapon is added to your opponents power, and this is how much stam you lose each time he hits you with a weapon. So learn the different weapon strengths and keep an eye on your own score too, otherwise you won't know when to flee and restam.

Learn where you can find the cross or the crucifix and get ye to a place of worship to re-stam if the route to the girl is blocked. If you have studied the game and it's routes as stated in the beginning then this should not be a problem. What you do with these items when you get there is obvious, but I'm not giving out more info than is necessary to keep your skins intact.

When you've ventured out of safe, or even before that, do a qw and check who else is on, or has appeared, on the game. If they are your size or even 1 level smaller then assume they are a killer and proceed cautiously until you gain in confidence.

Always assume, if attacked, that your opponent is a wiz 2nd. It usually is.

Not always, but usually. Also assume that they are using fighting software.

99.9% of them do. So consider availing yourself of some and so even out the playing field. A large portion of Shadists use Zmud, as do I, and if you want to try this out you can download it from their website.

Don't let a player taunt you into a fight before you are prepared. Why should you be just a notch on a kill-happy fighter's scorecard?

Right, you've read my tips, you are all geared up for the fray, and you are ready to venture out and take your chances. Hold it! Make damned sure you know where you are going, who is on the game, where you can find a weapon, and how to get to a re-stam point wherever you end up when attacked. It's lack of stamina and sheer panic that kills.


Yes, I know there's much more to learn concerning tactics and game items, but those are for the more experienced player/fighter. All I have set out to do here is to give the new player at least a fighting chance to fight or flee with his life.

If I can talk an Arch into overseeing a Fite Skool on game then the fight hints and tips will continue. Part of the time will be actually teaching them to fight, while both player and tutor is setscored, the remainder of the lesson will be for the pupils to question their tutors on any area of fighting they still need to know.

I will start lobbying Zeon and Savnnah, and details of the Fite Skool will be posted on Chatrack.

Now, to other matters connected with fighting. We are all increasingly being made aware of our 2nds being attacked by cheating wiz 2nds. Yes, I did use the term cheating. What would YOU call it when, from nowhere, a killer appears in your location with a pre-programmed macro that steals the defensive objects you carry, plus your weapon? A killer who was not on 'qw' 5 secs previously, who can't see what you are carrying because you have the cross, and yet there they are. All primed, and have attacked bef ore you realise what is happening?

Exactly. There have been many reports from players who have met the same tactics and it's almost become an epidemic. I too have known it, and can vouch that this tactic is being used. I call it the wiz "snoop and swoop" cheat.

The Immort stays invis where he can snoop potential victims, and when one is spotted they prime a macro with the victims details.

Within seconds they have their 2nd on line and hey presto, they not only know where their victim is, else they jaunt to them, and are able to steal their defences and weapons.

This is wiz abuse of powers, and cheating. Yes, I know of 2 who do it, and no, I'm not going to name them. I didn’t have my log file running at the time, so it's my word against theirs. But others are also aware, and now so do all who read this.

It's time some Immorts realised that they don't have a god-given right to YOUR points. Any wiz 2nd is allowed to attack mortals and most do so fairly, and with other known wiz 2nds usually, but the wiz cheats must be stopped.

I discovered yet another Wiz cheat when I took a mortal on line without using my witch first. She did a 'wo' to check who had been on since the reset…just 10 minutes old…and it said no mortal had been on for over 2 hours. Of course she could only see mortals as wizzes don’t show for them.Yet imagine her surprise when she went into the pub area instead of her usual quick nip out on the game, and found the fbb waiting outside the pub. She, selfish bewitcher that she was, decided NOT to donate her point s to some invis Wiz. And left the game.

These are not isolated incidents they just happen to be ones I know of personally, others have reported similar happenings and it is just not on.

Yes, killing of mortals especially big ones, is a time honoured occupation by most Immorts and I hope it will continue, but NOT by cheating. And NOT by attacking the same persona every single time they step out of safe. One bite at the cherry or even two can be acceptable but this constant harassment has to stop.

There are some sad players who have made it their business to target some personas, and to this end sit invis on empty games all through the small hours. They make it their mission on Shades to stop others getting to the top, and if their intended victim escapes them then it seems to become a personal insult.

They believe the victim should stand still and be killed and, oh brother, do they sound off if they flee. It can be read on Chatrack every time a big juicy persona didn't commit suicide to order.Well, sad doesn't begin to cover it.

It is an unfortunate fact of Shades life that there are insufficient Arches who play, or are on game for any length of time, so the time has come when Immorts must consider policing the game themselves. We all know whats happening but we hesitate to do anything about it, but the time has surely come when we need to interfere.

We not only got extra powers when we made it to Immort. But we also got extra responsibilities, the main one being the safeguarding of mortals and their ability to progress through the game. This does not mean giving them ooodles of 't' or wrapping them in cotton wool, what it does mean is ensuring the only hazards they face come from the game and from other mortals and NOT from ourselves.

Tut tutting when we see a cheat in operation is a cop out, it's time we used our various powers to escort the offending wiz 2nd off the game. I favour the zap command myself, though I always keep a well polished boot handy.

Don't misunderstand me, I'm not advocating wizzes do not use their 2nds to fight, but that they do so without cheating as per the 'snoop and swoop' method, or by splitting their screens and bringing on a killer to attack while their wiz sits in their room overseeing it all and aiding where necessary. Oh did I not mention the last one? It's been done time and again, and it's definitely a no-no.

I think here will be a good time to point out to the Arches that the wiz index with it's rules need updating in line with the game. It needs to be modernised and in keeping with today's sware and their capabilities. Perhaps rogue wizzes who insist that 'if the game allows it, it must be legal' see it in black and white, with appropriate penalties for wrongdoing, then perhaps they will consider cheating too high a price to pay for the loss of whatever privileges is deemed just.

As it stands the rules for wizzes is open to individual interpretation and so has been open to abuse.


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