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Now that the Festive season draws to a close and the New Year is upon us, the time has come for me to give my speech to the Shades populace and to announce my Honours list. Calm yourselves, I haven’t had a delusional attack of grandeur. As a female cat I am also a queen and it is as such that I address you and as such I will award my own special "honours".

I would like to point out that my Honours list is a little short this year, this is because I only returned to this land a short while ago and therefore have only 2 months notes. But rest assured, my reign might have been short but I have a helluva lot of eyes out there and so have had brought my attention quite a few Shadey issues I wish to bring to your notice.

I am sitting here comfortably ensconced in my basket, with absolutely no sign of festive decorations to mar the cosy scene.The fire is blazing, the catnip wine is to hand as is the choccie mouses, so with the occasional reference to my notes I will begin. But not before mentioning how glad I am that the Xmas festivities have now ended. It’s time Perialaga crashed the Xmas programme and the sooner the better. I mean, the guard smoking on duty, a polar bear ,for gawds sake, in the forest and all that sn ow..Brrrrrrr. The least said about that funny fat feller running around in the red suit the better, and the next time I get splatted by a ruddy cold snowball ….well…. humph!

When I was a kitten I entered Shades and found it a game of promise to all. It could be hard, yes. It could be cruel, certainly. But it also held out the hope of Immortality to all. We could all attack, defend, scrabble for t and even die in the rush for our goal, but we were all in it together.

Not any more it would seem. Now we have those seeking Immortality so fervently that they tread on the lower levels in order to do so. How can one play if the selfish destroy all the weapons and main keys? How can we encourage new players when they have no means of defence because one cowardly player has made sure he has the only weapon on game, one that cannot be zipped with him. And so the smaller ones cannot access the greater part of the game nor even kill mobiles for profit,

For the above play I have awarded the C.C.S.P. to Azmodan.

For the uninformed that’s the Cowardy Custard and Selfish Play award. He certainly took care no one had the chance to stop his rise to immortality. May he enjoy it.

Since the days of Hazeii…..all kneel….and Lordant the enforcing Arch, it has been time honoured custom and practice for any weapons destroyed and any major keys kinged or zapped to be reset by the Immortals. By major keys it was considered only 3 fell in that category, those that opened large areas of the game and not just treasure keys. So it was the 3 br’s that could be restored. Bronze, brass and brown.

So I would like to see the return of the old ways and have the Immortals reset the weapons and major keys if you find them missing off game and give everyone a chance at the points.

The other main bone of contention is the use of macros and aliases etc used for t collecting. Yes, I too use the same but I still find elements of them unfair to those who don’t. What is needed is some way to slow them down, at random times and points. e.g. Why can’t the sprite be programmed so it doesn’t fall off if someone of seer level and higher dances? Surely at that level you can thump it off its branch and let only the little uns dance their way clear?

Or how about altering the main routes, again at random? On the same basis as the shifting sands, every reset. It could make life, or death, very interesting.

I would like Perialaga to consider my proposals for change in the coming year.

One other point, why not make the rod so it cannot be kinged or otherwise disposed of? Or at least make it’s value 0. I have met a player who makes t collecting into an art form. One would imagine he uses a sweep net, so thoroughly does he clean. But is he satisfied to clean up the game in 12 minutes? A target most of us would kill for? Nope, for the next 30+ mins he uses his Sware to king and collect the rod in a continuous loop. Approx every 5 seconds he gains 10 points. Add that up and see what can be scored in 30 mins.

Effective, but oh so sad.

For this form of play I award the S.S. to Stalker. This being the Sad Scrooge award. For the collecting of points way way above the call of Shades.

Perialaga the coder is the one who can make the changes, I can only advise. But one can hope. The other point I would wish to raise with him re keys is why cant we relock doors/gates? So many interesting possibilities spring to mind.

The idea was suggested many years ago and thought not practical as players would hoard them. But they hoard unused keys now, so why not used ones?

I do hope the Coder reflects on these suggestions . If you have any suggestions you wish to make yourselves then why not write them to Perialaga on the chat track. If you don’t ask you don’t get. But I would hate for you to think that Shades is a democracy…..shudder. It will always be the Coders decision that is final.

To conclude my message I would like to say that Shades is a land of murder and mayhem, of mobsters and marauders, of plots, puzzles and pitfalls. To change this would be to change a game where one can be proud to have gained the highest level, or to have died trying.

So lets get out there and ENJOY.

New Year ‘honours’ list to follow……………….

I have awarded the C.C.S.P. to Azmodan, as mentioned earlier, for his play methods. But I forgot to mention his cute trick of fleeing when attacked and sending in his smaller persona to fight in his place. For this I also award him the yellow belly….errr berry cluster to add to his previous award.

The O.L.K. or Order of the Leech Kiss is only awarded to necro’s and above who have been fatally kissed by our resident slimey creature.

There have been two that have earned this ‘honour’.

Azhag who lost his necro by scrabbling in the leech pool minus the repellant for some reason known only to himself. When he emerged as an Enchanter he might have pondered on the advisability of coming on to fight big brother’s battles.

Helious was a Warlock when he entered the slimey depths and emerged 83k lighter. But at least he wasn’t stupid enough to have visited the leech voluntarily, he at least had been assisted there by a friendly amazon.

No matter the reasons, both Azhag and Helious are now the possessors of the O.L.K.

The A.A. or Amnesiacs Award has gone to Omega who still professes to forget his death at the moat’s bank when he was on 16 stam. He was an enchanter at the time when he got clobbered in early November by Blodwen the amazon. Notes were not made as to how much he lost but Blodwen made mystical on it.

I have also awarded the A.A. to Hazeii……all kneel, for forgetting he left poor Guiseppe a shivering and gibbering wreck of a novice when he had to leave the game suddenly. It was indeed a momentous lapse and one worthy of the award.

I have also awarded Hazeii…..all kneel, the G.O.R.C. This being the Grand Order of Reformed Characters. I have awarded this because on the evening of Wednesday the 29th of December 99, I, along with other Immortals and mortals heard him crack a joke!!! The joke concerned might have been a little err suspect..coff…but nevertheless it WAS a joke and as such worthy of note. I have no wish to stretch your beliefs too far, but that same evening he also treated all mortals and wizzes present to a taste of being Sinvis. A worthy winner of this award.

As I have stated, due to the brevity of my re emergence into the land of Shades my ‘honours’ list is short. But rest assured that by the next New Year a lot more of you and your more noteworthy deeds will have been captured and set out for all to read. You have been warned.

New Year greetings to all.


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