To novice a Necro is certainly an art, anyone with a good weapon, a fast modem, a few well chosen forces such as force WH ALL, and preferably the cloak with the glass cross (hehe) can kill one, but to novice one is a skill in itself!

The first step is to know your Necro!

Most Necros have a set time for stepping out of LID, usually in the wee small hours when the game is deserted (except for Novices who are trying to get 4k to rename, to hide the fact of their novicing, giggle). The reason Necros play at that time are twofold, the first is obvious, its cowardice! Theres no one around to attack them so they fly around the game collecting T madly, which leads us to the 2nd reason - greed! Your necro will by now have reached about 100k - a magic figure, and they can see a Wizship looming large on the horizon, so they tend to grab at everything and zoom around as iff jet propeeDlled. because of this greed they tend to be lazy and dont BW as often as they should. This is an important point to remember! Now if you have done your homework you are now ready to begin. Lets call our Necro "Gadalfin", its easier, and any resemblance to actual personas or events is almost coincidental, giggle You first take out your smallest persona, preferably a Novice, cos this opposes no threat to Gadalfin and he can and does ignore him. Now your Novice can busily be doing WH WEAPONS from LID, and so he can suss out what Gadalfin is carrying, and more importantly, has he got the rod?! There still hasnt been a defence found to counteract a zapping, except for the cloak. O.K. - Youve sussed out his weapons so its Step 2, bring on your biggie! A quick WH GA will lead you right to him, dont bother to pick up a weapon, it takes time and it shows far more finesse to attack him with his own weapon, grin. So get in his pathway and type K GA, ST LS GA, RET LS. These 3 entries are now enough to cause him heart failure, so he forgets he has the rod! hehe

Now comes your finest move in this round, you steal the rod and type ZAP XXX , this causes the rod to vanish silently and by the time hes finished feverishly typing st rod back from you and finds you dont have it, hes on 10 stam and QQs! This leaves you with all this lovely T to king after restamming, hehe.

By the time he recovers from the shock and comes back to LID, you are wandering innocently around the game. Now he is angry! he has lost approx 7k for QQ ing, and all that lovely T as well! So now is the time to make him really mad! grin. As soon as you see him appear on BW, say hi! hows it going? This should make him burst a blood vessel, so as soon as he steps out of LID, you S and S him. One blow and hes a Chanty! Emote rubs her hands with glee. Gadalfin has now lost nearly 50k and his powers of reasoning have deserted him. Poor man, cos he now attacks you! Barely able to contain your laughter you slash away at him and when he flees out, you chase him, and kill him! Fun innit?

By now Gadalfin the Soothsayer has lost all his marbles, as well as his points, his T and his FS , giggle and comes out of safe yet again, picks up the sabre en route and attacks again. Getting rather bored with all these attack by smaller mortals (you should be warlock by now!) you decide to put him out of his misery, so you slip in a quick force WH ALL as you chop at him, and Hey Presto, its one very upset Novice who tells you from LID that you have cost them 660 pounds in playing costs. Poor lad.

So out you go fellas and do likewise. - Its FUN!