How to be a Popular Wizard by Taurus

Times have changed, when i had my wizards I used it to the full, trying to give the shadist mortals a good laugh, and not spoil their chances of becoming one themselves. (I used Murderer for that!)

Playing Games with the rest of the crowd doesn't mean zipping you to the leech pit (Hi Neb), you could play Footbal/Find the sock/Cripple & Steal - all of these games I'll tell you how to opperate.

Find the Sock - This is a game where your create all the vobjects into Arch-Wizards socks, then turn the fighting off, tell everyone to get as many socks as possible, when they get one, bring it to me at MKR, then I'd then reward them. BUT, other rules within the game allows zipping, crippling, forcing, each other in order to get the prize. This didn't please many an arch, Lordant especially didn't like it, as he only had one pair, and he disapproved of this being dragged through the forest.

Football - This is a game where you use that heavy object from the Castle Courtyard, you kick it around (kb <direction>) until one of either side reached a certain point, the goal posts. Although my rules of the game were: You can cripple, force, and zip, this added a slight touch to the game, as it wasn't just running about. Fouling is accepted.

Mega Duels - This is where i would arange massive duels on a certain game, I'd put them all in the black tower, as Lordants Area was too small, and too simple to use. I'd put weapons around the tower, cure the fighters (as i crippled them, to stop them cheating) and they'ed fight to the death. No fleeing, Berserking, or force fl o was allowed.

Races - I'd always had to have a race sometime in the night. Each player would stand at Moats Bank and wait for the starting order, they'ed race quite a distance too, and like all my games, spells were allowed.

Nowadays Wizards aren't a laugh, they're a bunch of cowardly unskilled bores. They make Wizards by day playing pacifists and creeping to other wizards for protection against other players. Once they make Wizard/Witch they seem to want to corrupt you if you try to have a decent fight. Fighting is what keeps Shades going - or is it the Wizards, who like to pull rank?

Taurus (xhehe)