Mischief's Gossip Column.

Apparently, Missy is gonna dish the dirt..we'll see!!!

Mischief's Gossip Column 1st January 2002.

Ello peeps.. welcome to ma new gossip column... and listen up!

Anything said here is not necessarily the opinion of "da management", it's
just mine, so yah boo sucks to the lot of ya.

First off we've seen two weddings recently.. Brannie and the lovely
Blondie's, and er.. mine and Unluckyii's. Both weddings were conducted with
great aplomb by our very own Savvy, who struggled on manfully (womanfully?)
despite many distractions. Branny did take his time getting Blondie to the
altar, using the one "I can't find an arch!" excuse.. silly boy uttered it
in front of a Savvy second and the wedding was arranged in a matter of

Mine and Unluckyii's wedding was nearly cancelled due to the appearance of
"Unluckia the Mrs Unluckyii Novice". Unfortunately the wiz playing two
windows happened to forget which window he was in when he brought her back
on on to hug and kiss her husband. (Em waves and blows a big kiss at
Halley). Otherwise the wedding went off relatively smoothly.. going to say
here that I adored my wedding present! *grins*

Other than that... hm... going to list one of my pet hates. Castle runners!
You know the sort, linger in safe as long as possible, then scoot out and
clear the easy t from the castle.. you know who you are.. NOTHING makes me
want to go get a killer second more than that! if you don't know other
areas.. get a novice and bloody LEARN.

Christmas on Shades was quiet, relatively few killings, Zodiac was
haranguing Kochanski the Bewitcher, so MrDeath did the gentlemanly thing for
her and killed him three times.

Going to bring this to a close, so it gets on inshades before the next year.
Have a Shadey new year everyone!

Missy xxx

Mischief's Gossip Column 21st January 2002.

Shades gets a stranger place to play in by the second!

Strange goings on outside the "Corrupt Mayor" pub involving Orddu,
Tajemstvi, hazeii and a mutant ninja pancake. Exploding chests and maple
syrup too...shudder!

More gossip.. Siva proposed marriage to Innocent the Witch! Her reply "no no
no no no no no no no no".. think she refused. but WHY?

It later emerged that Innocent may have a somewhat murky past.  I was
informed that she also traversed the land of Void as "Innocente", leather
clad and enjoying nipple clamps! (The mind boggles).  Halley then came along
to refute these allegations and it all got rather messy.

We also have two New Year's witches - congrats to Eternity for making the
first 2002 witch and Kochanski for the second.  Koch was 4k off witch-dom,
and got delayed some 4 hours by the appearance of Proximo the Sorceror, just
drooling for a Bewitcher scalp! However she got there in the end, cheered on
by Bluebirf, Taj and MrDeath (who promptly killed her).

Poor Leo! Noviced himself on Leonids... Keep trying though - you are getting
much better *em hugs Leo*

Gah, so much to write about...

MrsDeath has travelled from necro to novice in one easy step, having been
caught mt'ing from their wizard MrDeath. (Having a Sinvis Arch (Hello Zeon!)
watching such cheating is usually hazardous to one's score). It was needless
though on MrDeath's part, he only needed 5k for next level - less than a

However, the story does not end there (unfortunately). Poor Salazarus really
had a terrible day. Killed by Slurp at necro, he was sat, quietly bemoaning
his loss of points outside the pub, when suddenly he was summoned to Moats
Bank, and wizkilled by MrDeath. MrDeath had apologised, but I don't think
that much cheered Sal-the-now-Soothy.  The reason why he was wiz-killed?
MrDeath decided that as a protest against the treatment of his second,
MrsDeath, he wanted to be setscored to zero.  Zeon declined his request, so
MrDeath wizkilled Sal. Anyway, MrDeath then got his request - he is now
noviced. Unfortunately for him, he is now protesting alone on the no man's
land of game 8, ostracised.

I do miss lil Bergy about though.. and I wonder when was the last time
someone was ostracised, certainly the first one I had seen.

Spare a thought also for the Bagpuss the Warlock.  He reached the heady
heights of 196,831 then he met 3 characters determined to help him lose his
score.  The first was Comegetme the Necromancess, her efforts causing flees
on both sides, exit Comegetme the Sorceress, however not killed.  Then
Kocicka the Necro tried her luck again, flees and qq on both sides, but no
deaths. Then it was the turn of Proximo the Sorceror.  Proxi had been away
for a while, due to PC problems, however his first question to be when I saw
him was "Where's Bagpuss then?", you could almost see the battle to come!
Anyway the very next morning I logged on, toddled to the Killer's Den to see

Proximo   killed Bagpuss   95,10/12

Bagpuss' ZMud locked up, mid fight. Prox, however was not to know and
continued the fight. Exit a happy Prox, 12k richer, and one
Necro-ex-Warlock.  However give Baggy his due, he already seems to have made
in excess of 50k in a day, his score is 145,356, from a previous 92K.

Proxi seems to like Warlocks / Bewitchers for lunch, anyone else noticed?
(Em hugs Prox cos she luvs him anyway!)

Time for the moan of the month... things I hate.  Attacking down and
low-stamming. Yes we KNOW it is not against the rules, but in my eyes it is
dirty play. I can cite examples, but I don't want to name names here
(although I can!). It never seemed to go on so much before and has seemed to
rear it's ugly head much more, recently.

So, I accept that there is very little that can be done after the event, and
the victim still loses points, HOWEVER - as an Immort on Shades, I think we
should all take action on this, whether it is jailing, or bringing out
another higher level and returning the favour. Fighting is an integral part
of the game, but a level advantage means better steals, better spells. To
attack down is just not playing fair.

Zeon I would be interested in your comments on this one.

Eekkk someone wants my opinion...shheeshhh..er brain on..Right, well as you said attacking downis not against the rules but is rather pointless (not point-less) as it doesn't add to your kill score BUT thereis one valid reason when its ok to attack down..that is if you are being harrassed by another player. For example supposethis snotty little valiant came on and started zipping, zapping and generally messing about with your necro. You wouldbe quite within you rights to go stuff summit sharp right up the blighters ars .. arm.

As for immortals taking action against people attacking down for no reason (and here i'm talking about morethan one level down) I would first suggest that the immortal warns the culprit to stop it. If this has noeffect then a quick jailing is most probably in order.If said culprit then continues with this anti-social behaviour after his spell in gaol then I would suggest reportingit to an arch, as we do like to use our setscore/blot buttons ever so occasionally.

Whilst I'm here...I would just like to point out that MrDeath and his relations have now been released from ostracisation(is that a word), BUT if this little spell on game 8 hasnt encouraged him not to act rather immature in order to get what he wants then it can be arranged for him to visit it again...:-)