The Shadey Fox - The Old Tart Makes A One Off Re-appearence.

For those of you that remember The Shadey Fox from Micronet...well now it's back! A very occasional look at the day to day going on's in the world of Shades. For those that weren't around in those days, check out the Shades History section for some editions from days gone by.. If you want more, check out the Shades History section for some old stuff she wrote in her prime.


Welcome to the renewed Shadey Fox, an occasional look at some of the things that happen in the world of shades.

Now, what I need are articles from you, the people that play Shades and make it what it is. As a general guideline I need you to send me in details of things that you see happening on the game, be them funny, sad, nasty or whatever. If something happens that you think others might be interested in then please share them here. All articles featured here will be rewarded with a bucket load of points for the personna of your choice, so get writing!!

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11th July 1999

Well it sure seems that the game has been attracting quite a few new players, although this is most likely due to Kali's excellent book, I would like to think it's because word has got around that I am back on the scene...

With the influx of new players comes the debate about how they should be treated. The chattrack has been packed with suggestions, the most popular of which is the re-opening of the novice game. For those that don't know what this is I shall explain.

Back in the days of Micronet, when you typed 'novice' at the game prompt you went onto a seperate game to the main one. The purpose of this game was to allow new players to learn about the game in the relative safety of not being attacked by seasoned killers. Only personna's under 8K were allowed on this game and any killers or old players seen on this game were asked politely (?) to leave.

The suggestion of the reopening of this game has been put to Peri so we shall see what happens.

On the subject of novices, doesn't anyone ever map games anymore?? - All they seem to do is wander around aimlessly without a care in the world.

Fleeing...people what is it with you, don't you know that when you get attacked by a mobile and you have no chance of winning you run away?? See that thing called stamina that tends to go down every time you get hit?, well when it gets to 15 or so doesn't your brain think, 'oh bugger, i'm going to die'...obviously not...

This doesnt just apply to novices, a certain mystical (who should know better) last night merrily sat there fighting the mouse without a wep watching her stamina drop, she got to 10, did she flee, did she hell, she died?? Whats all this about then? can but wonder.

Anyway, here's Foxy's quick guide for novices..

1) Go to the information center and read whats there
3) Don't attack the beggar with bare hands,in fact dont attack anything with bare hands, apart from maybe the sprite 4) If you learn no other commands, learn FLEE OUT and BERSERK
6) Dont yell
7) Dont shout for help, ask someone nicely
8) When given help, remember it!

Talking about dieing, it seems that a few immortals are rather peeved about Rastaman's repeated killing of Sorceror. Apparently he was killed six times in rapid succession. Now, yes this was overkill, but one can't help wondering why the hell Sorceror didn't just think to himself after the first couple of deaths that he would be better off doing something else rather than going back into the game...

Excuse of the week - An excuse from someone who shall rename nameless (Kelpy - opps)

Sorry About the swearing,I didn't know you would get told off. I promise not to swear again. I only swore because a E-Mail to me Told me to swear or the player would hunt me down and kill me. Sozzy!