Wizzo's Election manifesto

This manifesto aims to inspire a busier, friendlier and even more fun Shades!

The general message form the electorate so far is simple: the mortals want to become immortals and the immortals want to have more mortals to kill.

Although at first this seems conflicting, I think there is a way to please everyone and have some great parties while doing it!

1) Wiz-for-a-day scheme! In order to inspire mortals along the tough road to immortality, this scheme offers some motivation for t-collecting. At reasonably regular intervals, all mortals from the levels of Soothsayer/Spellbinder will be made immortal for the day. Most people can make Valiant/Amazon without having to try very hard, but those who put in that extra effort will get a taste of the gift of immortality which awaits them. From the immortals point of view, more t-collecting means more juicy mortals to hone their fighting skills with.

2) Immortality Parties! On dates to be decided by public/Arch consultation, all Shades players will be made immortal for an evening party at the Mayor's Mansion. Plenty of food and drink will be supplied. Black Tie only. (Yes, you may wear only the tie, but in most cases that is not encouraged.)

3) Fight Tournaments! Lots of t to be won! Tournaments to be held in the Arena. All knockout fights. Prizes for first 3 places. Will that get our mortal community sharpening their knives?

4) Roleplaying Parties! For the thespians amongst you, anyone fancy their chances as actors/writers/directors? Abridged famous plays to be acted out or improvised. Lots of t in it for top actors!

So don't forget, vote Wizzo - The choice for an even greater Shades!