And More.....

The ongoing saga of the mayor's lovechild today cast further doubt on the suitability of Wizzo, the Magical Wizard, for the position of Mayor of Shades.

Speaking exclusively to our reporter from a secret hideaway deep in the Dense Forest, the mother of the child, still only referred to as Child A, told us of the Mayor's debauched lifestyle in the days preceeding his election. "He would throw wild parties most nights of the week and was often seen going to the BS [Bridal Suite] with many different women. His prowess was legendary and he was quite a catch in his younger days" the woman sobbed brokenly.

The woman has provided police with the names of other women believed to have succombed to the wizard's charms and her legal representation are also believed to be following up the leads.

Our reporter has spoken at length with both Wizzo the Mayor and Wired, his deputy. Both are strongly denying the allegations and Wired confessed to "..not really knowing what was going on".

It is believed that Wizzo may be planning to escape the media by fleeing to the Italian Riviera, although was believed to be a little uncertain as to where that actually was.

Despite the mayoral office continuing to deny all stories about the mayors alleged love child, our reporters can reveal that the case will be brought to court in order for a satisfactory outcome to be reached.