More on this Sordid affair...

All is not well in the mayoral mansion. Further to yesterday's outrageous scandal, we can exclusively reveal that tensions are
running high between the newly installed Shades mayor, Wizzo the Magical Wizard and his first lady Brid.

Our sources can reveal that Wizzo is not entirely sure that Brid is firmly behind him in his new campaign and even suspects she may have something to do with the revelations made yesterday about his illegitimate son.

Further investigations are being made - watch this space!

Meanwhile, the mother of Child A - the Wizard's lovechild - still wishing to remain anonymous has reported that Wizzo has made attempts to reveal her identity and may have employed people to try and harm her and the child. "I have seen several suspicious people lurking outside the Shalking Toppe pub, where I am a frequent visitor.

The regulars are all talking about this scandal, but there are some newcomers who I don't like the look of. I have also noticed a Strange Little Girl following me on my way home down the Narrow Trail" the woman reported. "My legal representation are putting together a case as we speak, but the whole process takes time. "I fear for our safety".

It is understood that the woman is seeking police protection and may be moved to a safe house in the near future.