The following information has been passed to me by an anonymous reporter. I, of course, felt the need to share it...:-)

Wizzo, the Magical Wizard, is the father of a love child, our reporter can exclusively reveal.

The child's mother, who remains anonymous, told this newspaper about the long-running affair, of which the child, known only as Child A, is a result.

"He was charming, kind, considerate - everything a man should be - in the beginning. Of course I knew about his other affairs - he has quite a reputation - but I always believed he would stick by me" the woman sobbed brokenly. "

When I discovered I was pregnant, he left without a second thought. I just want what is best for my child - I want him to acknowledge our baby".

The baby, a boy, will be a direct descendant to the mayoral line and the woman reportedly spoke of "promising to get the baby everything a child of this lineage deserves".

She is believed to be seeking legal representation and is also keen to take up residence in the Mansion.

"If he is going to be living in that mansion, there is no reason why my child and I should not take up our rightful place there also"

He thinks he can just walk away from us and forget everything that happened, but I won't let that happen. I helped him along the road he chose to travel. I won't let him overlook us now he has got where he wants to be"

Wizzo and his self-appointed first lady Brid were unavailable for comment at this time but are believed to be at their city residence.

From our reporter in the field.