An open letter on the Mayoral Candidacy from Dazzle

'Accept the game for the alternate reality it is and reserve judgement on those who make claims to/on you. And never forget it's a game! Don't take it too seriously.' Fluffs - PAWS, 14/2/2000

I see that recently a witch hunt on a certain persona has taken place on Shades. Is this a normal course of action or is it a quest by certain others to bring into disrepute one of the candidates for mayor - namely myself, Dazzle.

If the only way they can try to stop Dazzle from being elected is to drag up 'scandal', as they call it, then surely there must be something lacking in their own campaigns.

I would like to point those detractors to the above quote by Fluffs from the latest edition of PAWS.

Here is a quick note to Caspar - Slinky has never 'gummed', Caspar's word, another male persona, and I presume Slinky does not know what 'gumming' means although you, Caspar, seem to know.

Dazzle promises that he would not pry into other persona'a affairs if he were to be elcted Mayor. He feels it is a given freedom on Shades that you can have more than one persona. He would also not presume to tell other persona's how they should and shouldn't act on Shades.

As long as no one is actually being hurt where's the harm in having fun - surely that's what Shades is all about.

Once again I shall direct you to the quote from Fluffs and the rest of her article on PAWS. Never trust anyone implicitly unless you know for a fact who they are. And why can't one persona have a different 'personality', sex or whatever to the main persona?

One of the arguements against Slinky is that she is played by a man and because of this she is 'offensive' to true female players.

What about if this was the other way around - a male persona played by a woman, I'm sure no one would bat an eyelid, least of all the women.

And finally one question I would like to put to the immortals - if you who have been persecuting Slinky claim not to be interested in her then why pay so much attention to her ?

By paying this attention and highlighting what she is upto then you are doing nothing less than encouraging her. If you feel you cannot vote for Dazzle to be mayor then I would urge you to vote for the thief as he has the only other intelligent manifesto on
I nshades.

Vote mortal - bring the immortals back to our level.


PS Dazzle welcomes any well thought out arguements and intelligent comments to this letter.