Fluff's Election manifesto

I do not promise to kiss babies, hug valiants or give out loads of points….shudder. But what I will do, if elected, is to turn the mansion house into a real going concern.

There are endless possibilities already in situ, especially for the weary fighters. The roman pool would be a marvellous place for them to soak away their aches and sprains, but that has been allowed to go cold. I would have the boiler room renovated and made to work again so that a warm dip could restore some stamina, if not all.

New balls and cues for the snooker table in the games room and even an area for the fighters to spar and practise their skills….at present it's called the ballroom! These items could also be collected or played for points.

Apart from DIY chips there's precious little to eat in the mansion and that must be remedied.

Some stamina rejuvenation must be regarded as an urgency. The same applies for medical equipment, lots of bandages and sticky plasters would be available and left in strategic areas.

As could sticky buns etc.

As for the hound, well I know he's a brute, but if he could be made to sleep after being fed it could help a lot. I will try to have a bone or too lying around.

Much better use could be made of the gardens, and an area of safety created there. Somewhere

For frailer players to sit safely while they catch their breath and bandage their wounds.

I would nag….errr..work with the Coder in order that these proposals could be implemented

And that the mansion house could become a much larger area of play than it is today.

I will continue to uphold the laws of the land (em: hopes no one notices her crossed claws) and

will do all I can to make sure that darned thief stays outside the Mansion gates.

These are my pledges.