Dazzle's Election manifesto

I, Dazzle, hereby declare my manifesto for the forthcoming Shades mayoral Elections:

I aim, if elected to mayor, to represent all mortals, immortals and mobiles on Shades equally.

I also declare that I will campaign on behalf of mortals if they feel they have been unfairly treated by an immortal.

Below are some of my pledges:

1. A 'wiz-for-a-day' scheme for mortals.
2. A mortals only area.
3. A treasure lottery.
4. A novice tutoring day.
5. More theme days for the mobiles.
6. A Shades 'council' with representatives from all of Shades.
7. One hit powers for low level mortals per session.
8. Be a representative if a player feels he/she has been unfairly treated.
9. Less high level mobile attacks on low level personas.
10. An area where players can hone their fighting skills and increase their fight power.
11. Food so you don't always have to run around trying to find the girl if you are low on stamina.
12. A 'bash' a low-level session.
13. More use of the prison rather than booting all the time.
14. To uphold the standing 'laws' of Shades.

If anyone would like to ask me questions on any of these points or anything else then feel free to ask when I'm on Shades.

Vote Dazzle - the mortals choice.