Branwell, The Puppet Master.

Today our intrepid reporter reminds us that not all is what it ought to be in the peaceful, bountiful land of Shades. We can exclusively reveal that Branwell the Wizard is abusing his power to coerce the Poor Thief into running for the mayoral election. Yes, we can reveal that Branwell is litterally forcing the thief to stand as a candidate, knowing that once in office the thief would be a willing puppet to his nefarious plots. This reporter today, can exclusively reveal that in a one to one interview with the thief that Branwell has threatened his very existence and that of his family if he did not follow the whims of Branwell the wizard.

Branwell has employed a number of spin-doctors to massage the truth and hide his misdeeds. The thiefs manifesto also proves that there is a conspiracy against Wizzo, the publics favourite, between the thief, Branwells puppet and the mortal Dazzle.

What Branwell is not telling you. Branwell has all but confined the thief to his lair. The thief is being kept from the public to prevent him from doing what comes naturally. He WANTS to steal and kill from mortals, has he said it is his coder given right, all bow, to steal from the unworthy and despicable. An source close to the thief commented, "He just wants the election to be over, (The thief), doesnt like the attention that Branwell is creating. He just wants to slink into the shadows and disappear like he used to."

This reporter says Branwell, let the thief be, he should be allowed to follow his life of murder and pilfering as his breading dictates.

Vote for the one true choice, Wizzo

This was a party political smear by the friends of Wizzo Society. (Donations gratefully welcomed).

Reporters Name hidden to protect the gulity.