The Making of a Witch by Beccy

I logged back onto Shades for the first time in around 10 years to find the Talking Shoppie pub was now under new management who had renamed it to the 'Bag and Brick'.

I could only hopped it had had a refurb, a quick LOOK showed otherwise. There were still reputedly people taking bribes from corrupt officals and inside the floor was covered in spit and sawdust. Why couldnt have they turned it into a nice wine bar ?

Now while my dad had a Micronet account and I did play a little, I was no big time killer nor did I ever get very far...

After looking around in safe areas for a while, I decided to get Treasure hunting. The game was rather empty, one killer on, but as a novice no one can attack anyway.

Pretty much remembered where all the toys were, although not the sandpit or dagger (didnt find them till I reached Sorceress!). I also remembered how rewarding it was killing the deer, ghost and the other creatures inhabiting the castle and grounds.

On my first day back, from the Land of Xesse, there was a BloodBath. Knowing that learning to fight was a very useful skill to have I decided to take part.

I had already downloaded ZMUD, not feeling TELNET was quite right for me (or anyone). So I precedeed to set up a few f-keys. Ten minutes in and I had been slaughtered over seven times. This prompted Chant the Arch-Witch to advise me that I shouldnt really be retaliating with the blade, when I had the Rusty Longsword.

Still I carried on, but the ChatTrack message still on the game reveals..

'Beccy also played her first bloodbath and ended up being tonight's
sacrificial baa-lamb; the poor thing was killed 21 times - so next
week she'll be wreaking her revenge no doubt!'

The next week soon rolled around and I had by now re-found the City and Caves as well as working out what a few of the keys did. I had also set up ZMUD to auto retaliate for me when attacked, as well as grabbing that lovely little girl.

So I launched into the next BloodBath with a confidence gained from the ceaseless slaughter of the castle creatures. Although I know knew most of the City and mansion, I was mostly just getting the castle Treasure and proceeding into my one girl deer and ghost hunt.

The reason for this was of course I was to scared of the Bear and Beggar having been killed by them a number of times at Enchantress.

Anyway into the BloodBath I went, now I did a bit better than my 21 deaths from the previous week, but still, things werent quite as I wanted them...

Chant's comments did however give me reason to take heart..

'Beccy was tonight's sacrificial lamb with 14 deaths but she improved
HUGE amounts during the game and had many of the players only just
escaping from her with their skin vaguely intact - so well done Beccy!'

There was no BloodBath the next week, but this gave me some time to concentrate on collecting treasure. People were so helpful with their hints and tips. I was soon past my fear stage and actually heading into all the other areas.

The mouse, beggar, beggar, beggar, beggar, beggar (oh I hate the beggar), wraith and even the deer did their best to stop me, but now I knew I could do it.

I was managing to get around 4k a reset and even dieing to that wraith at Sorceress twice didnt put me off for long.

Now while everyones' helpfullness made this possible I was now of course liable to attack as my increase in points made me a much more juicy target.

Sereveral losses followed, I vowed to flee a bit earlier. But even the people who killed me usually gave me some tips on fighting or the game afterwards. All usefull I though, as I trudged around for days getting the points back.

The two weeks from the previous BloodBath were aprroching, and I was starting to prepare myself. Those losses did teach me good lessions, and I felt I was ready...

Proximo must of thought otherwise as he launched into me with the blade. Now I was a Sorceress and a ready one at that. A few well timed steals later and Proximo was in a heap at my feet, hapiness my first sucessfull defence!!! A quick save and qq and I took a time out in the pub to calm down..

My heart just kept beating for seemingly ages, but it felt good, and the 17k took me to just of Necromaness. This was good...

I soon made Necromaness, but was starting to feel I needed practice at a higher level, as that last fight was somewhat quicker than I expected. So I posted a ChatTrack message requesting a High Level BloodBath.

Someone kindly informed me than, I shouldnt use Beccy in the BloodBath as he didnt want an unfair advantage with the stars when he attacked me at Bewitcher (which I now was).

Chant the Arch-Witch oblidged and it was a Bewitcher / Warlock BloodBath that week. My confidence was a bit higher having seen off Proximo, surely this had to be a better sign than just beating the Ghost and Deer! So Becky came out and I readyed myself.

It was so so speedy and non stop, my heart did not stop beating. It would surely explode.. But as it happens, it wasnt actually my heart that was exploding, it was everyone elses... From the scacrifal lamb for the last two weeks to BloodBath winner!!!

The ChatTrack message from Chant the Arch-Witch showed..

'Yep, 'twas a high level one tonight with Warlocks and Bewitchers!
And the winner is Becky (what a result for a girl new to bloodbaths!)
with - 6 kills, 6 defeats and 8 deaths'

I was again so happy, but didnt know if this was quite a good thing or not. Would people now want to attack me more, or knowing I could defend myself leave me alone ?

One Wizard who I wont name, told me I was only the second mortal to win a BloodBath and he was the other, so I better watch out!!

Being a very rapidedly advancing Bewitcher, it was only going to be one way. A couple of people soon tried their luck and had to flee... This was good, but a bit worring...

I managed to scrap my way, but now ironically progress was getting slower. I was on late one night a Warlocks were appearing on the game, not feeling well that day and hungry I was just QQ'ing. I think people thought I was scared, I just retired to the pub...

It was very clear I would not be left alone, and and one point nearly every Bewitcher and Warlock in the top 15 were standing in the pub. I was so incredibly scared, but knew I just had to have this out.

The offers of an arena fight were tempting, I could win, I just won the high level BloodBath after all, but I could lose and lose half my points. The thought that it was to the DEATH was good, I knew I would get the points if good enough. But should I risk it ?

Hours later, having had something to eat, I finally gave in to all the pressure... Why not they would only attack me out of safe anyway and this way there was a good chance of me getting the points...

The prade of Bewitchers and Warlocks went on, but no one from the database of worst fighters was on. Except me of course!!!

Perky seemed the best bet, his score revealed the worst kill line of all the contenders, although I was later told this was from a long time ago and he had never lost a high level fight!! Scary, glad I didnt know at the time...

The arena fight happended I chose the RAT, I always liked the rat, he tastes a bit funny if you kiss him, but he is light!! Not quite the most powerfull wepon around, but his mild and unassuming attitude makes him a must have for this kind of thing.

Lister was the referee and counted down, 3,2 1 GO...
Off I sprung out, out, out, wh rat. I ran around the arena for some minutes, Perky seemed a bit bemused and just stood their on the spot. In the end he caught me as I rushed though. The fight was on...

My heart was going way to fast to remember much of it, but Perky was down to a couple of blows from death and fled.. No flees were the rules we agreed, but he reattacked anyway.

I soon had the rat off him, and finished him off!!! The feeling was good, and now I was 15k off Witch.

Once I recovered, I ventured out to get the rest, a funny thing happend, not one Warlock attacked. I realised I had earned my respect. I had put it on the line, risked my points and fought to the death!

Not long later I made Witch, Bluebirf performed the traditional kill a new Immortal and I just laughed, I had saved, I was a Witch!!!!!!!!!