I thought this day would never come, having wanted to ride on a HarleyD for years, I was actually going to get the chance to. When I went outside the hotel and realised that Handsome was there, not only that but the HarleyD was there too, was the best moment so far. What a beautiful machine it is, all black and shiny and clean. I couldnít take my eyes off it for a second, but there was a moment, just a fleeting one, when I was perhaps a likkle scared, but it passed, as I knew that this was the one and only chance I would have to ride one.

Having listened eagerly to the instructions from Handsome about what to do and not to do, he then told me how to put the helmet on, when he said it was going to be a tight fit, he was correct, oh thanks for the gloves, never thought about those, and the "have you got a jacket" question was a good one to ask.

Now the moment came when I had to get on this beautiful HarleyD, easier said than done, thinking, just keep smiling and look as if you know what your doing, this was the one bit that had never crossed my mind in the run up. Taking a deep breath and hoping my leg would actually manage to get itself across to the other side of the bike, (which I swear would have been a lot easier without the back rest on) I seemed to make it onto the seat, I cannot describe my feelings in the correct words of what it was like to be actually sitting on this HarleyD after all this time.

It was at this point that I noticed Orddie across the road with her camera, till then I thought I was safe, like NO cameras, as she was nowhere in sight, not to me anyway, to everyone else, yes! Well there was nothing I could do about it, so I was going to take the advice Handsome gave me and enjoy the ride.


I am sure that I could not stop smiling, whether it was cos I was on the bike, or had my arms around Handsome I am not sure I will ever know (grin). Ok it was now time to go, oh boy, hang on tight, but not too tight, we donít want the driver passing out. I never realised just how many peeps look at you when you pass them by on a bike, but they do, and, as I had a helmet on I could not tell just how loud the HarleyD was, so no wonder peeps looked, some I am sure where quite envious, well tough luck I am on the back not you, and I am not giving it up.

Its amazing what you think of when riding on the back of a HarleyD, like how you trust the guy in front, how you trust the bike, and oh yes how your glad you havenít got false teeth, as they probably would have shaken loose by now.

This is an experience I shall never forget, the speed (which I am sure was kept down), the views, the commentary, the feel of being on a HarleyD, I was in another world for a short while, till the words "we are nearly there" brought me back down to earth, oh boy those were not the words I wanted to hear, I could have gone on for ages, but I guess all good things come to an end and pull up in Beermat and Mindyís field we did. Now I had to get off, please can I stay on as getting off could prove somewhat tricky for me, sigh, I have to get off. It was kinda strange putting my feet back down on the ground again, and it did take me a few mins to sort my legs out. It was only after I took the helmet off that I realised I had lost my earrings, but a small price to pay, unlike Handsome who lost all the buttons off his shirt, (but we will NOT go into that) and it was with a sad heart that I gave the gloves and helmet back to him.

Lots of thoughts that I had when riding the HarleyD will stay with me forever, and they are ones I am not willing to share with anyone. To those of you, who doubted that I would actually do this, dream on, I was very serious about it. It took a lot of persuasion, a few minor threats (ok maybe major ones), a promise (which I have to still carry out) and a lot of patience to pull this ride off. This bike ride will stay in my mind forever, and is definitely up there with the things that have happened to me, that are the best in my life, I will certainly never forget it.

Now, if I thought for one moment that having a ride on the back of the HarleyD would cure me of this longing to be on one, I was SO wrong. It would be even better to have another ride; still that is what dreams are for. There is a certain garage that has inside it the best bike in the world, I am off to find it, and it had better be clean.

I will never be able to thank Handsome enough for what he did, and the trouble he went to in order to do it.

Thanks again Handsome for making a dream come true.