From: Siva
Subject: ORFing
Dated: Sun May 04 13:05:13

Come back Smit. With you gone nobody leaves messages on here.
Which is boring.

From: BAsF
Subject: notorious
Dated: Sun May 04 15:29:06 (1137)

for the benefit of the wall poster who said I have a notorious name,
and anyone else, I did nothing wrong.
Ambushbug compell'ed me to wizkill every mortal that was on
then blotted me just after telling me, I deserved it for
killing lordants seconds.

From: Foxy
Subject: Basf
Dated: Mon May 05 00:20:30 (1138)

Think Ambushbug will have summit to say about
that accusation....

From: BlueBirf
Subject: Basf
Dated: Mon May 05 15:37:41 (1139)

Ahhh, the joy of compel kill

From: ZEON
Subject: Basf
Dated: Mon May 05 16:28:59 (1140)

actually it was compel name k :-)

From: BAsF
Subject: foxy/bug
Dated: Mon May 05 19:37:12 (1081)

I am sure he will foxy. but it is still true

From: BlueBirf
Subject: BAsf
Dated: Tue May 06 00:30:53 (1082)

But that only worked if there was a persona called 'name'
on at the time...

From: Smit
Subject: Disgraceful behaviour
Dated: Tue May 06 11:16:40 (1083)

I think you all thoroughly deserve it, what has been reported
to me is unspeakable and whatever Lordant might or might not
have done, I am sure he was thoroughly justified in taking
the law into his own hands... I know Lordant is completely beyond
reproach and bringing such a slander onto his name is doing the entire
world a disservice.
You must all apologise NOW or I will see to it that everyone is
blotted forthwith.
Honestly! You ungrateful bas

From: Siva
Subject: Lordant
Dated: Wed May 07 01:57:03 (1084)

I despised the bugger and have never regretted busting him
for blotting dear old harmless Graeme. I would tell you what
I really thought of him but there aren't enough little squiggly
signs above the numbers on my keyboard.

From: Smit
Subject: Lordant
Dated: Wed May 07 07:02:24 (1085)

I cannot believe you say these unspeakable things about him.
They are not true.
I for one know what it is like to be forced to attack a player.
As a 4minute old wizard Warrior was forced to attack Graeme's gallant.
No 'Someone compels you to k (name)'
After that Warrior was ostracised immediately and all the players on the
poor sods micronet were also pushed to game 8. So it was that Juarez,
Ford, myself and one other were left to rot on game 8.
Novicing autosorcs is a serious offense.

From: Buffy
Subject: Scripting
Dated: Wed May 07 15:33:40 (1086)

I am sorry to say that my time at Shades may be coming to an end.
My reasons for this I will make clear and even though they are quite
petty, they make the game fomr me totally unejoyable.
1. Getting told off for killing warlocks with my warlock to the point
where I was no longer allowed to attack due to the fear of abuse
and possible punishment from others.
2. Scripting. Recent people on the game have been using scripts
to make immortal. Eg. Bush and Co.....

From: Buffy
Subject: scripting II
Dated: Wed May 07 15:36:46 (1087)

Even though it has been asked many times for and arch to make a ruling
nothing has been done. There is no fun in fighting a script or chasing
a script. They fiddle with the program until it gets almost impossible
to beat. Either way, the game is no fun with people using these
tactics and being allowed to get away with it.
So to all the friends I have made on Shades I will try and catch
you before I leave.

From: ZEON
Subject: Buffy
Dated: Wed May 07 16:36:50 (1088)

OK, I'll make a ruling...anyone who is found to be using a
script to collect T will be ostracised to game 8 so that
they can script away to their hearts content.
By scripting I dont mean using a small one to do the west
tower or whatever, but a full script to hoover the game
Dunno how its gonna be proved that a script is being used
but hey, i'll cross that bridge when I come to it :-)
Fighting scripts ARE NOT included in this offer cos every
fighter uses a script in one way or another

From: Smit
Subject: New rules
Dated: Wed May 07 18:58:09 (1089)

Ack shit. this is extremly scarey stuff.
Acusations are flying around like sars in a hong kong hospital
please the lot of you calm down.
I have given up fighting ages ago for just the same reasons
is it any worse to use a script to clear the mansion (alone) which
I use to save rhumitism but for no other reason.
Anyone who knows me knows I do not use ANY fighting triggers
I mispell my flees, qq on confuse, can't be arsed with cripples
all because I can't be bothered to set my zmud more

From: Smit
Subject: Blah blah blah
Dated: Wed May 07 19:01:04 (1090)

than to have a steal and ret fkey and an ENEMY FKEY
that would be an alias or variable to more experience people
I have experimented with software to see how much it can assit
and I can write some software that could autofind the girl etc
if only I had the connection (:))
the point of the excercise was to test the programming skills
It was a piece of cake

From: Smit
Subject: Why I am an ar
Dated: Wed May 07 19:05:24 (1091)

It is partly my fault, allthough I take no responsibility for it
Adding fkeys to the telnet software for the bbc seemed like a worthwile
programming addition for my little beeb
it had fkeys and the @key could be programed for targetting
hence I kicked but, even with a pace 12/75 modem
did this make me a great fighter
Did it make me feel big!?
Was it fair? NO! Was it inevitable? YES
And so we see the new programmers
All this as much if not more

From: Smit
Subject: boring smit
Dated: Wed May 07 19:09:29 (1092)

all of it is good in the sense that people can program well
and I have nothing against it... I think it is a quality
that I no longer have.
But the game is ruined by it, and probably was when I and Graeme wrote the
software for people.
I don't apologise for it, but I was a little horror
I don't any longer consider myself a fighter
for one reason, the time delay to thailand is too great
and another , I am cr@p
I wish this game was remembered and played for the right reasons
the people on here o

From: Smit
Subject: rant rant ranmt
Dated: Wed May 07 19:11:42 (1093)

are great people
and the only real way of telling who fights fair is by word of mouth
I am sorry to say it but if there was a good way to ruin zmud
I would be all for it
As Far as I am concerned (ASAIAC)or whatever I should see only people
logging on with orgasmatron, OR my software on the BBC B

From: Smit
Subject: Cutting me of
Dated: Wed May 07 19:52:20 (1094)

Its awful that the people who really give a hoot (toss)
About the game try to ruin it with largely false rumours
What could be gained by such nonsense?
Sure the game isn't what it was in days gone by,
is that any reason to ruin it for other people
the game is for people to play and the seasoned
players to keep in contact, god knows that now is the
main reason I use the game, some really nice people
people play this game and I am happy to talk to them
as for trouble makers, grow up!
Pot calling

From: Smit
Subject: Scripting
Dated: Wed May 07 20:02:55 (1095)

Whilst making myself extremely popular on the fortune 500
I regret making these objections.
Maybe not that much.
Seeing as the main point and catch of this game is the fighting
why should it be okay to use scripts, and triggers to fight
whilst hoovering up a simple 500 pts in the west tower is not allowed
Apart from the reason that it is impossible to prove fighting scripts
this is far more dangerous and hopeless
to the people who play the game
I know many people Boggy maybe

From: Smit
Subject: scripting 2
Dated: Wed May 07 20:10:16 (1096)

who play this game with no scripts or triggers, and
they get theyre arses kicked all over the place
without any use of ANY software, how is that fair
Surely he SHOULD get some!!!!
On another notch though, how is writing a piece of software
that can autoflee at a certain level of stamina, and also run to
the girl, following her and grabbing her whilst in the game
be allowed??? seems well wrong to me
Do I have a fix?
Does anyone?
Good luck

From: Sussies
Subject: Smit
Dated: Wed May 07 20:53:37 (1097)

he's been on the sherbert again....

From: Siva
Subject: Smitty
Dated: Wed May 07 21:17:37 (1098)

Bravo! Yay! Cheer! I love to see a good rant, but Smitty
your heart is good and your soul unsullied. Tis pity Graeme
no longer infests the place.
Much love,
PS: This puts me in mind of a SEA SHANTY!!!

From: Yog
Subject: Unnacustomed as I am
Dated: Thu May 08 02:06:13 (1099)

I have just read the recent messages about people using scripts
and I agree completely (with the anti-script camp).
I use zmud but haven't programmed anything into it because I enjoy
the challenge of actually PLAYING the game, even if it it might
sometimes seem laborious
Perhaps this is the reason I have never made it past sorceror (of which
i have six)... fighters with scripts are unbeatable to non-script
players. Using scripts is mechanistic through and through.

From: Proximo
Subject: Mobiles
Dated: Thu May 08 06:00:42 (1100)

the bear, the guard the lot of them..have you increased all their
attacks...bear just got me 4 whacks in a row and i didnt retaliate
one a little sauced, but that sounds odd i think:)
thought for sure i had him at warlock?
Ive not seen anything like it ever!
ah well, ive got nothing else to do!

From: Proximo
Subject: Cabbage
Dated: Thu May 08 06:43:43 (1101)

Was retting with the cabbage!

From: Texter
Subject: Mobiles
Dated: Thu May 08 07:41:19 (1102)

Hell, those mobiles suck big time.
I got mashed by the sprite.

From: Smit
Subject: sherbert
Dated: Thu May 08 08:06:06 (1103)

what a good idea.
Siva, we missed the SHANTY

From: Smit
Subject: Buffy Zeon
Dated: Thu May 08 08:07:28 (1104)

Well done for making the effort Z.
Buffy I hope this doesn't mean you are off.
Rasta - What will become of poor rasta? ;)

From: Bush
Subject: The REAL mortal rules
Dated: Thu May 08 10:24:36 (1105)

(as enforced by certain Wizards/Witches)
1) You are here for immortal amusement only
2) You will die - its already been pre-"scripted"
3) You have 0% chance of playing the game unmolested
4) Fleeing from an immortal second, who is using a 99%
success rate, kill you script, results in ridicule.
Failure to abide by the rules results in cries of

From: Buffy
Subject: Bush
Dated: Thu May 08 12:51:37 (1106)

My dear sir,
I detest all scripts....mainly because I never knew how to program
them, but I will gladly share with anyone the zmud settings I have.
I only have one other persona i use which is at warlock level
and the only kill method I use is jaunt/zip and slay
F-keys I use that have st/ret. Don't even have an auto grab her if she
walks in
I have been noviced several times by players and fight fair.
When I win a fight I get abuse from mortals.
So start again Bush....without scripts this time!

From: Siva
Subject: Truly Bush
Dated: Thu May 08 12:54:41 (1107)

substitute in 1) for my economic benefit solely
and interpret 2) to 4) in light of recent events
and this is your own admin's policy through and through

From: Saddam
Subject: Dear oh Dear, Bush.
Dated: Thu May 08 16:01:52 (1108)

Does scripting not include auto qq triggers? Like when you were
And perhaps you could explain how you type the names of the items
so quickly when you pond them? pond shield, pond helmet, pond platinum
If you can prove you type everything, then I take this back.
...but you can't can you?
Still I see your rant on the CT has livened things up a bit.
Oh, and you'll never catch me! Yaa Boo!

From: StuckPig
Subject: Moaning
Dated: Thu May 08 17:08:01 (1109)

I wish you'd all stop moaning.
Gives me a bad name.

From: Smit
Subject: Moaning
Dated: Thu May 08 20:18:06 (1110)

And if you have nothing to say, don't say it
The old moaning card has been played to death..
Be a little more inventive, please!

From: Smit
Subject: Moaning
Dated: Thu May 08 20:39:05 (1111)

Fancy StuckPig moaning about moaning, the irony of it all.

There are no more messages.
From: Pauli
Subject: Ranting
Dated: Fri May 09 14:10:24

hurrah this is ace!
buffs darling I think leaving is a little extreme
But then maybe I say that because I'd miss you
new job is going well everytone, probably won't be around much
but I'll try and get on when I can.
Pauls x
PS. Sivs, let me know if ou need help with the book stuff
Now showing full room descriptions (opposite is BRIEF).

From: Smit
Subject: Further scripting moans
Dated: Fri May 09 18:28:59 (1113)

Having reread the new rules....
Don't all scripting t collectors cut theyre scripts into AREAS
such as the west tower, caves, arena, browm, morloch etc
to allow them time inbetween scripts to add ret commands
and zaps etc.
So that pretty much still allows for all scripts...
As for the worst scripting in my opinion, steals, rets and auto flee
auto run girl, etc. there is not any punishment.
I don't know anyone who can autoscript the entire game.
I know you are trying
I dunno what to do either

From: Smit
Subject: What to do.
Dated: Fri May 09 18:31:43 (1114)

I would advise that my spending so much time online, you
issue me with full coder commands so that I can fix it all
once and for all... I am totally unbiased,would be happy for bribes
All in all I am still Smit the peoples Wizard
Act NOW and make it happen.
I have 15 signatures to say that its alright.
With a pinch of salt....

From: BlueBirf
Subject: What to do
Dated: Fri May 09 21:31:32 (1115)

Smit - you have my vote.
Yes, I think you have hit a nail on it's head. Not sure which nail
or which head, but it's a start!
The triggers/scripts that seem to affect the outcome of the game the
most are probably the fighting ones.
And of those? Auto-steal and Auto-Flee. Auto steal actually can
work against the protagonist as it wastes steals. Fighting is an art
and a skill. Auto-flee takes the p@@@ and is the lowest of the low.
Anyone with it should be flambeed in brandy.
The vote was for Mayor

From: Gemini
Subject: Scripting
Dated: Fri May 09 21:33:39 (1116)

Scripting bad :(
Illegal on lots of muds, and players found doing so
get wiz killed down MULTIPLE levels.
as for the proof, its all up to the wizard who acuses you...
like a witch trial, you get acused and wether you did it
or not, you get killed.
This way sucks and doesnt work.
Much better to prevent.
Could a limit be set on how many words per min the mud can receive
from a player, to stop the scripts from even running.
The university of hamburg rates 135wpm as best typer :)
Bored, Go away :

From: Smit
Subject: Geminis words of wisdom
Dated: Sat May 10 16:10:45 (1117)

I have often wondered about the wpm limit as a way of prevention.
But as till now, scripting was not illegal.
It as a great idea, but do you could o as a word or w for that matter ;)
Anyone with a half a brain could put in a pause command between scripts
but it is still nonetheless a good idea.
Buy that man a Jack Daniels!

From: Gemini
Subject: JD
Dated: Sat May 10 22:34:41 (1118)

Free JD, where? :)

From: Perialaga
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun May 11 22:19:39 (1119)

Unfortunatly I got cut off so didnt keep score properly, but my guess at t
results is as follows:
ApOLlyON 4
Whinie 3
Badabing 2
Moriarty 2
Bunnyman 2
BeCkIe 1
Well done everyone for taking part!

From: ApOLlyON
Subject: Stars
Dated: Sun May 11 22:53:20 (1120)

Stars Stars everyones got Stars, anyway to rid the Stars from the bb?
or completely?:)
would be very good times!!!
Would make bb's more action packed me thinks

From: BlueBirf
Subject: stars
Dated: Mon May 12 19:07:23 (1121)

Hmmm, interesting point, Apolly. A couple of thoughts...
Maybe stars could be limited to one character per account?
Or maybe stars should go altogether.
There are enough immorts about now to police the slaughtering of
the innocents... if you see what I mean.
If the Wall shows someone has an unhealthy interest in newbies,
the newbie could be given some t and the unhealthy person
reported to an Arch. or leeched!

From: BlueBirf
Subject: stars
Dated: Mon May 12 19:08:42 (1122)

...of course I meant Screen. Not Wall.
just thought I'd get the correction in before the pedants arrived.

From: Cocaine
Subject: Stars
Dated: Tue May 13 09:08:21 (1123)

People make chars with stars for the bb!!!
so they can't be summoned and killled, it is a
Pansy tactic, that we can't do anything about!
same with girl paths, ret triggers, and qq's...those of us
who have learned the game how its meant to be played
are being shafted by the pathetic newbie helper system!
if you make a character for a bb, knowing it has stars you
your a pansy, in my opinion the star system should be used
only for people who don't know the game
not for people who know the game and

From: Cocaine
Subject: Stars II
Dated: Tue May 13 09:14:32 (1124)

are looking for a free flee! If you know anything about flee'ing
stars are worthless, and impossible to get around! It makes bb's
no fun, I agree the first character/account should get stars
and no one else...mostly because the star system is being abused!!
trust me, learing how to flee to the girl and fighting fair
is far more fun than taking advantage of a newbie aid!
Anyone with ret triggers, or girl paths need to spend more time in
the pub, and less time pretending to enjoy the game!
who wan

From: Cocaine
Subject: stars/cheating III
Dated: Tue May 13 09:17:35 (1125)

who wants an automated killer/collector/character!????
its just lame, and you need to be kicked in the face!
Play the game, its a fun one...

From: Siva
Subject: You lot...
Dated: Tue May 13 12:32:25 (1126)

sound like a bunch of Iraqis complaining to Donald Rumsfeld
about his automated weaponry that enabled the US to "win"
the slaughter they claimed was an heroic "war".
But brothers, I stand with you.
Let us recall the words of the French general on the heights above
Balaclava who, watching the Light Brigade charge to its death, said
"c'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas la guerre".
Of triggers, autofleeing and the US military it might be said,
"c'est deplorable, et ce n'est pas la guerre".

From: Smit
Subject: WANTED
Dated: Tue May 13 13:13:57 (1127)

As the good man Bush has done so well issuing everyone with his
'Most Wanted Terrorists' pack of cards he is launching next week
A 'Ten Most Wanted' McDonalds Happy Meal Toy Set...
Who will appear in this one off lauch exclusive to McDonalds
is anyones guess but seeing as Bush for the first time in years
did not have a Whitehouse easter egg hunt with daddy I would
Like to put forth the Easter Bunny as Wanted No. 1

From: Bergkamp
Subject: Siva
Dated: Tue May 13 17:09:08 (1128)

Agreed about everything bar the US military you lefty git! :-)

From: BlueBirf
Subject: WANTED
Dated: Tue May 13 17:21:52 (1129)

Did they do easter eggs in Whitehouse?
I never knew, cos I was too short and it was on the top shelf...

From: Smit
Subject: piggin linenoise
Dated: Wed May 14 14:00:29 (1130)

If for 8*)")*&&!%
then shoot the bastards

From: Acid
Subject: Smitty
Dated: Wed May 14 22:41:53 (1131)

Roll us another shanty Smitty
There's more life in Listers underpants than here..
Acid peers round nervously.
Someone sniggers evilly.
Their is a loud explosion and bits of Acid rain down on you.
Lister the no life in his undies Wizard has just arrived.
Lister attacks you with his dirty smeggers
You have been well beaten by the undies
Lister fades out waving his tims at you
PS: Wheres me da Branwell?????
Is he still playing with the rubber dolly i bought him ??
God bless me da...

From: Smit
Subject: Shades meet.
Dated: Sat May 17 12:50:45 (1132)

I have to visit the UK in June/July and would like to organise
a Shades meet whilst I am over there.
I was thinking I could have people over to my folks place in Sutton
for a BBQ and a few drinks.
After we could go to one of the many good pubs around there
and after that probably manage a goat curry.
A few people already know where it is and a few more
have said they will come.
Let me know what you think and I will get onto it
as soon as I know how much interest there is.

From: BlueBirf
Subject: Meet
Dated: Sat May 17 18:02:12 (1133)

My brother used to have a goat... but he hasn't now.
I guess we could get Spot out of the freezer? Though he was a bit
scrawny - I'd be worried that Lister would eat the lot!
Failing that we could just have a vote and curry the meatiest newbie?
Nothing tastless like a manc, of course.

From: Darkangel
Subject: Shades meet
Dated: Sat May 17 19:13:08 (1134)

Typical, Smitty decides to visit UK at the same time
I'll be in Bangkok!
Maybe we could wave as we fly past each other? :)

From: Riddler
Subject: Riddle me this....
Dated: Sat May 17 21:21:18 (1135)

My first is a size but not inche's or feet
My second a way of viewing which really is neat
My third a place for you to swim
My final a vowel, ooops ive mispelt dim
What am i.....

From: Acid
Subject: Shades meet
Dated: Sun May 18 02:05:49 (1136)

Blue im getting really worried about you
Your developing a sense of humour you man...
I may even buy you a drink
and then pour it over your head....
kiss kiss

From: Smit
Subject: Shades Meet
Dated: Sun May 18 12:07:48 (1137)

Good to see everyone is posting about it, but still I
can't make out if anyone wants to go.

From: Ronin
Subject: Meet
Dated: Sun May 18 12:19:00 (1138)

I'll be there Dude. Ronin! Away the Boys!

From: Riddler
Subject: Riddle me this...
Dated: Sun May 18 19:35:55 (1139)

Turn me on my back
Open up my stomach
You will be the wisest
Though at start a Lummox
What am i....

From: Reve
Subject: Riddle me that...
Dated: Sun May 18 23:44:30 (1140)

A bucket

From: Buffy
Subject: Meet
Dated: Mon May 19 10:06:43 (1081)

Smitty I would love to come....just know that I am away from June the 10th
for 1 week
other than that just let me know the date.

From: Mint
Subject: Meet
Dated: Mon May 19 11:13:17 (1082)

I fear there will be many nerds, count me out.

From: Texter
Subject: Mint meet
Dated: Mon May 19 11:46:50 (1083)

Well, with an attitude like that, you'd best stay away.
What are you if not a nerd yourself?
You seem to be making lots of points in a short time.
Hope the killers get you! (That's MINT, btw)
CuL8R m8

From: Mint
Subject: Texter
Dated: Mon May 19 12:13:19 (1084)

I am suprised you had the energy to type in straight English...
You had better have a lie down.
Cu2m0r0 ntr

From: Lister
Subject: Riddlers Riddle
Dated: Mon May 19 21:26:53 (1085)

A book

[Key] WizSays "HI!!!!!"
<*>From: Riddler
Subject: Lister's google
Dated: Mon May 19 21:34:39 (1086)

Hmmm, i must make the next one google proof
But big cheers for Lister the Wizard on the answer
A book it was.
Riddler sighs...
Riddler will strike again

From: Riddler
Subject: Riddle me this...
Dated: Mon May 19 21:50:44 (1087)

Two bodies i have
Though both joined in one
The more i stand still
The quicker i run
What am i...

From: ReVe
Subject: Riddle me the other
Dated: Mon May 19 23:46:05 (1088)

a potato
an hourglass
a larch

From: BogeyMan
Subject: Riddle
Dated: Tue May 20 00:17:38 (1089)

A pervert?

From: BogeyMan
Subject: Bogey Museum.
Dated: Tue May 20 00:48:51 (1090)

It's only a concept just now.
But if you think it could grow, or stretch into something interesting.
post a CT.
Or post a contribution in the spitoon.

From: Smit
Subject: quality tv
Dated: Tue May 20 20:31:10 (1091)

If I hear another barry white episode i WILL surely puke
too late

From: Smit
Subject: Another load of old trip
Dated: Tue May 20 20:37:55 (1092)

If you watch and believe sex and the city has any place
on the television or even on the planet!
Also utter shite
Get those 'like' like like blonde idiots like off the like tv
like once and for all
like forever like
this rubbish does blondes with an IQ a bad rep
and I can mention alot of clever blondes
speak now clever girls
and 'like' get your selfrespect back 'like'
gimme more sky one,
heres slitting my wrists

From: Smit
Subject: Ally
Dated: Tue May 20 20:53:42 (1093)

thank god she didn't marry that dude she was gonna marry
for the thirtiest time
it was a close call
I thought she was gonna marry the dork
<*>[Mischief] WizSays "hey Key :)"
<*>[Key] WizSays "long time no see..."

From: Smit
Subject: ally
Dated: Tue May 20 21:25:45 (1094)

for christs sake!!!! do you ever watch it!!!
neighbours is more interesting!
whatever happened to harold?
did he go to spain and run drugs for the
columbians cartel that was selling
sandwiches to the kids of the local school?
with the help of old helen who was a front
for the native revalution of s. australian turtles they were
smuggling in through the coffee shop?
etc etc... bored shiteless

From: Riddler
Subject: Riddle me this...
Dated: Tue May 20 21:34:47 (1095)

I know a word of letters three.
Add two, and fewer there will be.
What am i...

From: Savannah
Subject: Shades Admin
Dated: Wed May 21 00:19:23 (1096)

I am getting sick and tired of seeing messages in Shades Admin
addressed to Zeon. Shades Admin is a forum read by several people
including myself. It is not a private line to the god that is Zeon!
I point blank refuse to answer anything that is personally addressed
to Zeon any more...So I suggest if people would like a swifter reply
to thier admin questions they stop addressed them to him. If you
want to send messages to Zeon use his email address not the admin

From: Blondie
Subject: Coo Savvy!!
Dated: Wed May 21 09:13:57 (1097)

Is it that time of the month ...???

From: Branwell
Subject: Riddlers
Dated: Wed May 21 12:28:03 (1098)


From: Buffy
Subject: Zeon
Dated: Wed May 21 14:33:16 (1099)

Zeon, I didn't realise you had so many problems with Shades Admin.
If you want us to address shades admin to you personally
there is no need to get stroppy and just ask us nicely. :-)
So from now on all my admin emails will be address to
"the god that is zeon" :-)
Have a nice day Savvy. ;-)

From: Buffy
Subject: Recent Bust
Dated: Wed May 21 15:25:42 (1100)

Not knowing anything about the busted thingy
I would like to suggest that both parties be given a slap on the
wrist and setscored to 150k.
That will be interesting for everyone!
<*>[Mischief] WizSays "nod, I was just catching up on the CT"

From: ZEON
Subject: Buffy
Dated: Wed May 21 16:37:17 (1101)

Wasnt aware that I either had any problems with Shades Admin
or that I was getting stroppy (unless of course there is an
invisible message on the chattrack from me regarding this that
i have missed)
What Savvy is merely trying to say is that there are other arches
(ok not many) that read the admin messages so to get a better chance
of a reply they shouldnt be addressed to one particular arch
However, I have no problems whatsoever for people to refer to me
as a god...

From: Branwell
Subject: Buffy
Dated: Wed May 21 16:58:59 (1102)

Oi you tart, where's me DVDs?!

From: BlueBirf
Subject: Buffy
Dated: Wed May 21 17:30:16 (1103)

Buffy told me they had been snatched by the Obscene Publications
I suppose you'll get them back when they've watching them...

From: Riddler
Subject: Riddle me this...
Dated: Wed May 21 20:59:18 (1104)

I am here for your pleasure
Its the time, its the treasure
I am here quite a lot
Come on shaders what you got
This is dead easy

From: Cocaine
Subject: Answer
Dated: Thu May 22 01:08:08 (1105)

Its Ellie! right?!

From: BeCKy
Subject: Riddle
Dated: Thu May 22 01:14:17 (1106)

A reset.

From: Buffy
Subject: Branny
Dated: Thu May 22 09:52:46 (1107)

Would you believe I am watching them again.....if I can't make it round
next week I will pop them in a courier and have them delivered to your
Great stuff those dvds!!!
Know any deals going on so I can buy my own set?

From: Buffy
Subject: Zeon
Dated: Thu May 22 12:57:05 (1108)

I guess you failed to notice the sarcasm in the message...:-)

From: Branwell
Subject: Buffy
Dated: Thu May 22 15:58:31 (1109)

(1) He's an arch - he's far too grand to DO sarcasm!
(2) When you return those 5 sets, you cna borrow Season 6 as soon as I
have finished watching it(!)
(3) you could always try amazon...they buy back DVDs so you may get luck

From: ZEON
Subject: Buffy
Dated: Thu May 22 18:39:51 (1110)

nah, i just failed to understand the messge ?! :-)

There are no more messages.
<*>[Key] WizSays "hehe should have been here a couple of nights back!"
Now showing full room descriptions (opposite is BRIEF).
From: DueSex
Subject: Bust
Dated: Sun May 25 12:10:30

Aaarrrggghh, I missed it!
Was it a big bust? :)

From: Siva
Subject: buffy's bust
Dated: Sun May 25 17:06:10 (1133) a 38DD.
Other than that, she busted me for refusing to marry her.
(If I'd been me, I'd have done the same.)

From: beccy
Subject: Siva's bust
Dated: Sun May 25 18:23:04 (1134)

If you were not with Kali, I would have done the same.

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun May 25 22:21:18 (1135)

Tonight's winner is beccy (who got her winning kill in in the last minute!
with - 5 kills, 4 defeats and 3 deaths
Moriarty was hot on her heels in second - 5 kills, 3 defeats, 12 deaths
Conan and Whinnie both fought it out for third with -
Whinnie- 4 kills, 2 defeats, 1 death. Conan- 3 kills, 3 defeats, 13 deaths
Apelki came on very briefly, got 1 kill and 1 death and then went again
Congrats all and see you next week!

From: Deckard
Subject: Bust
Dated: Mon May 26 14:21:07 (1136)

Well Well Well - all this fuss just to talk about breasts...
I mean, if you wanna talk about them, then come to me! I'll gladly
discuss the many shapes, colours, sizes and inner workings of those lubber
That is what everyones talking about innit?

From: Lister
Subject: Deckard
Dated: Mon May 26 14:38:48 (1137)

Im with you on that one Decky, plenty of Busts!
Nice perky ones, big ones..cant beat a bit of bust
Let me know if anyone comes forward, Ill help you
with the lovely discussion.

From: ZEON
Subject: beccy
Dated: Mon May 26 22:37:35 (1138)

Just to let all know that I have blotted beccy because
I caught her running a script on game one with her immortal
that allowed her to collect all the treasure with a minute or so
She was then dropping it in the MKR which is obviously pointless
as she is already an immortal and cant score any more
points (for your information an arch is 2 million and you
cant t collect up to it)
<*>From: ZEON
Subject: beccy (cont)
Dated: Mon May 26 22:39:55 (1139)

She was blotted for two reasons, one for interfering with the
main game (ie by collecting all the treasure) and two for running
a script, that was taking the p**s...
I expect better behaviour from an immortal and her track
record doesnt do her any favours

From: Beccy
Subject: Blot
Dated: Mon May 26 22:59:49 (1140)

In the Scripting rules, it clearly says a playing will
in the first instance be warned by an Arch.
I had no such warning.
I hardly interfered with the game, no one was out of
safe, and I immediately reset all the objects,
seconds after picking them up.
I am not the only immortal do pick up all the objects
in this way and I have emails proving it.
But clearly as the rules are being applied differently
for me and different to whats in the infomation centre,
I dont think I will be playing any mor

From: Beccy
Subject: Blot (2)
Dated: Mon May 26 23:00:57 (1081)

any more..

From: ZEON
Subject: beccy
Dated: Mon May 26 23:03:26 (1082)

I think its fairly clear that what you were doing was wrong
and as an immortal if you do not have enough common
sense to realise that it was wrong then you dont deserve to
be a immortal. As for other doing it, this is as maybe, but YOU#
where the one i is not one rule for one and one for
another, anyone else caught will also be blotted

From: Beccy
Subject: Blotting etc
Dated: Mon May 26 23:15:26 (1083)

What like I am told if I use bust without a reason I will be blotted
Even though my reason was an immortal WizKilling and not
responding why he did it.
Then Greed busts me for no reason, I have mailed the logs to
various people, and according to the list of immortals
he is still on it and doesnt get a blot?
Sure this is the same rules for all?

From: Yog
Subject: QUIZ
Dated: Tue May 27 01:27:23 (1084)

I shall be hosting a quiz on Thursday night; 9pm
This quiz will place emphasis on knowledge rather than spelling
for example... if someone shouts Lee Harev Oswadl
as the alleged assassin of John F Kennedy
then they will get the point if they answer first
Some people can spell/type better than others...
this should not be detrimental if they know the answer
I hope an immort will turn up to assist me
otherwise it will not be possible (quiz room/awards etc)
See you then

From: Buffy
Subject: Blot/Bust
Dated: Tue May 27 10:26:07 (1085)

Ok, firstly I never said anything about the bust apart from a joking
request to setscore both to 150k. That it until now.
The Bust I am still no clearer as to why it all happened and frankly
it doesn't matter as both were restored. A week without a wiz?? not too ba
try having every wiz you make get blotted!!!
As for beccy getting blotted, jesus woman, he gave warnings all over
the shop
and Before you say it only applies to you, I know for fact it doesn't!

From: Branwell
Subject: Busts (generally)
Dated: Tue May 27 11:05:00 (1086)

Zeon, Savannah and any other arches still active:
Could I make the heartfelt plea that the "Bust" command be restored

to its original force? namely, that is X busts Y then except in VERY
exceptional circumstances either X or Y should REMAIN busted?
And that all known additional immortals "run" by the guilty party
also get busted?
Enough of half-assed busts - so to speak!

From: Buffy
Subject: Busts & Branny
Dated: Tue May 27 14:52:38 (1087)

Agreed. Even though that would have mean't me remaining Busted
at one point. Not that it mattered lost it later and had to make
a new one....:-)
Anyway, yes one party must remain busted if the bust command is to work.
Loving this....:-)

From: Smit
Subject: Quiz
Dated: Tue May 27 17:21:11 (1088)

Are we really to accept the Lee Harvey Oswald REALLY shot JFK???
You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

From: Buffy
Subject: Quiz!
Dated: Wed May 28 09:35:17 (1089)

Was the FBI!!

From: Branwell
Subject: Quiz!
Dated: Wed May 28 16:52:36 (1090)

Everybody KNOWS Oliver Stone shot "JFK"

From: Siva
Subject: JFK
Dated: Wed May 28 17:55:43 (1091)

Nonsense, he was killed by al Qaeda.

From: Aciiiiiid
Subject: JFK
Dated: Wed May 28 23:05:03 (1092)

Nah Sue Ellen shot big J

From: Ariel
Subject: Quiz
Dated: Thu May 29 15:01:52 (1093)

Yog did say "alledged" not that he did it.
A big cheer tho, for changing the rules!
(coz I can't spell...)

From: BlueBirf
Subject: Quiss
Dated: Thu May 29 19:52:53 (1094)

Yes, a bit thank you to Yog for the rules change. I know he will blame
me for it though.
I just hope I can finish the bbq in time!
(that's cooking on it, rather than making it)

From: Yog
Subject: tonights QUIZ
Dated: Thu May 29 21:33:11 (1095)

Well... no one, except Branwell, was here for the quiz
and he may have been here anyway...
so no quiz tonight, but I will try again next Thursday at 9pm
So if anyone is interested in getting the quizzes going again
please turn up...

From: Aciiiiiid
Subject: Quizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Dated: Thu May 29 21:44:21 (1096)

Dunney matter cos i is well fick
piece and luve

From: BlueBirf
Subject: Quizz
Dated: Thu May 29 21:52:34 (1097)

Well Branwell sometimes looks like he is here, when he isn't.
...and sometimes it doesn't look like he is here, but he is.
but for the other 95% of the time...
Sorry I arrived at the Quiz at 21:25 (real time)
I thought I could just pop on and win, half-way through...
Let's support Yog next week! God knows, he sags a lot and is in dire
need of support. Guage 10 wire, methinks...

From: Pauli
Subject: Quiz
Dated: Fri May 30 16:48:05 (1098)

I shold hopefully be there next week
as I am all alone on my little tod for the week
May need reminded nearer the time though
P x

From: Smit
Subject: Scripting
Dated: Sat May 31 01:28:51 (1099)

I have seen Sinbad completely clear a reset including the black tower
He did this in less than 6 minutes from start to finish
Would you see to it that his account is ostracised as suggested in the
the scripting rules, he has been warned and to leave the game free
of all treasure in less than 6 minutes with a Necromancer is
a clear sign of a script running.
I would have wizkilled him if I had been quick enough.....

From: Smit
Dated: Sat May 31 01:49:34 (1100)

ZEON was arrested yesterday for frightening people into taking on broadban
In mafia style arson attacks on pensioners in the area he began his wave
of terror to have broadband in the area. A deal which would see ZEON
rather well off in the land of the internet.
Police arrested him in the 'Bag and Brick' pub late after 1am and a brawl
broke out that left three policemen in hospital.
A campaign of intimidation has already been put into action to
intimidate the jury should he be in court

From: Siva
Subject: ZEON is innocent
Dated: Sat May 31 03:45:02 (1101)

There is no truth whatever in these vile allegations.
(Z, please send my fiver to the usual account, yrs ever)

From: Brown
Subject: Sagginess
Dated: Sat May 31 05:06:55 (1102)

em sagged...

From: Sinbad
Subject: Scipting
Dated: Sat May 31 09:53:23 (1103)

Actually I have a couple of macros, triggers in some rooms to use objects,
and walk around using the keypad.
I come back to shades now and then to see if its any more popular, sadly i
it just seems like "in crowd" seem to like alienating part time/new player
with false accusations and such like.
As someone who payed to play, and used to like this game, in micronet days
its very sad to see all the bickering.

From: Sinbad
Subject: Windows 95 Shades
Dated: Sat May 31 09:56:40 (1104)

As a homage to how shades used to be I wrote a windows 9x version ages ago
If anyone wants a copy let me know :)
You only need to run it, click the RUN SERVER button, and telnet localhost
port 4001
lets see what hornests nest this post stirs up....
Happy Moaning :)

From: BlueBirf
Subject: Scripting
Dated: Sat May 31 11:11:04 (1105)

Hmmm, wonder what time-base you work on Sinbad? I'm afraid that
it just isn't possible to collect a reset in the time you do,
unless you have considerable scripting. Let alone itemise the items
you pond... "put chalice pond", "put necklace pond" - I hardly think
that you type that (and achieve a 6 minute clearance)
...obviously you know Shades very well, and so are not a
"part time/new player". Perhaps you should consider the fact
the it is actions like yours that create the bickering!

From: ZEON
Subject: Sinbad
Dated: Sat May 31 11:28:42 (1106)

Having already been warned by an immortal, I am now giving you
your final warning. If you are caught using a script such as
this again your account will be ostracised. It simply is not
possible to clear a game using 'a couple of macros' in this
amount of time, heck mine take at 20 mins to do the game in! :-)
Please heed this warning.

From: Lister
Subject: Windows 95 Shades
Dated: Sat May 31 11:46:11 (1107)

I would like to see a Win 95 version
Just for the heck of it