From: Bluebirf
Subject: New arias
Dated: Sat Mar 01 00:08:01

Well, it already has competed with other muds, and it is still here.
I agree it could do with more, but it has several things that other
muds don't.
A strong social element. A game play that you can learn in weeks
rather than months. And a fighting algorithm that must be hard to beat
The chance of losing half or all your points in a few seconds...
who could argue with that!
I'd like to see a randomness in locations..
to cut out 'botting.
Oh, and more deaths (of others, of course)

From: Smit
Subject: Me, me me
Dated: Sat Mar 01 08:20:22 (1135)

I am without telecommunications here in Thailand.
Add to that I have a bloody job.
Where is everyone? I know its early in the morning, but, but.
Hello peeps.

From: Lister
Subject: Smit Smit Smit
Dated: Sat Mar 01 09:35:29 (1136)

Hello fella !
Darn jobs !
Enjoy the footy and them rum n cokes!
catch up soon matey

From: Magestic
Subject: OBS - MOBS - OS's
Dated: Sat Mar 01 10:37:13 (1137)

OBS - MOBS on most mud codebases don't need a coder to implement them,
this includes new programs for mobiles. However without knowing
the codebase behind shades I could not comment.
As for changing the muds os to something more like everything else is
utter piffle. Shades is Custom, always has been and should always be. It
makes shades much more different then any other mud out there. It has a
strong social base as well as having a game to play for those who want it.
Shades would not suit Rom/Sm

From: Magestic
Subject: Contd...
Dated: Sat Mar 01 10:39:31 (1138)

Shades could do with an update if enough players wanted it, however would
that not lose the concept of shades that we all love and sometimes hate.
before we start going on about new bits and different codebases, lets
sit down and say Do we wanna play shades or create Shades II !!!
Magestic and his entourage likes shades and will always like shades!!
god longest message I have ever typed on here. :)

From: Krome
Subject: Shades
Dated: Sun Mar 02 09:40:43 (1139)

Shades locked up today in the middle of a fight and as a result
Puma caught the wrong end of my longsword without a chance.
Other characters have noticed quite alot of this happening
not to mention the mobiles sprinting around like spartans.
Fights are so very much faster, is there a glitch from when the system
was rebooted?
Or is this deliberate?

From: badriya
Subject: Pauli
Dated: Sun Mar 02 09:56:41 (1140)

Yeah we all got killed at high level
Depends on the circs and how often
Yes people lost jobs and went broke
getting the immortal, but arch action
plus several times = forget it.

From: badriya
Subject: Duesex
Dated: Sun Mar 02 09:58:39 (1081)

Why does your sex have to be with a witch?
There are wizards, of course
arches, it would keep them out of
and then I don't know of any ability
immortals have that makes sex only
possible after you reach that level

From: badriya
Subject: Pegasus
Dated: Sun Mar 02 10:00:10 (1082)

They did have more people building
at one point. I think there might
just have been more arches then
but bits of the treasure trail began
to change and then it was all
put back again as before.

From: badriya
Subject: line lengths
Dated: Sun Mar 02 10:03:33 (1083)

One of the things against sex
on shades is the limit of one
line and a short one at that.
It also makes it hard to
post here.

From: Ronin
Subject: line lengths
Dated: Sun Mar 02 13:37:08 (1084)

Badriya, It is possible to add a line a lot lot lot lot lot longer :)

From: Darkangel
Subject: Faster Shades
Dated: Sun Mar 02 14:36:05 (1085)

I kinda like the turbo charged mobiles, was a bit of a shock
at first tho! Extra-fast button pushing keeps fingers fit :)
As for system locking up, i've not noticed anything.
All seems good with my connection.

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Faster Shades
Dated: Sun Mar 02 19:40:26 (1086)

turbot mobiles? What ever next!

From: Buffy
Subject: Rubbish!
Dated: Mon Mar 03 09:58:22 (1087)

Badriya, Arches here are very good at the moment. We don't have
Lordant anymore and that is a good thing. The fact that you have
done it before and can't be bothered to do it again is not the games fault
As for turbo shades.....makes killing at warlock easier so I like it.
Saying that almost got noviced because of it! ;-)
Love and peace to all,

From: Tajemstvi
Subject: hello peeps
Dated: Mon Mar 03 14:04:58 (1088)

Hiya, glad to see lots of rants n raves as usual
see ya around soon maybe
love taj

From: Smit
Subject: Yo!
Dated: Tue Mar 04 16:43:39 (1089)

Hello everyone and hello Taj.
Nice to see Pauli and Gem on today, I missed the rest of you
I shall be back in a couple of days and at the weekend as I have
abit of time off.
Still no telephones but they are working on it... ???

From: Ariel
Subject: Magestic
Dated: Tue Mar 04 18:59:37 (1090)

Learn how to type english, not double dutch!
"much more different"
I ask you....

From: Acid
Subject: lAcid
Dated: Wed Mar 05 14:13:07 (1091)

where Acid
not around i'm afraid
I will return
muhaa ha ha ha ha
As soon as pooter man fixes my pooter
Im on at work
So cant stay on
c u soon folks
love and sex

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Acid
Dated: Thu Mar 06 07:58:52 (1092)

And you expect us to believe that...?!!!
so conveniently around the time that Man Untied lose the League
Cup Final?
Can we predict that your pooter will also break at the end of the season
and just around the time of the Champions League Final?
Missing you. :P

From: Acid
Subject: where Acid
Dated: Thu Mar 06 17:39:38 (1093)

typical Bluebirfnnnnn, dont worry i'll be
back to kick yr wobbly arse on the BB

From: Darkangel
Subject: Quiz Result
Dated: Thu Mar 06 22:42:21 (1094)

Allthough Orddu sent her appologies as she couldn't make it
to the quiz, everyone insisted it happen :)
Tonights QM was: Magestic
Saddam - 13
badriya - 9
Ender - 9
Pauli - 4
Darkangel - 2
Key - 2
Thanks to everyone involved. See you all next week..

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath results
Dated: Sun Mar 09 22:40:36 (1095)

Tonight's winner by a whopping lead (almost as whopping as Lister's bum!)
is Gypsy with - 18 kills, 2 defeats and 0 deaths
Doing well too and in second place, Whinnie - 12 kills, 2 defeats, 0 death
Moriarty (and dodgy connection) was third - 2 kills, 4 defeats, 6 deaths
Fourth is Badabing with - 4 kills and 1 death
Hot on his heels was Conan - 4 kills and 15 deaths
Wehrmacht was jostling for position with - 2 kills, 2 defeats, 1 death
Cont ....

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results II
Dated: Sun Mar 09 22:43:11 (1096)

BodyBag flitted in briefly and came seventh with - 3 kills and 1 death
Tsarvin attending his first ever bloodbath and did very well coming
eighth with - 2 defeats and 15 deaths
Beccy also played her first bloodbath and ended up being tonight's
sacrificial baa-lamb; the poor thing was killed 21 times - so next
week she'll be wreaking her revenge no doubt!
Congratulations all and see you next week!

From: Siva
Subject: boring lot
Dated: Mon Mar 10 11:04:04 (1097)

Where are you all?
I am in India and hardly get aq chjance to log in.
nor can I see what I'm doing
kindly email me Blondie
why is the Void down
etc etc

From: BodyBag
Subject: BB Results
Dated: Mon Mar 10 17:54:15 (1098)

em looks for his 'death' in vain!
sorry I had to leave suddenly.

From: Pauli
Subject: Buffy
Dated: Tue Mar 11 09:33:51 (1099)

Happy birthday Buffs!
Hope you're having a good hol.
Pauls x

From: Lister
Dated: Tue Mar 11 16:59:57 (1100)

is it??
right then..
happy birthday buffs ya big tart!!! be 50 next year...make this 49 a
good year!!!

From: Beccy
Subject: Credit where credits due
Dated: Tue Mar 11 23:21:53 (1101)

Type 'help credits'

From: Yog
Subject: Smart eels eat fat seals
Dated: Thu Mar 13 02:50:18 (1102)

Am I as unpopular on Shades as I think I am?
I would like to attend a meet sometime and meet you all...
but I am worried about being castrated and lobotomised...
Is this rational?
Obviously I am a marvellous and much loved QM...
but this may not be enough to save me.
There is very little difference between an evil Shadist
and a partially full container of corrosive gloop...
I don't want to be dissolved in the acid of ignorance.
Please tell me you love me
Or I might cry for a bit
Yog X

From: Proximo
Subject: I heart Yog
Dated: Thu Mar 13 05:01:19 (1103)

I would heart you a lot more if you would drink some more down
or try some valium, possibly lose your thesaurus?
Im just messing....sort of:)

From: ZEON
Subject: What?
Dated: Thu Mar 13 08:52:12 (1104)

I would heart you????
WTF does that mean then???

From: Bluebirf
Subject: ZEON/Prox
Dated: Thu Mar 13 10:34:55 (1105)

ZEON, if the suggested re-write included icons and smileys.....

From: Smit
Subject: Ha bloody Ha
Dated: Fri Mar 14 05:39:22 (1106)

No electric, no water and no telephone.
Trying desperately to launch ourselves back into the Stone Age.
Aside from that all is well, the weather is fine, the water warm
And the shellfish simply delightful.
Wishing everyone the best.
drop me an email if you get the chance.
P.S. Hope you are getting somewhere in India Siva.
Let me know how things are y'all

From: Die
Subject: Smit
Dated: Fri Mar 14 22:42:57 (1107)

Ok, No electric and no the frig are
you on here then?? huh huh

From: Ronin
Subject: Smit
Dated: Sat Mar 15 18:00:17 (1108)

Ol' Die's gotcha there buddy :)

From: Slime
Subject: Indian Summer
Dated: Sun Mar 16 10:40:50 (1109)

Answering for Smit, and I suspect he would agree with me, I would
say he has a specially constructed laptop battery with a solar
panel for recharging the cells so that he can get enough juice to
make the brief, but required entrances to Shades. As for the
telephone - he didn't say there were no lines/sockets, just no
telephones - :-).
And besides, he's probably gone the "mobile" route anyway, as if you'd
care to check ( you will find 36 local GSM providers
to choose from.

From: Slime
Subject: Me..
Dated: Sun Mar 16 10:44:03 (1110)

Hmm - naturally I didn't mean to sign my last post off with "Slim" as,
anyone who knows me would know, that is an inaccurate statement.
I unreservedly apologise for any misunderstanding and misinterpretation
and would like to faithfully submit a bug report - when the message
is full and has been truncated, REVIEW shows one more character than
is actually posted!

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Mar 16 22:13:55 (1111)

Tonight's winner is Whinnie (who stayed ahead the whole time!) with -
13 kills, 2 defeats and 1 death (Axe got her when she wasn't looking!)
Gypsy was hot on her heels with - 9 kills, 2 defeats and 0 deaths
In third, Badabing with - 3 kills, 1 defeat and 0 deaths (so no bandages)
Hot on his heels is Moriarty in fourth - 2 kills, 1 defeat and 3 deaths
Axe slunk in for the last 5 minutes and came fifth - 1 kill and 1 death
Tsarvin battled bravely and came sixth with - 1 defeat and 16 deaths

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results II
Dated: Sun Mar 16 22:15:26 (1112)

Beccy was tonight's sacrificial lamb with 14 deaths but she improved
HUGE amounts during the game and had many of the players only just
escaping from her with their skin vaguely intact - so well done Beccy!
Congrats to all and see you next week!

From: Slime
Subject: Rachael...
Dated: Wed Mar 19 11:21:13 (1113)

Congratulations on making immortality...

From: Smit
Subject: Slime
Dated: Wed Mar 19 18:44:53 (1114)

Good to see you back Slime.
How long have you been away.

From: Batman
Subject: hm?
Dated: Sat Mar 22 16:18:50 (1115)

Looking for some education, made my way into the night
All that bullshit conversation, baby can't you read the signs?
I don't wanna bore you with the details baby
I don't even wanna waste your time
Let's just say that maybe, you could help to ease my mind
Baby, I ain't Mister Right
But if you're looking for fast love, if that's love in your eyes
It's more than enough, had some bad love
So fast love is all that I've got on my mind
Ohh, yea yea - what's there to think about baby?

From: Batman
Subject: hm?
Dated: Sat Mar 22 16:20:48 (1116)

Looking for some affirmation, made my way into the sun
My friend's got their ladies, they're all having babies
I just wanna have some fun
I don't wanna bore you with the details baby...
In the absence of security, I made my way into the night
Stupid cupid keeps on calling me, I see nothing in his eyes
I miss my baby, oh yea
I miss my baby, tongiht - so why don't you make a little room
and I'll be over searching for some peace of mind
I do believe that we are practicing the same religion
Get up

From: Batman
Subject: evil
Dated: Sat Mar 22 16:25:57 (1117)

Love, what have you done - oh why?
I was sure up till now she was a friend
I stayed till the end - Don't be a fool again
I once believed that love was fair
But I don't anymore, she said I'm a bore
My heart hit the floor - Don't be a fool anymore
Each time around, I tell myself - it's the game of love
Ignore the signs and risk it all in the name of love
Well I've decided I can't let nobody hurt me again
So, I'll say till the end - I just don't wanna be a fool
Don't wanna be a fool - ever again

From: Batman
Subject: yea it is
Dated: Sat Mar 22 16:28:12 (1118)

Whenever a fool's in love, he doesn't know he's to blame
He's caught in the game, it all ends up the same
He doesn't feel the shame - He looks at love in a different way
It breaks his heart every time they turn out strained
But he'll never change - He's never gonna change
Next time around, I'll tell myself it'll be better than before
I won't look back, there won't be anyone to tear my heart up anymore
I've just decided I can't let nobody fool me again
So I swear, till the end
No way, no way

From: Batman
Subject: .
Dated: Sat Mar 22 16:29:27 (1119)

I can't love anybody, walking on a one-way street
Anyway, if I don't find somebody...
That'll be alright with me
Cos I've decided, not to let nobody kill me again

From: Batman
Subject: *SCREAM*
Dated: Sat Mar 22 16:31:03 (1120)

The morning rain clouds up my window and I can't see at all
Even if I could, it'd all be gray but your picture on my wall
It reminds me that it's not so bad - it's not so bad

From: Smit
Subject: Batman
Dated: Sat Mar 22 18:07:03 (1121)

Somewhere in your post someone said you were a bore.
They must have some sense.
Maybe that last post was your own lyrics as they were
worse than the rest.
And nowhere in the lyrics was the word 'drivel' mentioned.
I am off to see the stones!

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Batman.
Dated: Sun Mar 23 18:10:18 (1122)

Hmmm, I think perhaps not 'drivel', but more 'tripe'.
Perhaps you should go back to Gotham City - I'm sure there's been a
crime wave since you took up writing poetry (badly...)
Or are you actually The Joker?

From: Punany
Subject: Bluebirf...
Dated: Mon Mar 24 19:13:19 (1123)

Bluebirf - thats the most sensible thing ive heard you
ever say...What ever next ?????????
And funny too...faints.......

From: Punany
Subject: lag
Dated: Mon Mar 24 20:52:15 (1124)

Why is it all of a sudden everything seems
sooooooooo slow and laggy.....Come on all you tech peeps
Is it the upgrade of the new zmud version?????
Or is it cos im getting old and that i need to trade my
eyes in for a newer set?????
No reference to eyes and blindness please......

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Punany.
Dated: Wed Mar 26 10:01:16 (1125)

Pun, I thank you. Your praise is something I have craved for many years.
Hell, let's not beat about the bush... for decades!
But then you've only been around since January...
The game is slow? Are you sure it isn't you that is too fast?

From: Darkangel
Subject: *Latest News*
Dated: Thu Mar 27 01:24:42 (1126)

A Nobel Peace Prize winner from Northern Ireland has been
arrested in an anti-war protest in the United States.
Mairead Corrigan-Maguire was arrested alongside fellow Nobel
laureate Jody Williams and two bishops at a non-violent prayer
protest against the war in Iraq outside the White House
in Washington.
whatever next!
(taken from bbc news)

From: Smit
Subject: US and UK arrogance.
Dated: Thu Mar 27 13:06:54 (1127)

Since these bully boys are so confident in theyre imminent success
I suggest that they're children and relatives old enough to be drafted
be sent out to fight on the front lines.
Lets see if they still stick to the original 'Game plan' then.
Friendly fire (!!?) is now referred to as Blue on Blue...
Is this a reference to the communications problems encountered
at Stanford Bridge??

From: ZEON
Subject: Ho Hum
Dated: Thu Mar 27 17:33:04 (1128)

i would had hoped that Shades was the one place
where people didnt discuss the pointless and #
unjustified war.
750 grand on one missle??? Could give clean water
to thousands in third countries for that amount
of dosh...bloody ridiculous
Bush is no more than a smirking, oil greedy dictator
and Blair must get through tubes and tubes of hemoroide cream
(work it out)
Maybe the good old US of A should be the ones that
are forced to give up their weapons!!
Bloody pointess crap

From: Smit
Subject: bah
Dated: Thu Mar 27 18:33:53 (1129)

of course you are quite right zeon
when people have such high opinions it is highly unlikely it
isn't gonna be brought into the land of shade
as you yourself purport.
it certainly IS pointless crap....
but we cannot shut our mouths! we are mouthy people...

There are no more messages.
From: Chant
Subject: High level BB results
Dated: Sun Mar 30 22:37:49

Yep, 'twas a high level one tonight with Warlocks and Bewitchers!
And the winner is Becky (what a result for a girl new to bloodbaths!)
with - 6 kills, 6 defeats and 8 deaths
In a very close second place, Ballbag - 9 kills, 2 defeats and 1 death
And in a very close third, Moriarty - 3 kills, 6 defeats and 9 deaths
ApoLlyOn turned up very late (tut!) and came fourth - 4 kills, 4 deaths
Tsarvin managed to beat Moriarty with Who Had the Poxiest Connection and
came fifth - 1 defeat, 14 deaths

From: Beccy
Subject: Treasure Hunt
Dated: Mon Mar 31 01:29:47 (1134)

When is the next Treasure Hunt ?

From: Buffy
Subject: Smit/Zeon
Dated: Mon Mar 31 09:39:02 (1135)

Bloody tree huggers the lot of you!

From: ZEON
Subject: Treasure Hunt
Dated: Mon Mar 31 23:37:29 (1136)

I'll organise another treasure hunt if enough
people show an interest, last time the turnout was
dissapointing to say the least ..;=(