From: Orddu
Subject: Quiz Result
Dated: Thu Feb 06 22:52:47

Tonight's QM was: badriya
Scores were:
Rembrandt - 14
Orddu - 13
Branwell - 8
Hector - 5
Angelis - 5
Ender - 1
Millie - 1
Acid - 1
Next week's QM is: me.
Shall we manage to break 100 questions in 60 minutes this week?!
Be here at 9pm on Thursday, and find out! :-)

From: BobDole
Subject: Quiz
Dated: Sat Feb 08 19:17:26 (1085)

I am horrible at them but I will try to be there everyone
Great to be back and hopefully I can make it on here more often
I hate telnet, so I am getting Zmud again, lol

From: Ellie
Subject: Bobdole
Dated: Sat Feb 08 22:57:53 (1086)

Welcome back likkle Bobbie
Great to see you again
Yes we hope you are around more often too
Hope the house does not fall down but
If it does, there is always your Rock

From: Slime
Subject: Oldtimers week?
Dated: Sun Feb 09 11:45:09 (1087)

Wow, seems to be a week for oldtimers to get back.
So, I'll also try to get to the quiz, and possibly the BB tonight too.
P.S. I love telnet, but I'll try zMud anyway!

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Feb 09 22:10:22 (1088)

Tonight's winner is Savaloy-of-the-Mysterious-Ingredients with ...
2 kills and 1 death (and no divulging of what a Savaloy is really
made of ... so I still don't know ... sigh ... not going to risk
eating one to find out though)
Second place is a tie between Whinnie and Theft - 1 kill and 0 deaths
Ballbag was killed twice, Moriarty once (before leaving to slay his ISP
instead). Justice just kept busy! It was a bit quiet on the slaying
as everyone was trying to get the better of Theft's auto-flee.

From: Smit
Subject: Bloodbaths
Dated: Mon Feb 10 07:32:28 (1089)

It does seem a shame to spoil the fun of the Bloodbath with
such spiritless attitudes. To openly admit and brag about
'frowned upon' practices certainly has turned down the numbers
of people taking part in the BBs. Add to that Chant making an effort
every Sunday (well not 'every' sunday ;) to organise the event
and you are left with a sour taste in the mouth.
Produce your software and I will gladly disable all triggers!!
Failing that I could unload a clip from the .38 into the machine

From: Savaloy
Subject: BB
Dated: Mon Feb 10 13:31:20 (1090)

Theft - you said after the BB that there is no skill in fighting...
it seemed that that was your reason for having an auto-flee.
Generally auto-flees are used by people that can't fight.
You also mentioned your 'bot for hoovering t. A reset in 3 mins?
...nearly perfected.
It seems to me you aren't interested in the game - just in your coding.
I hope a kindly Arch sees that you are not suited to a MUD like this
...and blots all your characters.

From: BobDole
Subject: Smit
Dated: Mon Feb 10 23:55:25 (1091)

Long time no see....just wanted to say I agree with your message
Auto-flee is a dirty trick
from your friendly neighborhood BobDole

From: Buffy
Subject: Smit
Dated: Tue Feb 11 09:47:45 (1092)

Auto-flee is the work of the devil!
speaking of which where is Zeon these days??? :-)

From: Lister
Subject: BB
Dated: Tue Feb 11 11:14:47 (1093)

We know changes to the game dont come that often.
But for BB's it would be interesting to see the
QQ and QUIT commands disabled
With an arch being around people wanting to leave
and with wizards about maybe, people would be booted
if they wanted to leave while it was in that state.
Just an idea to try and make the BB's funnier, and
try to increase the deaths again!
And for people who dont like the auto flee, simply
dont fight him
create a trigger like his..flee o..for theft

From: MrDeath
Subject: BB
Dated: Tue Feb 11 12:33:27 (1094)

I think that is a great idea. However, I don't think this will happen

as getting changes in the game take a very long time.
I would also like to know what the official Zeon view is on
auto t-hunting and auto fighting software. Is it frowned at? or
is it a jailable/blottable offence?

From: ZEON
Subject: The Zeon View
Dated: Wed Feb 12 18:51:27 (1095)

People that use auto fighting software should have their
gonads cut off and people that use auto t colectng
software should have their gonads cut off and fed to Ellie
As for Auto Flee in a Bloodbath...whats all that about then
Bloody waste of time if you ask me
and my blot key just happens to be dangerously close
to my qw key.....
<*>From: Key
Subject: Blot Key
Dated: Wed Feb 12 22:15:17 (1096)

Why blot me? What have I done to deserve this?
What's even worrying is that Zeon has a special button for it!

From: Ellie
Subject: Zeon
Dated: Wed Feb 12 22:51:41 (1097)

Er just what did I do to upset you
Likkle Lorry Driver,OK my views
Just WHAT is the point of having Auto T collecting
it's a total waste of time, why bother
just stay in safe and talk instead please, after all
that way your fingers do get a bit of exercise
they have to use the keyboard to talk, and that leaves
those of us who can at least be bothered to go and
get the T ourselves, to enjoy the game.

From: Ellie
Subject: BB
Dated: Wed Feb 12 22:57:51 (1098)

As for Auto flee in the BB
Scuse me while I laugh my sox off here, what is the
point of using auto flee in a BB,if you need to use that in the BB
your on the wrong game, or maybe the right game at the
wrong time. PLEASE what has this game come to!

From: Buffy
Subject: Zeon
Dated: Thu Feb 13 09:46:08 (1099)

So no harm in me jailing someone who has auto t-hunting software
and/or auto fighting software??

From: HansBlix
Subject: Weapons Inspections
Dated: Thu Feb 13 09:55:34 (1100)

ZEON, your rusty longsword is 3 inches longer than permitted.
You have coerced the hermit to hide chemical weapons in his cave.
You are part of the Axis of Weevil.
A deal has been brokered for you to be allowed to move to Void.
You will be with like-minded warmongers there...

From: Buffy
Subject: Handblix
Dated: Thu Feb 13 10:19:04 (1101)

No deal!

From: Orddu
Subject: Quiz Result
Dated: Thu Feb 13 22:35:13 (1102)

Tonight's QM was: me
Scores were:
Pegasus - 34
Branwell - 33
Slime - 19
Acid - 4
Key - 3
HansBlix - 2
badriya - 2
Ariel - 1
Lister - 1
Jaymez - 1
Angelis - 1
Next week's QM is: Branwell
Be here, 9pm. Support your local quiz!

From: ZEON
Subject: quiz result
Dated: Fri Feb 14 08:11:37 (1103)

Peggy, 34 points ???
Where all the questions about her then?
:-) xxxx

From: Pegasus
Subject: quiz
Dated: Fri Feb 14 09:47:17 (1104)

What you DIDN'T know, Ze, was that
I logged on when Branny already
had 20 points....
Damn, I'm good.
Modest, too!

From: ManUtd
Subject: Quiz
Dated: Fri Feb 14 19:49:30 (1105)

I cant believe i got 4 points
Pegasus was just too good
both mentally and the ability to type
2221 words per second
Poor Branwell
Acid roars out laughing.....

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Spam
Dated: Sat Feb 15 01:59:02 (1106)

Oh Spam. If all the spam I got was true...
I'd have slept with 23,612 unhappy married women, eaten 4 tons of pizza
and lost 7 tons in weight whilst doing so.
have a member about 300 metres long, and have enough copies of Norton
AntiVirus to service all the PC users in the UK.
Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam!
Lovely Spaaam! Wonderful Spaaam!
Bl**dy Vikings!

From: Melt
Subject: Auto Flee?
Dated: Sat Feb 15 20:28:38 (1107)

What on earth?
eee, back in my day you had to move your fingers to
floqq AND EVEN THEN you had to deal with
a ritual crucifiction followed by a ban from
playing with Ellie in her dungeon for years!
honestly, you young'uns don't know you're born...

There are no more messages.
From: Branwell
Subject: ZEON
Dated: Tue Feb 18 15:45:20

I am not sure many killers DO use the "double persona" tactic you
describe and rightly criticise.
Far MORE common surely is the immortal lurking invis just waiting for
Blahblah the Necro/Warlock to log on and leave safe. This is terribly
caddish and ungentlemanly too.
String 'em up I say! It's the only language they unnerstan!
But can we also wizkill macro-users on sight?!

From: Smit
Subject: ....
Dated: Wed Feb 19 05:04:52 (1123)

What a bunch of unsufferable windbags!
As far as having two personnas on at the same time, I have never witnessed
this, ever. Only in safe.
And as far as wizards hiding to get a lock on Blahblah the Warlock
this has been going on since someone made the first wizard
the fact you couldn't fight your way out of a paper bag seems
to have swung your opinion Branwell.
If its that big a deal bring back pacifism and watch ALL of us leave.

From: ZEON
Subject: Windy Smit
Dated: Wed Feb 19 06:42:44 (1124)

Well of course you have never seen anyone having two
personna's on at the same time Smitty, every one knows
that if they did it whilst you were on, you, being the
upright citizen that you are, would report it straight away
and so would obviously think twice before doing it in
your presence..:-)
And with regards to your comment about wizards hiding etc, yes
we all know that it has happened since time began, it still
doesn't make it right and yes, it IS a big deal

From: Pauli
Subject: Hurrah!
Dated: Wed Feb 19 09:25:25 (1125)

This is ace!
More fighting on the CT I say!

From: Buffy
Subject: Zeon
Dated: Wed Feb 19 10:00:51 (1126)

Zeon, The only time I have seen 2 personas on at the same time they were
both in safe. Then again, I may not have known it was someones 2nd
that is on
However, most immortals play invis and when someone comes on they want to
what are they supposed to do? Come vis shout "Hi i'm coming out to attack
you in a few secs, is that ok??"
As for my attack on Puma. He was on for ages before I went out. I didn't
know he was on low stam, but even if I did I still would have attacked him

From: Buffy
Subject: Zeon part II
Dated: Wed Feb 19 10:13:18 (1127)

The moral issue of attacking someone on low stam is not my
I can attack anyone on whatever stam they are. You may frown on it,
but it is not illegal!!!

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Blow timing on CT.
Dated: Wed Feb 19 10:23:24 (1128)

What seems to have been missed here is that there is a sense of fairness
amongst most of the Immorts when it comes to slaying poor mortals.
There have been a number of Immortals made over the last months without
a great deal of interference. To contrast that there have been some
persona who have been hunted down.
The difference appears to be in two areas...
Software-controlled personae and attitude-enhanced personae.
Sometimes there is a third group - attitude-enhanced, software-controlled

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Blow timing on CT.<cont>
Dated: Wed Feb 19 10:29:39 (1129)

personae - and we all know who that is!
Just as software-control greatly enhances a mortals chance of making it
lurking hidden greatly enhances the chance of them being killed.
(or being triggered to fl o qq)....
If a mortal is triggered up to the eyeballs, the balance has to shift
away from them in a different way.
Now, Puma. On Telnet, typing away at everything. OK, does upset sometimes
but a Java Wizard, in this day and age? I ask you!
Go Go Go Puma!

From: Pauli
Subject: telnet wiz
Dated: Wed Feb 19 11:28:18 (1130)

em takes a bow

From: Buffy
Subject: Bluebirf
Dated: Wed Feb 19 13:19:48 (1131)

While I agree with you about telnet wizard. I don't agree that it gives
him the right to completly avoid attack. The reason I wanted to kill him
apart from the fact that i attack all warlocks. Is that after an
attack on which he was on full stam, I got abused personally by him.
So vowed to kill him. I have achieved my task and as I do with all
mortals I won't reattack them until they reach the level they were on
when I attacked them.
also >>>>

From: Buffy
Subject: Blue II
Dated: Wed Feb 19 13:21:55 (1132)

The standard mortal reaction to being attacked is "why don't you
just leave me alone and let me get on with it!"
Should we just not have killers at all? We all died at high level some of
us more than others. But, we kept at it and enjoy the rewards.

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Buffy (2)
Dated: Wed Feb 19 14:25:11 (1133)

Well, there's more to life than killing....
A flee can be very painful too - esp at high levels
can cost a reset.
And a seasoned killer (with olive oil...?) will usually get a flee.
Buffy, take herbal tea for that bloodlust.

From: Buffy
Subject: Bluey
Dated: Wed Feb 19 14:33:22 (1134)

Actually, any warlock should be able to fight off another warlock or
at least make a decent attempt of it. The reason so many of the warlocks
can't fight is that they have made it to that level with such ease
and hence haven't learnt the game properly.
As for my bloodlust, I have no intention of stopping considering
I rarely attack anyone these days.

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Buffsterishness
Dated: Wed Feb 19 14:36:11 (1135)

Some of them can't fight 'cos ZMud does it for them.
Also, amazingly, some immortals can't fight.
Like Xxxxxxx, Xxxxx, Xxxxxxx and Xxxxxx.
damn this games censoring software!

From: Buffy
Subject: Blue the birf!
Dated: Wed Feb 19 14:39:21 (1136)

So you are validating my point. Learn to fight early and you will
be fine. Get there to easy and you will fall just as easily.
Hopefully by my rusty LS!

From: Bluebirf
Subject: A decent fight.
Dated: Wed Feb 19 14:43:39 (1137)

It might be that your definition of a decent fight is different...
I'd guess that you definition is:
"when the opponent loses half their points or more'

From: Buffy
Subject: a decent fight......
Dated: Wed Feb 19 14:51:01 (1138)

let me give you an example.
MrDeath attacked Krome and was 1 blow away from being noviced before
fleeing. Even though MrDeath eventually killed Krome. The fight was
close and MrDeath could have lost loads of points and in fact did!
Had Krome defeated Mrdeath she would have been near enough 40k better off!
Learn to fight or be killed.
How come your warlocks aren't scared of being attacked?

From: ZEON
Subject: Things
Dated: Wed Feb 19 17:12:26 (1139)

(1) Bufster, I fear thou protestest way too much dear
(2) Bufster, No you dont shout "Hi i'm coming out to attack you"
that would be just plain silly wouldnt it now dear
What you dont also do is snoop on your victim and wait till
an opportune moment when they might be on low stam to
to attack them, or to suss out what weapon they are carrying etc
Not for one moment suggesting tha you do these things dearest
What you ARE meant to do, according to the code of conduct
is too leave a minute or so

From: ZEON
Subject: Things (2)
Dated: Wed Feb 19 17:26:09 (1140)

inbetween logging off with your immortal and bringing on a second
thus avoiding any suggesting that you have used your
immortal in any underhand way whatsoever
(3) Bufster, noone has said for one moment that attacking
on low stam is 'illegal', Cowardly and a cop out yes, but
'illegal' .. no
(4) Bluey, how about drug controlled??
(6) Puma, is there any reason why you have to use
Java and not download a telnet client, cos face it huney
wizdom aint gonna happen....

From: ZEON
Subject: Things (3)
Dated: Wed Feb 19 17:32:58 (1081)

(5..cos i missed it out) Bufster (again) Not for one
minute is anyone suggesting that people get left alone
What I am saying is that there is no need for immortals
to gain any advantage by cheatng..again not
pointing the finger at ANYONE in particular but we all
know that it goes on (unless we live in a cardboard box wearing
(7..i think) Face it, fighting software is here to stay
(8) Bufster , I agree with you people need to learn to fight

From: ZEON
Subject: Things (4)
Dated: Wed Feb 19 17:36:34 (1082)

or at least they need to program Zmud :-)
(9) Bluey, Quite right, a fighter is defined as someone who
enjoys the fight, a killer is defined as someone who
just wants to add a notch to their kill score
Personnally I fight because I enjoy it, if i get a kill
thats a bonus, if not it doesnt really matter!
and funnily enough you find that fighters use minimal
programing (maybe a few fkeys) whereas killers
tend to go make tea whilst the fight is on

From: ZEON
Subject: Things (5)
Dated: Wed Feb 19 17:43:59 (1083)

At the end of the day all this crap on the chat track will
make no difference, those that wanna cheat will cheat and
those that play 'fair' will continue to do so
All I do know is that if we could turn the clocks back
15 years or so there sure as hell would be less immortals
loads of beter fighters and loads and loads less whingers
Now who fancies a personna file reset and a Java only version
of Shades for a month or two :-)

From: Proximo
Subject: Me!
Dated: Wed Feb 19 18:22:11 (1084)

I do I do:) lets all start at 0 and scrap to see who gets to the
Top first! Im all over it!

From: Lister
Subject: Z
Dated: Thu Feb 20 01:24:47 (1085)

What a post....
on a lighter note...
I think that caramel covered doughnuts with that custard
filling are the best and most chomp doughnuts
anyone else????

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Donuts.
Dated: Thu Feb 20 10:30:08 (1086)

Lister, you have been culturally overrun.
EVERYONE knows that a donut is not a doughnut.
...and that doughnuts have jam in them! And a light dusting
of sugar.
Anything else is a donut, and obviously brash, American,
and completely lacking in taste.
Sorry, Prox!

From: Lister
Subject: Doughnuts
Dated: Thu Feb 20 10:41:14 (1087)

after George F Dough
and William B Nut
first created the has been a wonder
of how many varieties you can come up with.
I love the Amercian way of mass choice of
doughnut, although on visits to the US I still find that
local bakeries here do a corking sample.
has some corkers...
yours in doughnut land

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Other things to eat.
Dated: Thu Feb 20 10:49:59 (1088)

Well, you may have noted a hint of Xenophobia in my last post.
Well, Prox might have...
I will now make amends
Doughnuts and donuts are knocked into a cocked hat by Cinnabons
There are the size of a small detached house, have more goo in
them than Mr Magoo, and take about 45 minutes to eat.
(3 minutes for an average sized American).
go look, be hungry!

From: badriya
Subject: Zeon
Dated: Thu Feb 20 21:19:00 (1089)

Who polices the policeman?
When your second killed me at 159k I suspected
that you had been watching invis, but as arch
nobody could check that or censure it.

From: ZEON
Subject: badriya
Dated: Thu Feb 20 22:37:25 (1090)

God girl, get over it. I killed you over a year ago..sheesh

From: Orddu
Subject: Quiz Result
Dated: Thu Feb 20 22:38:32 (1091)

Tonight's QM was: Magestic
Scores were:
Branwell - 18
Rembrandt - 13
badriya - 7
Orddu - 4
Bluebirf - 2
Acid - 1
Pauli - 1
Millie - 1
Next week's QM is: YOG
Be here, 9pm, Thursday!

From: badriya
Subject: Zeon
Dated: Thu Feb 20 22:48:56 (1092)

Hmmmm. Well, the killer would feel like that
The usual response I suppose. It is easier
to kill if you have an arch

From: ZEON
Subject: Ho hum
Dated: Thu Feb 20 22:57:41 (1093)

yes, its alot easier to kill if you have an arch only takes one blow...
But as i recall, the fight we had was with warlocks,
both on full stam. I hit you, you hit me, this went on
for a minute or so, you didnt flee when you got really
low and you died...
Yep, I can defineatly see why you think I used my
arch to help me....
bored now

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Ho hum.
Dated: Thu Feb 20 23:15:15 (1094)

Oh, yes, I remember being killed by ZEON!
ZEON attacks you with the whatever.
The last blow was too much for you etc. etc.
At least I got him down by 11 stam.
Love you really, ZE!
Anyone can mix up a log-in!!!

From: ZEON
Subject: Bluebirf
Dated: Fri Feb 21 06:36:27 (1095)


From: Branwell
Subject: A Modest Proposal
Dated: Sat Feb 22 15:37:29 (1096)

Why not just remove the "Invis" command completely?

From: Lister
Subject: Branwell
Dated: Sat Feb 22 17:09:43 (1097)

YOU wouldnt be able to skulk invis Branny
hehe ;)

From: Branwell
Subject: Lister
Dated: Sat Feb 22 19:09:38 (1098)

Well...NO-ONE would - which is the main attraction!

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Branwell
Dated: Sat Feb 22 23:55:59 (1099)

I have a better idea.
Why not just do away with visibility?
You think you attack someone that you can't see.
You are attacked! (Who by, we don't know).
Someone the something persona has been killed by Someone!
wh t
Not around, I'm afraid.
Killer Screen Someone killed Someone xx x/x
Killer Screen Someone beat.. Someone xx x/x
Think about it!

You aren't fighting anyone!!!
<*>From: Someone
Subject: Oi
Dated: Sun Feb 23 11:57:47 (1100)

Stop using my name, i've never attacked anyone in my life

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath results
Dated: Sun Feb 23 22:09:18 (1101)

Tonight's winner is BodyBag with - 8 kills and 2 deaths
Whinnie was very hot on his heels - 4 kills, 4 defeats and 1 death
Conan surprised himself by zooming into third - 4 kills, 1 defeat, 12 deat
Moriarty and his lovely internet connection were fourth with -
3 kills, 1 defeat and 6 deaths
Badabing fought bravely and came sixth with - 1 kill and 7 deaths
Well done and see you next week!

From: Philote
Subject: invis command
Dated: Sun Feb 23 22:55:38 (1102)

Yes let's get rid of invisibility!
That takes away the only reason why I would ever want to
get to immort!

From: Buffy
Subject: Invis commnad
Dated: Mon Feb 24 12:55:41 (1103)

Lets not forget to remove the Zap, zip, wiz, smode, and all the other wiz
Better still, why not just remove the level completely!

From: Ellie
Subject: Invis
Dated: Mon Feb 24 22:33:06 (1104)

I enjoy the Invis command
And in the long run see No reason for it to be removed
Let those who abuse it, be punished
But please leave it alone

From: badriya
Subject: Zeon
Dated: Tue Feb 25 09:32:03 (1105)

It is easier to kill with a backup immort
or arch because you are less nervous and can
see the whole game most of the time. The fight
is not worrying but just for fun.
And I admit memory is hazy but I was taught
to flee or quit when low stam so either I
was lagged or unable to for some reason
I'm not brave at all.
And it also figures you would find this
more boring than I do.

From: badriya
Subject: Zeon
Dated: Tue Feb 25 09:34:48 (1106)

The result was I stopped playing pretty much
I return for quizes and chat now and then
But I believe Shades doesn't want
those who can't handle being killed
so no loss?
having made 2 immorts first time round on Prestel
it simply got too boring to get to 157k and then
start again collecting

From: Krome
Subject: badriya
Dated: Tue Feb 25 21:47:33 (1107)

Clap clap clap.
With one minute on the clock three levels the same level
as me come out and clear the game in 20 minutes.
Humungous the enormous ego attacks me.
Is this game for people who want to play the game, or is
it just for the people who know how to ruin it for everyone
Bring back Viewdata
It seems to me that this game is run by an elite immortals
hiding behind they're invisibility to kill anyone on the game
The fact that they gloat after fighting saying and I quote...

From: Krome
Subject: badriya II
Dated: Tue Feb 25 21:52:12 (1108)

'You shouldn't take the ls and not the ring'
Is that not wizards using all the powers they have to try
and hamper the chances of all the real Players (NEWBIES)
I am nearly quitting this game because I come on and all of a sudden
the same level comes out and attacks me before I get a key
You should be ashamed of yourselves.
When you were making it to immortal I bet you were not the
same murderous idiots that you have turned into.
Give us a chance
Why do I need to be beaten by wiz seconds at spel

From: Krome
Subject: badriya
Dated: Tue Feb 25 21:56:42 (1109)

when I have not been logged on for 3 minutes before three wiz
seconds log on and assault me
And as for Mugabe he should be blotted for trying to ruin the game
Using a valiant to try and ruin the game for a bewitcher.
What sort of game do you want to promote
Take a look at yourselves
Humungous the HUGE EGO attacks you after being invisible
Humungous knows what weapon you have....
Enough is enough,
This game has gone back to the bad old times of Winseer and
all the killers
Bring back pacifism

From: Krome
Subject: Good people
Dated: Tue Feb 25 22:02:56 (1110)

I would also like to herald the people who have helped me
despite my ups and downs
Branwell has always given me a pick me up, as has Pauli.
Some of the day players are very kind and considerate and they
have done alot for me to turn myself around.
Buffy and Bluebirf have also given me alot of encouragement
The fact remains that 'someone' is always trying to bring me down
nomatter what I have to prove or what I have to say
To these people, I suggest you look at yourself and wonder
what sort of f

From: Krome
Subject: ...
Dated: Tue Feb 25 22:11:21 (1111)

I wonder if you keen killer seconds get a kick out of
killing people like myself, it sure hurts alot
that last line almost kills me inside to see it
I wonder what you get out of it. I have killed people and
whilst I do understand the bravery behind it, when you have
twenty characters of every level, what chance do we have
I am left with the only choice to join badriya as a mortal
What chance do I stand againt the might of the invisibles
I hope my outburst brings somewhere some common ground

From: Humungous
Subject: I'm sorry, Krome.
Dated: Wed Feb 26 01:39:52 (1112)

I just saw your post.
I came on, saw you were on, had the ls and the ring
So I waited patiently at Moats Bank. I think it was about 2 minutes.
You could have waited in the church until I got bored. :)
I did attack. You fought back, you didn't flee. You got down to 2 stam.
It's the game. Oh, and you had three keys when I attacked, I know,
'cos you left them for me. :)
Other people have made wiz recently, with virtually no hassle.
...but they probably didn't fill the CT up.

From: Krome
Subject: Humungous
Dated: Wed Feb 26 10:49:15 (1113)

I am not blaming you, I am just pointing out that it
is not easy for us mortals to try and make immortal
with people attacking on sight.
I have lost countless points to immortal seconds in the last few
Add to that the fact I am now logging on from work via telnet
and am probably going to lose my job for it.
I just cannot stop.
And my posts were directed at badriya who has also met the rusty longsword
I had better go before I lose my job.
And whilst I am at it I had better get a tettanus

From: Anons
Subject: Poor Krome
Dated: Wed Feb 26 12:06:24 (1114)

Krome, I know you've had a hard time.
getting killed at Bewitcher. But from what I've been told,
you had a incapacitated fight with the beggar, with no weapon
then came back on an deliberately fell on Zyxterin's sword.
In a fit of pique.
I'm sure you will make it, you just need to chill a bit, take it
in bite sized chunks.
xxx Anons

From: Krome
Subject: Anons
Dated: Wed Feb 26 17:40:16 (1115)

I have been killed three times at bewitcher
Everytime I leave safe someone comes out and kings my t
sometimes you have to realise that some people
do not like you and I am realising I have far fewer
friends than I do have.
To my friends I thank you for your support
to my enemies may your connection drop at an inopportune moment
Please do not take me too seriously
I am just as addicted as I was so many years ago

From: Buffy
Subject: Krome and all
Dated: Wed Feb 26 18:09:25 (1116)

My Dear krome
Speaking as the person who killed you at Bewitcher
I can honestly say that yes it is fun to kill
however, I do remember the days when I was the
victmi of the killers
and it hurt like hell getting killed and losing poitns
and the last line hurts like hell!!
But, we all carry on and we make it eventually.
I only have a few personas and only attacke at 125k plus
or valiant for fun. As for invis people mocking yyou...just ignore them.
Buffy....On telnet from birmingham
Hence spel

From: badriya
Subject: Buffy
Dated: Wed Feb 26 20:57:32 (1117)

We do not all make it eventually.
But the ones who decided to sod off
I am currently on an empty game
and It is quite a usual experience.
We know there are newer and possible
better games with facilities for all
to build and develop or with visuals
or better roleplaying.
I did love shades though - and void -
but not enough to get those points
for around the 6th time. I died several times
on viewdata at high levels and a few on scrolling
so getting the points twice here was enough.

From: Krome
Subject: badriya
Dated: Wed Feb 26 21:34:27 (1118)

I can add to that voice
Why should people bother to continue to play shades
When so many people are hidden and trying to wind us up
It has only led me to the point of giving up after
I leave safe and a level the same of me attacks me in the
middle of nowhere when none have logged on for ages
The only conclusion is that there are a number or immortals
Just waiting to ruin everybodies fun
P.S. Some of them are OK
The rest are out to ruin the game

From: Pauli
Subject: Krome
Dated: Wed Feb 26 21:57:57 (1119)

Hmm where have we heard this before?
EVERYONE has been killed at high level, well almost everyone
I'm sure there are a few who have no deaths to their name grr.
This kind of thing has gone on forever and there will always be
someone who gets upset enough about it to fill up the CT with
lovely stuff for us all to read and retaliate to. Hurrah!
Krome dear, I think you need to calm down a little bit.
It's gutting when you die at bewitcher (twice for me), but get over

From: Pauli
Subject: Krome cont
Dated: Wed Feb 26 22:05:40 (1120) and keep going! Its much better to make an immort and
have people know you earned it rather than have it easy and have
people say you didn't deserve it. As for playing at work, it
isn't everyone else's fault that you have to, just be careful!
NEVER do it when there's even the slimmest chance of anyone
catching you, and always make sure you get plenty o work done
before you even think about logging on. Then you can enjoy
years of playing shades at work like me (ahem, shh!).
Bored now, P xx

From: DueSex
Subject: complaints
Dated: Wed Feb 26 22:15:37 (1121)

I have a complaint to make too
How come i just don't get any sex???
there are plenty of nice witches on come on :)

There are no more messages.
From: Gemini
Subject: Orddu
Dated: Fri Feb 28 01:55:59

And you can't tape Angel, cos it's just coming
up to the part where....

From: Buffy
Subject: Badriya
Dated: Fri Feb 28 10:26:36 (1131)

I am sorry you feel you don't want to collect again. Again I state that
killing is part of the game and always will be.
I am quite happy for the persona file to be wiped again (including
Arches ;-) and I will make another immortal. Sorry baddy, just because
you got killed doesn't mean...sod it quit!
You see my point....
Catch yah later,

From: Pegasus
Subject: Zeon...
Dated: Fri Feb 28 11:23:33 (1132)

Umm...does Peri ever read this any more?
If not, how about you ask him regarding the feasibility?
There's people saying they'd be up for it...
I think it'd be a good thing...evolution an' all...
Luv 'n' Snogs,

From: Ronin
Subject: New Areas
Dated: Fri Feb 28 19:34:15 (1133)

Maybe it's time to replace shades with a mud OS that can handle coders?
from what I remember of the system running it Peri has to be at
console to impliment changes.... Other MudOS allow coders to fanny about
with it remotley.
Bottom Line - Shades is gonna have to compete with other Muds as there's
some real blinders out there...... I'd hate to see it fade away.

From: Bluebirf
Subject: New arias
Dated: Sat Mar 01 00:08:01 (1134)

Well, it already has competed with other muds, and it is still here.
I agree it could do with more, but it has several things that other
muds don't.
A strong social element. A game play that you can learn in weeks
rather than months. And a fighting algorithm that must be hard to beat
The chance of losing half or all your points in a few seconds...
who could argue with that!
I'd like to see a randomness in locations..
to cut out 'botting.
Oh, and more deaths (of others, of course)