From: Lister
Subject: Arena Dual
Dated: Tue Apr 01 02:26:54

level 12 Duel, Warlock v Witcher
Perky attacked Beccy
Beccy defeated Perky
Well Done !
regards STATTO ! hehe

From: Beccy
Subject: Witch!!
Dated: Tue Apr 01 05:42:04 (1138)

Current Score: 199865 Stam: 240/240
Strength: 2450/5000 Value: 285/285

....(A few outs here...)
A thief lurks near, with evil intent on his face.
Bottom of Staircase
Entrance Hall
Castle Courtyard
Clerks Room
Mad Kings Room
*>dr t
dr t
You drop the portrait of a princess
You drop the mild unassuming rat
You drop the ebony rod
You drop the black pearl
You are now Beccy the Royal Witch
Wont spoil it for the rest of you...

From: Beccy
Subject: Thanks!!
Dated: Tue Apr 01 05:47:45 (1139)

Thanks so much to everyone who was so kind to
to me and helped me along the way..
Particular thanks must go to Proximo and Perky
for their contributions!!
Although seriously people have been really kind
and helpful, its was good fun..
I have now zapped the bear, zombie and deer
many times to make up for their killing of me
at Sorceress, and the beggar!
Thanks again everyone..

From: Buffy
Subject: immortals
Dated: Wed Apr 02 14:29:42 (1140)

I don't playt for a couple of weeks and
people are making immortal everywhere!

From: Lister
Subject: Immortals
Dated: Wed Apr 02 15:56:31 (1081)

ahhh she would have only killed you too!
em expects a slating reply from my lovely ikkle buffs!
i must cut down on all these pies!
wonder if smity has any of that Thai beetle cake handy!

From: Melt
Subject: hey
Dated: Wed Apr 02 20:56:29 (1082)


From: badriya
Subject: quiz
Dated: Thu Apr 03 09:53:13 (1083)

Is there one this week?
I am supposed to do one next Thurs.

From: Siva
Subject: quiz
Dated: Fri Apr 04 08:39:39 (1084)

Would anyone like a quiz exclusively about SEA SHANTIES?

From: Ariel
Subject: Siva
Dated: Fri Apr 04 15:20:35 (1085)

I think you should babe.
Am I the only one who'd like to see
the Google monsters play with that!

From: Problem
Subject: Sea Shanties
Dated: Fri Apr 04 20:02:29 (1086)

Only if it involved shanties about breasts...
nice big firm ones.....
with huge scania wheel nut nipples...

From: Acid
Subject: Lister
Dated: Sun Apr 06 23:59:19 (1087)

Where's me ole mate?????????
Ive FOURgot to tell you something...

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Acid
Dated: Mon Apr 07 11:59:44 (1088)

Not only have you missed out an apostrophe (I wondered, have you been
speaking to Ellie??) but you also misspelled forgot - and used the wrong
word, it should have been 'forgotten'.
Though I suppose it is wishful thinking expecting a Man U supporter to be
literate when their brain cell is so obviously taxed.
xxx :)

From: Acid
Subject: Me ole mate Blueboy..
Dated: Tue Apr 08 00:03:02 (1089)

Tis good to see you've been released on your weekly
jaunt from the OAP's home Blue...Not seen you around
dont know whether thats a good thing or not...Next time
i c u, give us a shout and i'll change your bed-pan for you
kiss kiss

From: Pauli
Subject: Meltie
Dated: Tue Apr 08 09:07:07 (1090)

Melt where have you beeeeeen?
I've been woried about you darling have you found
somewhere to live yet?

From: ZEON
Subject: Inshades
Dated: Tue Apr 08 20:21:34 (1091)

Over the next week or so I am going to update
and redesign Inshades (shock, gasp, horror)...
So if anybody has anything to include i it get it sent

From: Lestat
Subject: Gasp!!
Dated: Tue Apr 08 22:25:36 (1092)

long live the mango!

From: Beccy
Subject: Mayoral Election
Dated: Wed Apr 09 23:05:04 (1093)

When is the next Election ?

From: Smit
Subject: Mayor
Dated: Thu Apr 10 09:12:20 (1094)

A woman for mayor?
Over my dead ....ergh!

From: Smit
Subject: Inshades
Dated: Thu Apr 10 09:13:39 (1095)

Whilst your at it could you set the clock right Zeon.
It seems to be 6hrs 45 minutes slow.

From: Pauli
Subject: clock
Dated: Thu Apr 10 11:57:39 (1096)

No silly it's twenty minutes fast!

From: Ariel
Subject: Time
Dated: Thu Apr 10 19:04:19 (1097)

Only 11 minutes fast by my clock

From: Buffy
Subject: clock
Dated: Fri Apr 11 14:28:16 (1098)

17 mins fast here!
Oh and vote Buffy for mayor
oh heck woman thing...maybe MrDeath would go for the role

From: Branwell
Subject: Mayor/Buffy
Dated: Fri Apr 11 16:19:18 (1099)

Buffy cannot BE the Mayor! She has to save the WORLD from him!
She IS the Slayer & HE is massive snake thingy...

From: Buffy
Subject: Mayor
Dated: Fri Apr 11 18:33:59 (1100)

Branny, well I can do it better from a position of authority!

From: Siva
Subject: Mayor/ess
Dated: Fri Apr 11 19:47:45 (1101)

There could be a lady mayoress of course. I suggest Ellie.

From: Darkangel
Subject: Buffy's position
Dated: Sat Apr 12 12:38:19 (1102)

I'm sure you could do it better from ANY position. :)

From: Acid
Subject: its da truth man i tell
Dated: Sun Apr 13 01:39:16 (1103)

i'm just a love machine...
and i dont want anybody but you...
where has all the love gone...
i drink too much..
where's me Ellie...:-)...
Acid falls over...

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath results
Dated: Sun Apr 13 22:14:10 (1104)

Tonight's winner - and how close was this! In the final second! -
is Gypsy with - 15 kills, 2 defeats and 2 deaths
Very close in second place, Whinnie and her arse (well, it killed more
people that she!) - 12 kills, 3 defeats and 1 death
Third is Badabing (swopped during the bb) - 8 kills, 1 defeat and 1 death
Fourth was Moriarty (he played lots with the mobiles) - 3 kills, 6 deaths
Fifth was Accept with - 1 kill, 1 defeat and 33 deaths
And Accept wins Best Humoured for joining in so willingly!

From: Buffy
Subject: Siva
Dated: Mon Apr 14 10:17:44 (1105)

Nah, we need someone who is in touch with reality........
Well....someone of her age is a bit out of it!!

From: Buffy
Subject: Siva.....
Dated: Mon Apr 14 15:19:26 (1106)

I mean come on......Ellie is at least 100 years old....

From: Smit
Subject: Citizenship
Dated: Mon Apr 14 15:40:34 (1107)

As boring as it is to talk about here is the score.
I being married to a Thai national would like to obtain a passport for her
to make it easy for us to visit on holidays and also to allow us
the freedom allowed to British people visiting countries abroad.
Imagine a holiday to England, South Africa and round various parts of the
Americas. How nice that would be to take with my wife and baby boy
Sadly a spouse of a British citizen is not allowed citizenship

From: Smit
Subject: more.
Dated: Mon Apr 14 15:46:09 (1108)

Unless they both spend no less than three years in the UK with no more
than 90 days abroad a year.
Now much as I love my country I cannot and will not be spending three
years there just to get one blinking passport.
I am sure you as most people would have thought that once married it
would be a piece of cake to get a passport for your spouse.
Not so. Hence the hard drinking I am doing now.
Anyway I am sure you are all glad to see the back of me ;)
Fanmail c/o David Blunkett Home Secetary

From: Siva
Subject: nonplussed
Dated: Tue Apr 15 00:29:27 (1109)

Buffy's messages with me as a subject? Why? You appear to be
discussing Ellie. Yrs truly, Baffled

There's a loud explosion and bits of Angam rain around you. Yuk!
<*>From: Buffy
Subject: Siva
Dated: Tue Apr 15 15:22:32 (1110)

Because you suggested the old dear!

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Siva, Ellie, Buffant.
Dated: Tue Apr 15 21:22:45 (1111)

Now, now, 'Old Dear', 'at least 100 years old', these are hardly
terms that should be used when we are discussing one of the
cornerstones of Shades.
You must remember that Ellie is an Institution.
...and therefore give her appropriate respect and deference.
Oh, and while you are about it, her pads need changing.
xxx Blue

From: Aciiiiiid
Subject: My Ellie....
Dated: Tue Apr 15 22:19:00 (1112)

Ellie is more than an Institution Blue, she's a one way
ticket to Lovesville, thee most yummiest, scrummiest,
witch, ever to zap my useless ass...In fact i love being
zapped by Ellie, in fact i love being spanked by Ellie with
a red hot poker, but hey thats another story..
Ellie gets my vote, and if she is a good girl she will get
something else too...wink...peer...
You hear a scream and bits of Aciiiiiid rain down apon you...
You have been jailed...Arghhhhhhhhhhhh not again.......

From: badriya
Subject: quiz
Dated: Thu Apr 17 20:44:41 (1113)

DIdn't branny said he was qm this week?
is it worth coming back...

From: Romeo
Subject: Wherefore Art Thou?
Dated: Thu Apr 17 21:38:58 (1114)

Ellie! Ellie!
Wherefore art thou, Ellie?

From: Ellie
Subject: Romeo
Dated: Fri Apr 18 23:03:27 (1115)

I am hiding from you Romeo
Your way too fast for me...
<*>You hear the screeching of old, stiff gates being opened.

From: Beccy
Subject: Mayoral Election
Dated: Sun Apr 20 20:40:33 (1116)

Is there going to be an election or not?
I need to know if I need to keep being nice to people or not!

From: Romeo
Subject: Ellie
Dated: Sun Apr 20 23:15:44 (1117)

You had your chance and blew it!
I'm all Beccy's now!

From: Ellie
Subject: Romeo
Dated: Sun Apr 20 23:17:28 (1118)

Oh well, never mind
I got a great imagination...

From: Beccy
Subject: Pillers
Dated: Mon Apr 21 02:34:47 (1119)


From: Badabing
Subject: crazy peeps
Dated: Mon Apr 21 22:37:27 (1120)

All de peeps on here are crackers...........
Branwell is as daft as an egg
Key is just plain nuts
Lister is beans on toast
Smit is as mad as a five pound note
And as for Blue, he is spaghetti on rye..

From: Badabing
Subject: Ooops
Dated: Mon Apr 21 23:34:54 (1121)

Peer....O and of course the lovely Beccy....
Such a cutie....

From: Buffy
Subject: badabing
Dated: Tue Apr 22 10:24:22 (1122)

No mention of me and lots of slobbering over Beccy.....
remind me to zap you when I see you.....:-)

From: Badabing
Subject: Buffs.....
Dated: Tue Apr 22 19:57:53 (1123)

Ooops soz Buffs..Last time i heard you were Listers bitch.....
Do you mean you still house a little something for me?????
No law against multiple partners (especially on this game)
C u in the BS then when your ready....

From: Philote
Subject: Wherefore
Dated: Wed Apr 23 02:33:22 (1124)

I wonder if there will ever be a time
when people know wherefore means why
and not where!
Even dutch people know this!

From: Smit
Subject: Toodlepip
Dated: Wed Apr 23 03:41:34 (1125)

Off for a couple of days working on the boat.
Catch you all in a few.
Smittie the missing the Champions league Wizard.

From: Lestat
Subject: s'only the mancs
Dated: Wed Apr 23 15:59:36 (1126)

Don't worry smity
s'only the mancs
nothing new
same old same old

From: DeEmoNiC
Subject: Muppets..all of you
Dated: Sun Apr 27 01:14:21 (1127)

Your all muppets
Im sure I saw you in Jim Hensons truck!
few look like miss piggy
couple like gonzo
and the odd beaker!
and there is only one effin Count!
You all need a damn good festerin!

From: Acid
Subject: Bluebirf
Dated: Sun Apr 27 01:14:48 (1128)

He aint heavy he's my brudder...

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Acid
Dated: Sun Apr 27 15:55:00 (1129)

Acid, you are Odd!
That is, unfortunately, the most complimentary thing I can write
about you.
If anyone else can add anything - feel free!

From: Lestat
Subject: Acid
Dated: Sun Apr 27 20:45:58 (1130)

top bloke
top laugh
just pity hes a manc

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Apr 27 22:23:26 (1131)

Tonight's winner is Dire (no pun intended!) who turned up rather late
but still romped to victory with - 4 kills, 2 defeats and 2 deaths
In second place, Badabing with - 2 kills, 1 defeat and 0 deaths
Moriarty managed to stop playing with the mobiles long enough to come
third with - 3 defeats and 7 deaths
Bunnyman was another late arrival but came fourth - 3 kills and 1 death
Thustra and Tuppence vied for fifth with - 1 kill (Thustra), 1 defeat
(Tuppence) and 3 deaths apiece
Congrats all!

From: Acid
Subject: Blue/Lestat
Dated: Sun Apr 27 23:13:01 (1132)

Lestat - do i know you !! giggle...
Bluebirf - I know you love me
And as for me bein odd...Kettle/Pot/Black..
Anyone with the colour blue in his name has got to
to be crazy....
Acid the odd has just left.

There are no more messages.
From: Siva
Subject: Ummm...
Dated: Tue Apr 29 08:18:00

I think you are all odd.

From: Smit
Subject: Siva
Dated: Wed Apr 30 04:32:15 (1134)

Siva being the basis by which odd is defined.

From: Smit
Subject: I'm ORF
Dated: Wed Apr 30 04:34:12 (1135)

I am off for a few days...
Behave, you lot.
Right off to pack. Laters.