From: Smit
Subject: Anything
Dated: Wed Sep 04 14:58:04

The Chattrack is lively as ever.
Just to let those of you who are interested in coming to Thailand
It will be around the date of April 8th leaving
This date can be changed but only not only for wishful thinking.
So rob a granny or whatever you have to do.
Quit your job.
Just make sure you DONT MISS IT!!!!

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Thailand
Dated: Wed Sep 04 18:48:25 (1085)

hmmm.... not got a proper job to quit..
cannae rob me granny - nae point...
I am thinking Phucket.
...however, I'd like to go!

From: Buffy
Subject: sailing
Dated: Wed Sep 04 23:32:55 (1086)

we are saling
we are sailign
home again
across the sea!!
we are sailign
strominy waters
to be near you!
to be free!
,ove yah all!

From: Bluebirf
Subject: sailing
Dated: Thu Sep 05 01:34:38 (1087)

Well, it is confirmed.
Buffy, I always had you down as a sailor. Now I know.
xxx Blue

From: Buffy
Subject: Blue & Sailing
Dated: Thu Sep 05 09:29:43 (1088)

Ok quick replies....
Takes one to know one!! phew that was quick thinking.
Besides being a female with all the sailors......wink
whats your excuse Bluey?
Buffy with a really, really NASTY hangover!

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Shades Hangover Society.
Dated: Thu Sep 05 10:56:45 (1089)

This morning, an Important addition to the game has been made.
The Shades Hangover Society has been formed.
Founder Members: Buffy, Bluebirf.
Honarary Founder Members: Lister, Smit.
To join - see a founder member. You will be tested for signs of hangover
If anyone thinks they should be a Founder Member - buy us a drink!
...but not before 11:00am... <groan>
Bluie & Buffy xxxx

From: Orddu
Subject: Quiz result
Dated: Thu Sep 05 22:42:32 (1090)

Tonight's QM was: Branwell
Scores were:
Rembrandt - 13
Jaymez - 11
Gemini - 11
Orddu - 10
Dejenol - 4
Bluebirf - 1
Next week's QM is: Yog
9pm, Thursday nights.

From: Lister
Subject: Pippin
Dated: Fri Sep 06 01:16:45 (1091)

hello all
Pippin sent me some pics and text detailing life down in
ive posted em on the following URL for ol Shady
buddies to read and catch up on!
Tried to mail Amstar to let him know his pic is on...
if anyone sees him...let him know.

From: Smit
Subject: Pippin
Dated: Fri Sep 06 07:55:15 (1092)

lovely article and pics
but in the pics which is pippin and which is the monkey
top drawer

From: Smit
Subject: Softies beware
Dated: Fri Sep 06 07:57:15 (1093)

XP doesnt ship with a copy of java
so I am typingt blind on telnet
can anyone post a url for a download
as microsoft dont packages it anymore :(
i was rat@rsed last night :)))

From: Buffy
Subject: Smit
Dated: Fri Sep 06 10:29:49 (1094)

Well you don't need to type blind....
I am using telnet at the moment and just turn on local
it's in terminal/ on the local echo tab.
Better still why not just fix your zmud?

From: Buffy
Subject: Happy new year
Dated: Fri Sep 06 11:28:51 (1095)

Most of you won't know what the hell I am talking about
but for those educated peeps around....
Happy new year.

From: Lister
Subject: Buffs
Dated: Fri Sep 06 16:04:34 (1096)

Happy new year Buffster!
im not educated at all, just a vodka redbull jug drinker !
have a good one fella !!

From: Darkangel
Subject: win xp java
Dated: Sat Sep 07 08:15:37 (1097)

Microsoft do have an update for xp java, can only get via
windows update tho. Mind you, they seem to keep removing it.
Another way would be using sun's java vm, get there from
their main page...

From: Melt
Subject: winXP/java
Dated: Sat Sep 07 21:23:15 (1098)

Get sun's JVM - they authored the language after all and
we all know MS' reputation for producing crap software.
just my 2 eurocents.

From: Darkangel
Subject: winXP/java
Dated: Sun Sep 08 11:19:43 (1099)

Strange as it may seem, but MS' version actually works better
It also doesn't have the silly java web start clutter that sun
insist everybody needs.
Or maybe it's just me, can't get sun's java working fully on
linux either

From: Smit
Subject: Java
Dated: Mon Sep 09 08:35:09 (1100)

I cant find it on ms update...
Keeps saying I need to install automatic update
I have done that 15 times now :)))
Down with Windose!

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Java
Dated: Mon Sep 09 11:43:30 (1101)

Down with Windoze?
Switch to Mac - you know it makes sense!

From: Melt
Subject: Access
Dated: Mon Sep 09 12:50:07 (1102)

I've just been informed that my internet access will be cancelled
as of next month.
If you have anything pressing to say to Meltie
I suggest you do so in the next 10 days.

From: Buffy
Subject: Melty
Dated: Mon Sep 09 14:40:12 (1103)

Whats up??
I got one you can borrow

From: Orddu
Subject: Quiz result
Dated: Thu Sep 12 22:47:19 (1104)

Tonight's QM was: Yog
Scores were:
Rembrandt - 10
Orddu - 7
Branwell - 6
Gemini - 4
Jaymez - 3
hazeii - 2
Shooty - 1
Next week's QM is: Lister
Be here at 9pm Thursday for another virgin QM!
(Obviously, I use the term loosely!)

From: Lister
Subject: heck!
Dated: Fri Sep 13 11:36:26 (1105)

oh heck!

From: Melt
Subject: listerQM
Dated: Sat Sep 14 18:56:18 (1106)

Don't worry lister, we'll be gentle...
x melt

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbaths
Dated: Sun Sep 15 21:22:13 (1107)

My wrist is now out of plaster (and a very dudey Barbie Pink it was too)
so the bloodbaths are upon us once more! Sundays 9pm - be there
or be an utter poo-face .. !

From: BodyBag
Subject: bludbarfs
Dated: Tue Sep 17 07:24:34 (1108)

I lik bludbarf
i cant wate

From: Siva
Subject: Lister
Dated: Tue Sep 17 11:52:19 (1109)

Hey Lister, your Harley Davidson joke was funny!

From: Buffy
Subject: Siva
Dated: Tue Sep 17 16:23:17 (1110)

You're alive!!! thank god for that!!
some of us here miss you!

From: HarleyD
Subject: Cruelty
Dated: Tue Sep 17 18:21:28 (1111)

Zeon...please please please please please
please pleas DO NOT give Cruelty a witchie room
she is gonna do horrible things in it
so she should not be allowed to have it
Thank you Likkle Lorry driver

From: Smit
Subject: Deathlab
Dated: Tue Sep 17 18:23:53 (1112)

This is not a deathlab, merely a structure for living quarters
On the subject of if there is or isn't torturing of
street dogs we would not like to comment at this time
Spokesman for Deathlab

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Siva
Dated: Tue Sep 17 23:10:20 (1113)

I missed him once,
...but I got him on the zip back.
xxx Blue

From: Sidney
Subject: back
Dated: Thu Sep 19 10:57:07 (1114)

im back after about 16 years abcense, anyone remember me from eg shades?

From: Lister
Subject: Listys Crap Jokes!
Dated: Thu Sep 19 12:56:52 (1115)

Surprised, the shepherd told her to pick out a sheep of her choice.
She looked around for a while and finally found one that she really
liked. She picked it up and was petting it when the shepherd walked
over to her and asked, "if I can guess your real hair color, will you
give me my sheep back?" The blonde thought it was only fair to let
him try.
Your a blonde!
Now give me back my dog.

From: Lister
Subject: Listy Crap Jokes!
Dated: Thu Sep 19 12:59:22 (1116)

There once was a blonde who was very tired of blonde jokes and
insults directed at her intelligence. So she cut and dyed her hair, got
make-over, got in her car, and began driving around in the country.
Suddenly, she came to a herd of sheep in the road. She stopped her
car and went over to the shepherd who was tending to them.
"If I can guess the exact number of sheep here will you let me have
one?" she asked. The shepherd, thinking this was a pretty safe bet,
agreed. "171", said the Blonde.

From: Lister
Subject: order
Dated: Thu Sep 19 13:09:29 (1117)

Read next post first (1116)

From: Buffy
Subject: Lister
Dated: Thu Sep 19 15:14:33 (1118)


From: Sidney
Subject: more blonde jokes
Dated: Thu Sep 19 16:17:00 (1119)

How do you make a blondes eyes light up?
shine a torch in her ear..!

From: Dodo
Subject: blonde jokes
Dated: Thu Sep 19 22:16:03 (1120)

What is 1116?

From: Lister
Subject: Quiz
Dated: Thu Sep 19 22:16:47 (1121)

This weeks winner was Orddu
scores were
1 Orddu 19
2 Rembrandt 18
3 Bogbrain 8
4 Dodo 3
5 Sidney 3
6 Melt 2
7 Dejenol +1 -1 = 0

From: Orddu
Subject: Quiz Result
Dated: Thu Sep 19 22:18:10 (1122)

Tonight's QM was: Lister
Scores were:
Orddu - 19
Rembrandt - 18
Bogbrain - 8
Dodo - 3
Sidney - 3
Melt - 2
Unless anyone volunteers to QM, there won't be a quiz
next week (holidays).
If there's not, seeya all here 9pm the week after

From: Yog
Subject: Quiz Night - Thursday 26
Dated: Fri Sep 20 03:39:23 (1123)

I might be able to do a quiz next Thursday...
You would all have to be VERY, VERY nice to me though!
Get your 'I Love Yog' t-shirts on and we'll see what I can do...
No love at all
Yog - the indolent Action-Man of every sweaty nightmare

From: hazeii
Subject: Shades LiveJournal
Dated: Sat Sep 21 13:21:05 (1124)

There is a now a LiveJournal community for all
Shadists...anyone can join, and I've taken the liberty of
including in a few of the Shadists already on LJ. Costs
nothing to take a look...

Hope to see you on there! Pass the word on....

From: Sidney
Subject: livejournal
Dated: Mon Sep 23 13:57:53 (1125)

tried it, cant get on without a number to join, from a member...

From: hazeii
Subject: Shadists LiveJournal
Dated: Mon Sep 23 22:42:09 (1126)

You shouldn't have any trouble reading it. If you want to reply,
you'll need to either ask an existing member for an access code
or get a paid account.

From: Smit
Subject: mutter
Dated: Tue Sep 24 09:34:16 (1127)

Did you know that Dick Cheney had had more heart attacks
than George Jr had been abroad before he was elected (ha!)
Onward Christian Soldiers .........

From: Sidney
Subject: livejournal
Dated: Tue Sep 24 15:38:42 (1128)

Have read it ok, but would like to join, how do I get a number from a memb

From: Orddu
Subject: Quiz next week
Dated: Thu Sep 26 21:32:49 (1129)

Next week's quiz will be on as normal.
Thursday, 9pm.
QM will be: Branwell.
Come along, even if only to shout daft answers!!

From: Lister
Dated: Fri Sep 27 14:00:03 (1130)

shout "WATERLOO"
shout "more abba questions please!"
shout "WATERLOO"

From: Smit
Subject: Quizes
Dated: Sat Sep 28 06:22:39 (1131)

I don't recall getting any questions right
I only vaguely remember being on for the quiz
till I was zapped for threatening Lister
I would like to see a change over
to more questions on Abba reunions
I have been to hundreds all over the globe
And I never tire of hearing those top tunes
They just dont make records like that anymore.... sigh
Long live glam 80s pop!!!!!
Smit the put a sock in it for gods sake Wizard

From: Ronin
Subject: Putting a sock in Smitty
Dated: Sat Sep 28 08:22:17 (1132)

Smitty me old mate - Just make sure the sock is clean
Ronin the Stinking Feet Seer