From: Buffy
Subject: Meet
Dated: Fri Nov 01 11:05:37

So have we got a date and location sorted out?

From: Medy
Subject: Meet location
Dated: Sat Nov 02 17:41:25 (1105)

Founder's Arms
Blackfriars Bridge
On the 14th of December
Medy the "did I get the date right this time?" Wizard

From: Azmodan
Subject: Meet
Dated: Sat Nov 02 19:46:14 (1106)

I wont be attending as its not worth the cost it takes to get
there for a few hours sorry. Got better things to do with my cash.

From: Melt
Subject: Azmodan
Dated: Sat Nov 02 20:09:07 (1107)

ooh, handbags!
yeah, i'll do my best to get down, either truck over
from my place in Hatfield or (more probably given
circumstances - come down with Medy from Sheff). Rar.

From: Smit
Subject: Meet
Dated: Sat Nov 02 20:54:56 (1108)

I would love to come but most of the people on here are losers.
the 6000 miles doesnt come into it.!

From: Ronin
Subject: Meet
Dated: Sat Nov 02 21:51:39 (1109)

I will be there, And yes, I'm a loser too :)

From: Siva
Subject: Millie
Dated: Sun Nov 03 10:16:42 (1110)

Sorry for driving you away with SEA SHANTIES.

From: hazeii
Subject: Xmas meet, yay!
Dated: Mon Nov 04 23:32:05 (1111)

Ah, others may not be able to afford to travel to it but
I'll be there if I have to pedal...or worse, come by
Harley or Spot-drawn chariot....

From: Ellie
Subject: Handsome and Transport
Dated: Tue Nov 05 22:54:05 (1112)

You can pedal...
No Harleyd, cos I wont be there.
And if you think for one minute that
My puppie is gonna be your slave for a night
WRONG you never been so wrong.
He will be with me that night, all safe and tucked up warm.
All I can say forthose of us who cannot attend the meet
Is roll on the piccies...

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Ellie and piccies
Dated: Wed Nov 06 10:55:50 (1113)

I had to re-read your CT posting, Ellie. Several times.
And I'm still not clear - is it only those that cannot attend the meet
that get the pictures of you and Spot in bed?

From: Ellie
Subject: Piccies
Dated: Wed Nov 06 23:09:41 (1114)

Er Blueie what you been drinking then.
Spottie will be tucked up nice and warm.
So Handsome cannot use him for transport.
The Piccies are the ones from the meet.
Then we can see how drunk they all got.
Sigh,there is always one.

From: Bluebirf
Subject: The Denial
Dated: Thu Nov 07 01:16:39 (1115)

Ellie, they are looking for people like you...
You know, eloquent, fast thinking, on top of events...
Yes, Ian Duncan Smith is awaiting your call! Your mastery of the denial,
combined with you prediliction for puppies,
sets you up as an ideal candidate for a safe Tory seat!
We KNOW what the pictures will be of! (We just want to know the URL
they are going to be posted at!)
xxx Blu

From: Ellie
Subject: Likkle Blueie
Dated: Thu Nov 07 16:57:39 (1116)

Seeing as i have nowhere to put piccies up
There will be then NO piccies
That good enough for you
I would also like to make it quite clear that
I am NO relation IDS, and I cannot work out
How he came into this conversation anyway
Bottom line is though Likkle Blueie
Your just jealous of my likkle puppie
Cos he is so cute and cuddley and i love him to bits..

From: Orddu
Subject: Quiz Result
Dated: Thu Nov 07 22:25:53 (1117)

Tonight's QM was: Yog
Scores were:
Orddu - 8
Rembrandt - 5
Branwell - 5
Fwog - 4
hazeii - 1
Next week's QM is: Branwell.
9pm Thursday 14th November
Come along, support your local quiz!

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath results
Dated: Sun Nov 10 22:03:52 (1118)

Tonight's winner is Bodybag with - 2 kills, 2 defeats and 2 deaths
Second is the very late starter ApOLlyON - 3 kills and 0 deaths
Third is Moriarty (with his dodgy connection!) - 1 kill, 1 defeat, 3 death
Poor Conan got bounced on and slain 5 times ... very sad
'twas a quicky this week as everyone was LATE - so hurry up next time

From: Buffy
Subject: weekend
Dated: Mon Nov 11 09:54:33 (1119)

Good results all round.
Liverpool lost, Man Utd lost, Spurs lost and Arsenal won!
Same again next week please......

From: Acid
Subject: Shades meet
Dated: Mon Nov 11 22:27:29 (1120)

Would love to go to this meet, but i'll be sunning myself in Tenerife at c
Acid pours himself another cocktail

From: Melt
Subject: moo...
Dated: Tue Nov 12 03:18:00 (1121)


From: Buffy
Subject: Melt
Dated: Tue Nov 12 17:49:18 (1122)


From: Buffy
Subject: Zeon
Dated: Wed Nov 13 11:50:34 (1123)

Once you check the mt logs, could you please speak to me
before you blot me?
MAde a mistake with one of the mobiles and had to make it right!

From: Magestic
Subject: meet
Dated: Thu Nov 14 10:49:58 (1124)

I will be going to meet. Anyone near Colchester or on route needing trans
I have nice comfy car and lots of camp music :)))

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Meet
Dated: Thu Nov 14 11:27:06 (1125)

Magestic, when you say 'trans' are you offering to dress up?

From: Magestic
Subject: trans
Dated: Thu Nov 14 11:58:24 (1126)

the line should have carried on - transport, then please
let me know
I am sorry but am not fulfilling your dreams blueie you big hunk !!!
but will be dolling myself in my gladrags and coming to party !!!

From: Bluebirf
Subject: meet
Dated: Thu Nov 14 16:56:56 (1127)


From: Orddu
Subject: Quiz Result
Dated: Thu Nov 14 22:52:54 (1128)

Tonight's QM was: Branwell.
Scores were:
Orddu - 16 (after a tie-break)
Rembrandt - 15
Taug - 6
Siva - 5
Angelis - 3
Magestic - 2
Acid - 2
Key - 1
Next week's Q - same time (9pm) Thursday

From: ZEON
Subject: Buffy
Dated: Sat Nov 16 06:17:03 (1129)

Ok Merrick i'll give you but Blotted...stop it

From: Blotted
Subject: blotted
Dated: Sat Nov 16 09:42:43 (1130)

what the?????
zeon or buffy can somone please explain what the heck happened with blotte
buffy mt'd me a few points from a death match to refight only
i had been collecting t all day myself and now i find that my score has be
i started on the beginning of the day with, zeon if ya check the logs you
so i am now down by some 40k

From: Smit
Subject: Blotted
Dated: Sat Nov 16 10:09:33 (1131)

Blotted got Blotted??
Zeon must have an ironic sense of humour.
Well done that man!

From: ZEON
Subject: Blotted...
Dated: Sat Nov 16 16:13:11 (1132)

12K is NOT a few points ....

From: Buffy
Subject: Blotted.
Dated: Mon Nov 18 18:09:34 (1133)

Sorry...I have been a bit Mt happy recently
But, in Blotteds defence it was only for a arena fight rematch
my fault again...I am so dappy in my old do you cope Zeon the o
oh so very old!

From: Siva
Subject: Why...
Dated: Mon Nov 18 18:54:23 (1134)

has Buffy been blotted ... again?

From: Buffy
Subject: Siva
Dated: Tue Nov 19 09:42:03 (1135)

Not yet! :-)

From: Smit
Subject: Smits Website
Dated: Tue Nov 19 21:44:51 (1136)

Under Construction but there is a beautiful picture on the front.
forgot the url
Go check it out. The bike is for sale... but in thailand

From: Branwell
Subject: Siva
Dated: Tue Nov 19 22:27:56 (1137)

Siva you daft old sausage, give three good reasons why Buffy should
NOT be blotted again? (and again and again and AGAIN?!)

From: Orddu
Subject: Quiz result
Dated: Thu Nov 21 22:31:06 (1138)

Brilliant turnout tonight, so much more fun!
Tonight's QM was: me (and Rembrandt!)
Scores were:
Fwog - 21
Kristal - 20
Angelis - 10
Cylinder - 9
Taug - 7
Millie - 3
Ariel - 1
Next week's QM is: Branwell
Be here, 9pm! Bring a friend! :-)
And if you fancy being a QM, gimme a shout!

From: Branwell
Subject: quiz
Dated: Fri Nov 22 21:20:24 (1139)

oh no it's NOT!!!

From: Orddu
Subject: Oh yes it is!
Dated: Sun Nov 24 09:25:13 (1140)

Behind you!
Where, children?

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Nov 24 22:12:50 (1081)

It was very closely fought tonight and everyone seemed to really earn
their kills (I think they all had their trainers on as the fleeing was
done at warp speed!) - so not so many easy kills!
Tonight's winner is Axe - 5 kills and 0 deaths
Second is ApOLlyON with - 3 kills and 1 death
Bodybag is third with - 2 kills and 2 deaths
Fourth is Moriarty with - 1 kill, 1 defeat and 2 deaths
In fifth place, Jaymez (his first BB too!) - 1 defeat and 4 deaths
And Conan was only killed 3 times!!

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath results
Dated: Sun Nov 24 22:16:01 (1082)

p.s., Axe died twice and ApOLlyON didn't die - I put one of his on his
if you see what I mean

From: Ronin
Subject: Christmas Meet
Dated: Mon Nov 25 18:58:02 (1083)

Xmas meet is on the 14th - I can't make it
Just wanted to say Get Drunk, Drink yourself silly
I shall think of you lot from my Hospital Bed!!!!
Ronin - It's on Fire.

From: Buffy
Subject: ronin
Dated: Tue Nov 26 01:38:24 (1084) ok mate?

From: Magestic
Subject: Quiz
Dated: Tue Nov 26 22:23:40 (1085)

This weeks QM will be me Magestic
Starting 9pm, lets stop the immorts from winning again ?
Hope to see you all there

From: Orddu
Subject: Quiz Result
Dated: Thu Nov 28 22:13:26 (1086)

Tonight's QM was: Magestic
Scores were:
Orddu - 20
Rembrandt - 11
Ariel - 7
Proximo - 5
Dejenol - 2
Jaymez - 1
Next week's QM is: Yog (we hope!)
9pm on Thursdays.

From: Magestic
Subject: quiz
Dated: Thu Nov 28 22:22:01 (1087)

Next weeks quiz will be thurs 9pm
QM Will be Magestic.
possibly a themed quiz who knows
any ideas post 'em

From: Smit
Subject: Meet
Dated: Fri Nov 29 11:58:22 (1088)

See you at the meet
Interadd Interview was conducted by a man
with NO expression on his face whatsoever whenever
then he said 'for what its worth I am granting you the visas
I kissed him but the 14inch bulletproof glass prevented me
SH!T its gonna be cold

From: Branwell
Subject: Meet
Dated: Fri Nov 29 15:04:36 (1089)

The drinks are on Smit: official!

From: Medy
Subject: Smitties coming!
Dated: Fri Nov 29 16:39:41 (1090)

Smitties coming
Smitties coming
Smitties coming
Smitties coming
Smitties coming
Smitties coming

From: Buffy
Subject: Smitties soming!
Dated: Fri Nov 29 17:15:01 (1091)

Doo doo doo do!!
ta ta da dah!

From: Lister
Subject: smitties coming
Dated: Fri Nov 29 23:51:12 (1092)

so its jugs of vodka redbulls then!!!
and some after shocks for good measure...
roll on the meeet!!!!