From: Mischief
Subject: Quiz 28th Jan
Dated: Fri Mar 01 09:10:39

This week's quiz was tightly fought and won by a one point margin by
Pegasus on 14 points, 2nd Orddu on 13, and third Scytale on 11, 4th
Rembrandt on 10, 5th Philote on 2, and joint 6th on one, Tajemstvi,
Leo and Yog. Thanks everyone for coming!
Missy xxx

From: Kali
Subject: Buffy
Dated: Fri Mar 01 21:46:10

Alas, Siva cannot shanty you, or anyone else. Since you have busted
him for not wanting to marry you.

From: Ihateyou
Subject: Kochanski has abused her
Dated: Sun Mar 03 04:56:31

I was playing the game on Saturday night
and Kochanski kept jailing and dumbing me, just
because I was someone she didn't like.
Every time i quit the jailed persona and used another
she did the same again - which is why i had to create other
personas - and then she explained her reason for jailing me
was multiplaying... BobDole saw what happened, and I am pretty unhappy
than an immort would abuse their power this way
I know me and Kochanski have had our differences in the past
but this is unfai

From: ZEON
Subject: Immortal Powers
Dated: Sun Mar 03 12:01:33

May I remind immortals that the commands Jail and Bust are not
there to be used to settle personal grudges or for your own
amusement. They are intended to be used when rules or etiquette have
been broken and even then only as a last resort.
Reasons such as someone not wanting to 'marry' you or someone
voicing an opinion that YOU dont agree with are NOT valid
The actions of Buffy and Kochanski over the past couple of days
have been well out of order. Buffy will not be re-instated

From: ZEON
Subject: Immortal Powers (cont)
Dated: Sun Mar 03 12:06:34

Kochanski, if you dont like what someone is saying, go, have
a fag, and come back later....
If a mortals starts to swear etc then fine, jail em, but
if they are merely voicing an opinion WITHOUT breaking
any rules then dont!
Please note this doesnt just apply to the two I've mentioned..
Its just that those two cases are the ones that I have
received long emails complaing about!!!

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath results
Dated: Sun Mar 03 21:58:39

Tonight's winner is Whisper (by a whisker!) - 8 kills and 2 deaths
Extremely close in second, Moriarty - 7 kills, 1 defeat and 2 deaths
Following close behind in third, Bodybag - 6 kills, 1 defeat and 0 deaths
WillSmith (who wasn't on that long) is fourth - 1 kill and 1 death
Jazzy and Tuna, alas, had a competition to see who could die the most
and Tuna won, by a couple
See you all next week and congrats and stuff!

From: MrDeath
Subject: Zeon
Dated: Mon Mar 04 10:15:32

Fair enough.
Could you do me a favour and blot buffy then so I can recreate
and make her a witch again.
Thanks in advance,
Ps. 2 immortals gone in 3 months! should really go for a hat trick!

From: Bergkamp
Subject: where?
Dated: Wed Mar 06 09:56:45

Where is everyone today??
All morning nadda!

From: Kali
Subject: Siva and Shades
Dated: Wed Mar 06 15:36:20

Siva has asked me to tell whoever it may concern that he has left
Shades for the forseeable future, because he has a cosmos to run.
I will also be away for some weeks, probably, as my machine is going
away for repair after I stupidly dropped it on the floor.
Congratulations in advance to Leo for the wiz that I know he will
make. Bluebirf and Orddu, please note that Siva's disappearance
means you should probably review your nuptial arrangements.
Lots of love to you all. Kali xxx

From: Bergkamp
Subject: Siva & Shades
Dated: Thu Mar 07 09:36:19

Buffy has asked to me to tell you that you will be missed.
She will try and make your absence as short as possible by
regaining her immortality as soon as possible.
Kali you will be missed too while your pooter is being repaired.

From: Bergkamp
Subject: Birthday!
Dated: Fri Mar 08 10:18:10

It's my birthday weekend and I would like to point out that presents
can be purchased in the city for a small fee.
The hermit seems to have a nice hoard of jewels that would be well
Ps. it's also Buffys birthday

From: Azmodan
Subject: Busted
Dated: Fri Mar 08 14:42:18

I'm going to dd my 2p worth. Forget me if I'm wrong Zeon
which I probably m nd its probbly none of my buisness
but wouldnt deleting Buffy so that personn could be remade sort
of mke the point of being busted pointless?
Having been there done wht whoever Buffy has, I don't see why
they should get the personn back if they so carelessly used it for
a bust in the first place. Let em stew in thier own juices is what
I say.
P.s. I have dodgy keyboard and A+Z dont always work

From: Bergkamp
Subject: Azmodan
Dated: Fri Mar 08 15:29:49

Well considering both parties were in on it and only one
remained busted......etc....
It doesn't really matter anyway.
Ps. What happened to everyones sense of humour on here?

From: Leo
Subject: Thanks...
Dated: Fri Mar 08 16:21:30

I'd just like to say thank you to everyone and everything
who helped and hindered my path to immortality...
Bluebirf, Blondie, Ellie, Mischief, Orddu, When, Bagpuss,
Tajemstvi, Smit, Branwell, Gemini, Kali, Die, Proximo,
Aloysius, Helious, coffee, Red Bull, vodka and Scytale
deserve special mention, and of course hazeii for creating
the thing in the first place [nice one ;)] Ambushbug,
Pippin and Panda who got me into it in the early days,
and the present runners, ZEON and Perialaga I think.

From: Bergkamp
Subject: Leo
Dated: Fri Mar 08 22:20:39

Congrats Leo, noticed that you didn't mention Buffy or myself!

From: Orddu
Subject: Azmodan's keyboard
Dated: Sat Mar 09 10:09:16

How deeply ironic to be called "Azmodan" and have your
A and Z keys not work :-)

From: badriya
Subject: Branny
Dated: Sat Mar 09 20:40:03

I need to get a message to Kali. She got the wrong
end of the stick and huffed off.

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Mar 10 21:51:59

Tonight's winner is SamSon - 12 kills and 1 death
In a very close second, Ninja - 12 kills and 3 deaths
Third is Fife - 1 defeat and 10 deaths
Azrael made a brief appearance and died once and Jazzy was Jazzy
and died 10 times

From: Buffy
Subject: Witch
Dated: Thu Mar 14 17:03:28

It's been a while now and I am would like to ask for my witch back

From: Siva
Subject: Buffy
Dated: Fri Mar 15 17:44:59

er, when you say we were both in on it, you make it sound
as if we had planned it together, which of course we did not.
I am afraid I have to plead innocent, although I did realise you
regarded the whole thing as a joke.
Much love, Siva.
PS: Temporarily back only for test purposes.

From: Kali
Subject: Badriya
Dated: Fri Mar 15 17:48:13

I do not, and did not flounce. I am not the flouncing type.
If it's flouncing you want, Branwell is yer man. He flounces
for England. You'd go a long way to find flouncing the
class of Branwell's.
Much love

From: Buffy
Subject: Siva
Dated: Fri Mar 15 18:26:03


From: Attrick
Subject: Flouncing
Dated: Sat Mar 16 21:32:00

Kali is quite right. She does not flounce.
She minces.

From: Kali
Subject: Mincing
Dated: Sun Mar 17 08:20:46

I do mince. Also mangle, shred, grate, munch, combust, explode, etc.
Especially impudent novices.

From: Savannah
Subject: Greetings
Dated: Sun Mar 17 13:40:45

May you always have...
Walls for the winds
A roof for the rain
Tea beside the fire
Laughter to cheer you
Those you love near you
And all your heart might desire
Happy Saint Patricks Day

From: badriya
Subject: Kali
Dated: Sun Mar 17 16:02:21

I didn't say you flounced, I said you huffed.
Like the wolf...huff and puff and blow :)

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Mar 17 22:07:23

First (in a hotly fought contest!) is KiDmYsTIc - 11 kills and 1 defeat
Second is Obsession - 9 kills, 1 defeat and 2 deaths
In third place, Moriarty - 5 kills, 2 defeats and 1 death
VERY close behind in fourth, Fife - 5 kills, 2 defeats and 13 deaths
Fifth is Perky - 3 kills, 2 defeats and 0 deaths
Very close behind (again!) in sixth, Psi - 4 kills, 1 defeat, 16 deaths
Seventh is Darklis with - 3 kills and 1 defeat
Eighth is Olivier - 1 kill and 3 deaths

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results II
Dated: Sun Mar 17 22:08:21

Nineth is Conan with - 1 defeat and 9 deaths
Angam was on briefly, died twice and then toddled off
Jazzy died 4 times and then went off and sulked
Well done everyone and see you next week!

From: Senti
Subject: bb 17/3
Dated: Mon Mar 18 20:47:09

sorry i missed the bb, my girlfriend had to use the phone...
for over an hour!

From: BobDole
Subject: thanks
Dated: Tue Mar 19 02:16:22

Thank you everyone for all the help, I am enjoying the game thusfar.
I wish I could thank everyone individually, but I am afraid of leaving soo
well I really can't type too much, but thank you everyone

From: ZEON
Subject: Inshades Updated
Dated: Wed Mar 20 12:05:25

Inshades has been updated and there is actually
some new stuff in there apart from BB results
Thanks to those that sent stuff in and sorry if I've
left anything out

From: When
Subject: InShades
Dated: Thu Mar 21 00:11:52

Ze, thanks for putting the capture of a fight up...
...yes.. that fight!
..but looking at the other captures......
perhaps 'The novicing of a Warlock' would be a better title
than 'When beats Leo'
or is this a bit presumptious and bumptious. :)
When is lunch?

From: ZEON
Subject: When
Dated: Thu Mar 21 06:21:58

Dunno, but aint bumptious a lovery word....:-)

From: Siva
Subject: bumptious
Dated: Thu Mar 21 17:02:00

Yes. And eschew is another wonderful word.
As in "I really must eschew Shades."

From: BobDole
Subject: InShades
Dated: Sat Mar 23 13:54:56

I didn't see the fight on the page other than the plain rankings like if I

From: Branwell
Subject: Archaro
Dated: Sat Mar 23 19:07:46

Please phone Siva lad. The silly sod has lost your number!

From: ZEON
Subject: Bobdole/Inshades
Dated: Sun Mar 24 11:31:57

Er What Fight, What Page and 'like if you" ...what?

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Mar 24 22:08:28

Tonight's winner is Darklis - 9 kills, 6 defeats and 0 deaths
(she was on time too!)
In second place, Gypsy - 10 kills, 1 defeat and 0 deaths
Third was Chieftan (who was on a roll!) - 7 kills, 1 defeat, 0 deaths
Fourth was Moriarty - 3 kills, 1 defeat and 1 death
(He was a bit busy playing with mobiles though...)
Fifth was Conan - 4 defeats and 17 deaths (a busy little chap...)
KiDmYsTIc was sixth with - 3 kills and 1 death
Pinky flitted hither and yon but came in seventh - 1 defeat and 0 deaths

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results II
Dated: Sun Mar 24 22:09:19

Psi had a bad night and died 18 times (yeek!)
Whilst Rosiy sort of toddled on and off and died 8 times
Congrats all and see you next week!

From: BobDole
Subject: message
Dated: Mon Mar 25 02:39:34

II was looking for the fight results.
from the bb
I am not sure where to look for this stuff, other than qsc
forgive the last message I am on telnet you must understand :-)
not to mention I don't know what I am doing on here :-)

From: ZEON
Subject: BobDole
Dated: Mon Mar 25 09:16:58

All old BB results are posted in Inshades, at
Also the most recent ones are posted on this chattrack
just go back until you find them...

From: Smit
Subject: Where is Smit
Dated: Tue Mar 26 05:37:13

The rain is here so I am off to Malaysia.
I will be back in a few days.
Take care.

From: Bergkamp
Subject: Passover
Dated: Wed Mar 27 09:16:19

Just to wish anyone who cares a happy passover.

From: Mischief
Subject: August Shades Meet
Dated: Thu Mar 28 02:25:48

There is a shades Meet planned for August in Coventry.
I won't put all the info up here as Zeon has posted all info
onto Inshades, the link is
Hope to see you all there!
Luv, Missy xxx

From: Branwell
Subject: August Shades Meet
Dated: Thu Mar 28 11:42:41

Mischief sweety...this'll be the Inshades item headed "August 2001"
will it?(!)
Either you or ZEON need to take more water with it I think...

From: Mischief
Subject: Oh!
Dated: Thu Mar 28 22:45:20

Giggle... *blames Zeon!*
M xx

From: Savannah
Subject: Bloodbath
Dated: Sun Mar 31 22:22:45

This weeks winner was Chieftan with 17 attacks 1 defence and no deaths
Second came Darklis with 10 attacks 2 defences and 1 death
Third was Jazzy with 4 attacks 1 defence and 15 deaths
Fourth was Fife with 2 attacks no defences and 20 deaths
5th was Moriarty who only came for the last 10 mins
with 1 attack and 2 deaths
Thanks all for playing