From: BobDole
Subject: Jazzy
Dated: Sat Jun 01 00:04:33

My god, I just checked the bb results
and I noticed 7th place, no offence
just wanted to say good show
everyone's favorite cavedweller (misspelled of course)

From: Azmodan
Subject: Amstar
Dated: Tue Jun 04 22:43:15 (1083)

Nice to see you back...always assuming it is you

From: Leo
Subject: Shades article
Dated: Tue Jun 04 22:45:35 (1084)

I found this article about shades while
rummaging through some old magazines
the other day,,

From: Key
Subject: Shades Article
Dated: Wed Jun 05 21:40:18 (1085)

hehe - just read it...
... more to the point, got the photo!
We've got to be taking blackmail here!
Own up, guys! Put names to the faces!

From: Aeia
Subject: Article
Dated: Thu Jun 06 00:23:05 (1086)

well the two at the front are left to right Ambushbug and Hazeii
at the back, not sure..
I'm probably in lots of trouble now!

From: Pauli
Subject: Article
Dated: Thu Jun 06 10:06:08 (1087)

More to the point, what are they all looking at?

From: ZEON
Subject: Essential Mixes
Dated: Thu Jun 06 20:29:36 (1088)

If anyone is into Radio One's essential mixes
and have some in MP3 format and wanna swap
please contact me..
My list can be found at:-

From: Branwell
Subject: Brighton, 20th July
Dated: Thu Jun 06 21:05:30 (1089)

Just a reminder to anyone who has forgotten/never knew, there is a
Meet at the Cannes of the Sussex coast, probably starting in the
early afternoon & finishing God knows when the next morning.
So come for tea and crumpets (you KNOW who you are!) or come for an
evening on the booze, or come for the lot!
Everyone who is anyone will be there: as well as a few who are Nobody!
Anyone NOT there will be "talked about" in disparaging terms.

From: Orddu
Subject: Quiz night 6th June 2002
Dated: Thu Jun 06 22:26:44 (1090)

Tonight's scores were:
Branwell 17
Yog 15
badriya 13
Lister 3
Smit 1
Next Thursday's QM is Branwell. 9pm start.

From: Smit
Subject: Football
Dated: Fri Jun 07 14:51:06 (1091)

Well who would have predicted that!
An amazing result and not a bad performance.
Midfield looked alot stronger without Hargreaves *naff* and
the replacement Nicky Butt.
I was not that happy about sitting 11 men behind the ball for 45 minutes
Did nothing for the nerves.
I predict the tabloid headline "REVENGE".
Smit sings 'Ten green bottles sitting on a wall'.

From: Buffy
Subject: football
Dated: Fri Jun 07 15:17:21 (1092)

I would add to that saying that I thought we played well for 70-75 mins
and only had our backs to the wall for 20 mins.
Sinclair looks a good bet when
he is on the left.
Beckham getting better with each game!!
all in all just come on England!!!

From: Smit
Subject: Footy
Dated: Fri Jun 07 15:27:11 (1093)

Too right Buffster
Trevor was the absolute buisness... bin Hargreaves he cant do it.

From: Smit
Subject: 2nd half
Dated: Fri Jun 07 17:52:57 (1094)

Whilst we did play on the counter from the second half...
I still think we had 11 men behind the ball for nearly 45 minutes
and that is no way to win a world cup
Lets hope we continue to succeed and we play more agressive football
as Sir Listy said :
We gonna score more goals than you!!
We can DO IT!!!!

From: hazeii
Subject: Shades Article
Dated: Fri Jun 07 21:41:37 (1095)

The one at the back is Mike Brown - he was responsible for the
software download capability on Micronet. As for the location,
it was a bunch of rocks overlooking a reservoir near East
Grinstead in Sussex.
So now you know.... :)

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Footer
Dated: Sat Jun 08 12:52:17 (1096)

That feels better!

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Article...
Dated: Sat Jun 08 13:02:41 (1097)

Leo - I got the image of the article down to 260k...
let me know if you want me to email it to you, as it
might help those modem users to download it!
Cheers, Blueie

From: badriya
Subject: Brighton Meet
Dated: Sun Jun 09 11:09:58 (1098)

I haven't seen Beermat or Mindy on here for ages.
Will they go to it? Can they bring the 3-corner chess set?
We aregoing away on the 22nd but will try and come
If I can lure bluerose with chess and Mindy in a fetish outfit :)

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath results
Dated: Sun Jun 09 21:59:24 (1099)

Tonight's winner is Gypsy with - 12 kills and 1 death (coo!)
In second place, the aptly named Axe - 6 kills, 2 defeats and 0 deaths
In third place, Serenity - 3 kills, 1 defeat and 0 deaths
Fourth is Moriarty with - 1 kill, 1 defeat and 5 deaths
Fifth is RoyKeane (who was dead late!) - 1 kill and 0 deaths
And last but not least, Tyone in sixth - 1 defeat and 21 deaths
(His first bloodbath and he did really well!)
See you all next week!

From: Melt
Subject: Beermat/Mindy
Dated: Mon Jun 10 22:26:37 (1100)

due to bad organisation (Bad branwell, naughty branwell)
the aforementioned good folks shall not be attending
the Brighton meet - they have a Bouncy Castle to tend to.

From: Lister
Subject: FROGS!
Dated: Tue Jun 11 14:01:43 (1101)

Well it needs a posting.
HAHAHA and sod off home you frenchies..
Let's laugh while we are still in it..
...we might go out tommorrow.
But i hope not....

From: Siva
Subject: dogs
Dated: Wed Jun 12 14:52:41 (1102)

England played like this morning. Better up the pace, lads
or all this unseemly crowing will sadly backfire.

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Ferroggies...
Dated: Wed Jun 12 22:10:16 (1103)

Unseemly crowing.... eh?
Well, I think we can crow from the 2nd Round. Can France?
A quick review of some French sayings:
Desailly "My friends are flying out after the first stage, but my family
will come rightat the end." Me thinks they will probably miss him!
Viera "We are capable of winning it. We have a remarkable team with
fantastic players in every position." Remarkable... Yes!
Henry "We have more attacking players than in 1998. For that reason,
I think we are stronger."
Oh well.

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Feroggies 2
Dated: Wed Jun 12 22:11:13 (1104)

Chuckle.. no offence!

From: Branwell
Subject: Bluebirf....
Dated: Thu Jun 13 00:03:54 (1105)

Not really FAIR old bean!
After all, poor France lost to hot favourites Senegal whereas lucky Englan
only had to beat rabbit no-hopers like Argentina!
Fair do's!

From: Buffy
Subject: Bluey
Dated: Thu Jun 13 09:00:46 (1106)

Couldn't agree more with you old chap.
Seeya later Frogs who smell of garlic and lets not forget
to say a cold goodbye to the cheating Argies!!

From: Philote
Subject: sportsmanship
Dated: Thu Jun 13 09:41:07 (1107)

That old theory of sport bringing people together
never really worked out, did it
Can feel the love and togetherness between people
of different countries flowing freely here!
(oh yeh and COME ON MEXICO!)

From: Buffy
Subject: Philly
Dated: Thu Jun 13 12:03:15 (1108)

Yeah it brings the whole of that country together.
(come on Mexico!! ;-)

From: Mindy
Subject: Bouncy Castle Meet
Dated: Thu Jun 13 14:22:59 (1109)

As is tradition each year, we are holding our annual
Bouncy Castle Meet in Sussex
This will be on the 20th July, from 4pm onwards
Attractions include a bouncy-castle (of course!), pinball,
chilli and BBQ (bring your own stuff to burn n drink and we'll
provide hot surfaces, music, chilli and fun!)
There will be gazebos in case of inclement weather :-)
Email me at for full details, directions etc.
hope to see you there!
M xx

From: Mindy
Subject: Bouncy Castle Meet cont.
Dated: Thu Jun 13 14:25:25 (1110)

PS. I had heard mutterings that this event clashes with an alleged
Brighton Shades Meet, but I checked the CT on several occasions for
details of such an event, but could not see anything. Besides which
I can't move mine, as I have to book the bouncy castle months ahead
of time! So apologies if this causes problems, but I knew nothing about
this Brighton Meet until it was too late and I had booked things....
M xx

From: Blondie
Subject: 20th June
Dated: Thu Jun 13 14:55:15 (1111)

Mindy ... See Branwell's CT number 1089

From: Blondie
Subject: Ooooops ....
Dated: Thu Jun 13 14:56:17 (1112)

I meant 20th July *blush*

From: Siva
Subject: Blondie
Dated: Thu Jun 13 20:47:42 (1113)

Another blonde moment. Ain't she sweet?

From: Orddu
Subject: Quiz night 13th June 200
Dated: Thu Jun 13 22:34:30 (1114)

This week's QM was: Branwell
Tonight's scores were:
Orddu 19
Rembrandt 13
Philote 5
Bubble 5
Millie 2
Dejenol 1
Key 1
Lister 1
Next week's QM is: Yog
Thursday 20th, 9pm.

From: Bluebirf
Subject: We love the Argies
Dated: Sat Jun 15 14:49:31 (1115)
Forgot to give you this one last week!!
Bluie xx

From: Argon
Subject: Attacks etc.
Dated: Sat Jun 29 00:40:06

Too right about attacks by lower persona.
I got attacked by Skipinder, who was lower. I had great
fun killing him.
I say, attack more, you lower levels!

From: Leo
Subject: Yawn..
Dated: Sat Jun 29 03:25:54

Haven't we had this argument about a thousand
times before? Talk about history repeating
Leo (Ad Infinitum)

From: Ronin
Subject: Leo & Yawn
Dated: Sat Jun 29 22:33:48

Leo - The real Leo? or is it another Leo?
maybe it's someone cavorting as Leo.
'cause I ain't seen Leo around in weeks.
or is this the obligatory quick visit?
Ronin the Hairy Palmed whatever

From: Orb
Subject: Newbies
Dated: Sun Jun 30 19:53:14

I was interested in the comment that a newbie had had no response to a cry
for help, and I hoped it wasn't guilty of not helping.
was the persona Starlight - looking at my logs that was a novice who
asked for help when I was on...

From: Siva
Subject: Orb
Dated: Sun Jun 30 21:02:25

I couldn't possibly comment. :)

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath results
Dated: Sun Jun 30 22:01:28

Tonight's winner is BodyBag with - 3 kills and 0 deaths
Close behind in second place, Apollyon - 2 kills, 1 defeat and 0 deaths
Third is Moriarty (not having a good night) - 1 kill and 2 deaths
Gypsy flitted on briefly but then frisked off again pronto
and Jazzy died 5 times
Congrats all and see you next week (more of you next time though please!)

From: Orb
Subject: Newbies....
Dated: Sun Jun 30 23:50:26

Well, if it was Starlight, I offered help... :)
*>Starlight shouts "help, i'm new here"
*>sh I'm a little busy right now..
*>sh Ca nyou hang on? (sic)
*>Starlight tells you "it's okay i am just following the instructions give
Phew - I'm in the clear!
Orb the nice, helpful person... (!)