From: Siva
Subject: Orb
Dated: Mon Jul 01 14:17:11

Sorry to disappoint, but I didn't say that my novice was
Starlight. But you evidently are a nice, helpful cove and
I salute you and next time I see you will sing you a
personalised SEA SHANTY.
Love, Siva

From: Lister
Subject: siva
Dated: Mon Jul 01 15:13:22 (1086)

awww...can I have one too siva

From: Melt
Subject: Re newcomers
Dated: Mon Jul 01 18:06:36 (1087)

I just want to say that when I started I was welcomed and helped
in large amounts and therefore I continue to shade to this day.
Big hugs and thanks to Siva himself who was the main helper
to me and for putting up with a total newbie. Hugs to Ellie as well
who was always around and to Archaro who always made me laff.
thanks all x

From: Ronin
Subject: Newbies & Newcomers
Dated: Mon Jul 01 18:55:11 (1088)

I agree with Melt.
Twas Key and Mischief who first took me under there wings.
and showed me around and helped me out. So Big Love to both of them
and to everyone. A Point worth nothing tho: Newbies are probably not taken
under wing ASAP because 99.9999% of newbies are 2nd's... So maybe this is
The Big Puppa Love.

From: Smit
Subject: Production House
Dated: Wed Jul 03 04:30:37 (1089)

Did they make the best old hardcore?
Thats Hardcore the music genre not a type of filthy video!
CT is getting dull, won't someone start an argumnet or a fight?

From: Melt
Subject: Hardcore
Dated: Wed Jul 03 13:56:14 (1090)

happy? *grins*

From: MrDeath
Subject: smit topics
Dated: Wed Jul 03 14:51:50 (1091)

Well I would start a debate on the Israel/Palestine situation, but
since everyone here is a terrorist siding socialist Marxists
I dare not!

From: Siva
Subject: Palestine
Dated: Wed Jul 03 18:24:16 (1092)

Yeah, I was on the Justice for Palestine march.
Worked with Amnesty International for the best part of a decade.
Detest ruthless capitalists and ruthless governments with equal venom.
Am trying to understand the despair that drives decent people
to commit acts of terrorism.
Admire Che and wish I could have been his friend.
If I could bring back just one person from the dead it would be a Jew,
Yeshua bin Yusuf, because I want to hug him.
But we're going to have an Apocalypse anyway.

From: Lister
Subject: Melt
Dated: Wed Jul 03 18:31:21 (1093)

funny one melt ... classic
here it is for those of you who missed it
now who's gonna install it !
go chequered flag !

From: MrDeath
Subject: Siva
Dated: Wed Jul 03 23:43:09 (1094)

I agree with despair, but a lot of it is down to their own leadership
Very sad. However I will stress something that you did not.
Terrorism is an act that cannot be justified by anything!
the killing of innocent civilians is not acceptable!
I wish you were coming to the meet so we can have a proper debate on the
Speak soon,

From: Yog
Dated: Thu Jul 04 04:48:12 (1095)

I am quite happy to argue about any topic required...
For example, is it wrong of me to agree with the political
implication of George Michaels video, that Tony Blair is a lapdog
to the greater political power of George Dubya Moronathon Bush
I think Dubya stole the election myself, and it isn't the first time
that the Republicans have stolen an election based upon the
Florida electoral college vote
Death to Daily Mail readers!

From: Yog
Dated: Thu Jul 04 04:54:52 (1096)

Come on y'all...
Most people I've met on Shades seem to be of decent intelligence...
Lets talk about some topics that matter...
Does anyone believe that Al-Quaida groups are going to stage attacks
today (July 4th), or does this seem like government exploitation of
America's implicit adoration of the day they dumped the British Empire,
for the sake of political expediency...????
Yog the Agnostic Twat-type person

From: Smit
Subject: Impressed but....
Dated: Thu Jul 04 09:12:43 (1097)

Maybe a little too serious...
Whilst the topics are all extremely important, I for one
don't look forward to seeing bergie and siva debate
about any such things again.
If its a debate you want watch the monkeys in parliament.
Keep watching John Cravens Newsround for more clues.
I believe he is sending direct communication with Bin Laden himself.
I am not alone.
Back later, someones at the front door.........

From: Orb
Subject: Impressed??
Dated: Thu Jul 04 10:10:32 (1098)

Watch Someones - she's dangerous!

From: Siva
Subject: debates
Dated: Thu Jul 04 10:27:07 (1099)

Mr Death and I are the best of friends are actually agreed in essential
upon all main points.
Let there be an end to killing.
Someones, this means you.

From: Ronin
Subject: Giraffe's
Dated: Thu Jul 04 16:27:15 (1100)

I like Giraffe's and Chardonnay.
Allthough the Giraffe can be a bit tough if not tough.
Spank Ronin if you see him!

From: Orddu
Subject: Quiz 4th July 2002
Dated: Thu Jul 04 22:33:31 (1101)

Tonight's QM was: me again!
Scores were:
Branwell 18 (after a tense tie-break!)
Yog - 17
Guiseppe - 8
Angelis - 7
Polgara - 3
Me(!) - 1
Next week's QM is: Branwell
9pm, quiz game if available, game 1 if not!

From: Ronin
Subject: oooops.
Dated: Fri Jul 05 13:59:36 (1102)

I apologise. I forgot which day it was
Right up to the point when I logged in and saw the quiz
ooops again.
What can I say. Mum was right, it does make you go blind!
Ronin the Blind and Suffering RSI Seer

From: ElEcTrIc
Subject: Ripper Software
Dated: Sat Jul 06 17:42:26 (1103)

Does anyone have a copy of Ripper on archive
somewhere? Prefrably Ripper 3 Final Conflict.
Email it to me if you'd be so kind at
Thanks in advance

From: Siva
Subject: ripper
Dated: Sun Jul 07 00:39:23 (1104)

try merlin/wake, if anyone does he probably does.

From: Melt
Subject: Hiatus
Dated: Mon Jul 08 01:34:29 (1105)

I'm off to Amsterdam for a break for 3 days or so.
I'll see you all in a few. Me being me, i'm taking my phone with me
so if there are needs pressing then text me...
See you all thursday-ish, hugs

From: Frodo
Subject: The Shire
Dated: Tue Jul 09 09:20:43 (1106)

Zeon your excellence sir, lick lick, creep creep.
Could you be so kind as to grace me with a room?
Marvellous :)

From: Alfie
Subject: The airing cupboard
Dated: Wed Jul 10 00:06:53 (1107)

Oohhh... whilst we are on the subject of rooms...
could I have one too?
Perhaps it could be next to Bluebirf's?

From: Hector
Subject: Rooms
Dated: Wed Jul 10 00:49:15 (1108)

Ive been waiting 11 years to have a room made for me
Does one have to ask first?
I thought it was automagic?

From: Orb
Subject: Rhiums
Dated: Wed Jul 10 15:15:45 (1109)

ZEON, do you have a rhium?
I would like somewhere to make a lot of noise and annoy the neighbours!

From: Bluebirf
Subject: BobDole getting killed
Dated: Wed Jul 10 15:23:24 (1110)

I know why BobDole gets killed so much.
it is in the instructions off the Information Centre
<snip> 'for example KILL BOB WITH AXE. If you've' <snip>
So there is a message there - don't have a persona called Bob!

From: ZEON
Subject: rooms
Dated: Wed Jul 10 21:40:47 (1111)

yes, Hect, you have to ask first, Yes Orb I have a room
but it will cost ya to visit
Frodo and Alfie i'll get the builders in and sort you two out

From: Mischief
Subject: Zeon's Room
Dated: Fri Jul 12 18:13:34 (1112)

I got to see it for free..! *grins*

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Me
Dated: Fri Jul 12 20:57:58 (1113)

OK guys - I'll not be seeing you for a while.
I have been accused of being a shit over a mistake. I apologised and was
wiz-killed. That in itself was not a problem to me - people do things in
the heat of the moment.
But When I came on this evening I was slagged off to all that would listen
No game is worth this much!
Those that know me have my email.. chat soon!
Blue xxx

From: Smit
Subject: ME
Dated: Fri Jul 12 21:11:05 (1114)

If the ME you are referring to you is you then yes you have killed me bare
fisted twice now and most people flee before then.
If me telling ronin in private and someone else overhearing that
then that is sorry
5 blows wep
2 mins no steals
Why did you have to post on CT and not just talk it out.

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Oh Dear
Dated: Fri Jul 12 21:37:23 (1115)

QW shows Melt, Pinky, Smit, Taliesin, Mischief. Me invis
You used 'say' not 'tell'. So it was not private.
Don't try to make it out like it isn't.
As for talking, we WERE talking just now - it's just that you weren't
I tried to be reasonable, also I have explained what happened. You just
don't seem to want to hear it.
I don't like continuing this but I dislike more being misrepresented.

From: Bluebirf
Subject: ...more
Dated: Fri Jul 12 22:08:36 (1116)

oops I missed out - there is no way I want Smit blotted for the wizkill.
as far as I was concerned it was over.
it was just the slagging off I am pissed off with.
Blue xxx

From: hazeii
Subject: Language....
Dated: Fri Jul 12 22:53:54 (1117)

I think a few people show mind their language on here. Bad language
is not acceptable, irrespective of the circumstance.

From: Smit
Subject: slagging off
Dated: Sat Jul 13 05:09:09 (1118)

as far as slagging off there were many players playing when you killed me
I was slagging you off then.
What you did you had no excuse for.
What I did I am unrepentant for.
As far as I was concerned it was justice.
If you don't like it then don't do it
Making it something personal has more todo with slop stirring than anythin
as any of the people concerned would know... lister et all
I hope you accept my apologies if you think I was slagging you off behind
your back but the fact

From: Smit
Subject: ....
Dated: Sat Jul 13 05:14:34 (1119)

remains I stand behind it.
I was talking to fox and he and others recognise fighting characters that
are resultant in line drops (mobiles)
I am still unhappy about it which is why I wizkilled you
for that I deserve to be blotted and look forward to it
I was making a point
If you had heard some more of the conversation you would also have heard
that after I wizkilled you and you left I was worried you would take it
personal.. look where we are now
and for that I am to blame
I further apologise

From: Smit
Subject: 3
Dated: Sat Jul 13 05:28:44 (1120)

on the further subject of stirring and taking sides
I was further upset by certain characters behaviour
in trying to escallate the problem
lets hope we see a stop to that
friday nights are always interesting
Blue if you object to being accused of killing someone
defenseless without a weapon then please lets hear it
if you don't then don't expect me to be happy about it
Smit adding more chaos to chaos theory

From: Helen
Subject: Mischief/Zeons Room
Dated: Sun Jul 14 16:46:53 (1121)

Thats cos your a tart!!!!

From: Darkangel
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Jul 14 22:12:04 (1122)

Tonights winner is Apelki with 7 kills, no deaths
second is Apollyon, 4 kills no deaths
third, Moriarty 2 kills, 1 death
forth Axe with 1 death, and finally Veneto (new) with 11 deaths
Congrats all (i hope my scoring is first time)
see you all in the next one :)

From: Mischief
Subject: BB
Dated: Sun Jul 14 22:15:19 (1123)

Pfft.. he had the easy job. I was typing like a
demon to mt em all :)

From: Kochanski
Subject: Helen
Dated: Wed Jul 17 23:19:57 (1124)

oooooh that's not nice!
M xxxxx

From: Orddu
Subject: Quiz 18th July 2002
Dated: Thu Jul 18 22:44:38 (1125)

Tonight's QM was: Yog
Scores were:
Rembrandt - 15
Orddu - 13
Branwell - 7
Mindy - 7
Grimaldi - 4
Dejenol - 1
Lister - 1
Next week's QM is - MELT!
Be here 9pm Thursday 25th July.

From: Melt
Subject: QM
Dated: Fri Jul 19 10:12:49 (1126)


From: Ronin
Subject: Melt the QM!
Dated: Fri Jul 19 18:17:22 (1127)

Brother Melt the QM? Top Draw!
Lots of Vax Question I hope Mr Melt.
and some questions for the penis on legs?
Excellent stuff - should be a right laff
Good luck Meltlett.
Big Ron.

From: Multicide
Subject: Tsk tsk
Dated: Wed Jul 24 02:15:01 (1128)

No one writes messages on this here chat track...
We should all be ashamed and have counselling
No love at All

From: Moses
Subject: Multicide
Dated: Wed Jul 24 16:50:17 (1129)

When I have a message from upstairs I will relay it on!
Ps. Anyone seen a burning bush anywhere? I seem to have lost mine

From: Ronin
Subject: Tsk Tsk
Dated: Wed Jul 24 19:18:03 (1130)

<last paragraph>
Dr Donald Yeomans, from the US space agency's (Nasa) Jet
Propulsion Laboratory in California, said: "The error in our
knowledge of where NT7 will be on February 1, 2019, is large, several
tens of millions of kilometres."

From: Ronin
Subject: Asteroid
Dated: Wed Jul 24 19:19:01 (1131)

Nice to know the press get wound up so easily :)
Ronin --->Bad Boy For Life<---

From: Ronin
Subject: Quzzies
Dated: Thu Jul 25 21:44:12 (1132)

I'd love to get a list of questions post in the 45mins from
21:00 on a Thursday from Google or Ask Jeeves.....
Ronin - Couldn't answer a question if his life depended on it

From: Orddu
Subject: Quiz 25th July 2002
Dated: Thu Jul 25 22:24:01 (1133)

Tonight's QM was: Melt
Scores were:
Rembrandt - 14
Millie - 9
Orddu - 6
Branwell - 4
Lister - 2
Next week's QM is: ME
Be here, 9pm!

From: Hendrix
Subject: stocks
Dated: Fri Jul 26 05:23:28 (1134)

If you had bought 1000 worth of Nortel stock one year ago,
it would now be worth 49.00.
With Enron, you would have 16.50 of the original 1,000
With Worldcom, you would have less than 5.00 left.
If you had bought 1,000 worth of Miller Lite (the beer, not the stock)
one year ago, drank all the beer, then turned in the cans for the 10 cent
deposit, you would have 214.00.
Based on the above, my current investment advice is to drink heavily and r
just a thought

From: Buffy
Subject: Hendrix
Dated: Fri Jul 26 11:51:58 (1135)

That has been your advice for the past 10 years!! ;-)
Ps. Damn pauli and her emails!

From: Ronin
Subject: Stocks & Hendrix
Dated: Fri Jul 26 17:11:49 (1136)

Hendrix - You are my bubba dum rass.
I allways knew it - Drinking was the way to riches
Ronin - The Alcholic Whatever!

From: Ronin
Subject: what's hap
Dated: Sat Jul 27 12:50:40 (1137)


There are no more messages.
From: Lister
Subject: Brannie
Dated: Sun Jul 28 17:27:06

Nice one branwell!! chin looks like desperate dans on the chip eatin photo

From: Yog
Subject: meeting daguerrotypes
Dated: Tue Jul 30 04:18:18 (1083)

it is definitely strange seeing pictures of people you have never met
but, also, exceptionally interesting as well...
Hello all Brighton shadeymeetists
I wish I had been there.
But now I know your faces...
You will never escape!
Yours in absence and presence
stupid name really...
first impressions DO count...
tell people it was meant to be Yog Sothoth...
and they call you Yoghurt.

From: Winker
Subject: CHEAT
Dated: Wed Jul 31 08:18:07 (1084)

Is it still illegal for a wizz to snoop, then bring on a
second ? Sarin for example, times his appearances depending
on the time since the player last qw'd. Easy for him
if your qw's are automated. So is it blottable ?

From: Smit
Subject: CHEAT
Dated: Wed Jul 31 09:17:31 (1085)

type qw manually...

From: Winker
Subject: CHEAT
Dated: Wed Jul 31 09:50:03 (1086)

add yes, that would make it more random, but make
it easy for cheating wizzes.
If wizzes don't cheat, we won't need to manually type qw.
And if a player has the cross, rod & fbb, isn't
it strange that the first thing Sarin does
is to steal the rod ?
Sarin CHEATED using his wiz to snoop !

From: Buffy
Subject: winker
Dated: Wed Jul 31 11:45:29 (1087)

Firstly...the first thing i do on attack is steal rod unless I summoned
Secondly I can determine what wep you have within 2 seconds with a spell
. now on my hit list too.

From: Tajemstvi
Subject: g'bye
Dated: Wed Jul 31 12:40:29 (1088)

i will be gone for the forseeable future big probs in R/L
so will try and come back n say bye later today but if i miss ya sorry
to those few special people on here, ya know who i mean thanx n take care
luv Taj

From: Lister
Subject: taj
Dated: Wed Jul 31 13:24:20 (1089)

will miss ya taj
will natter if I see you later
take care and all the best!
big hugs xx

From: Buffy
Subject: Taj
Dated: Wed Jul 31 14:57:19 (1090)

I hope it is nothing too serious and making a big assumption
and I mean BIG assumption that i am one of those people you wanted to say
goodbye too.
miss you already,

From: ZEON
Subject: Winker 'n stuff
Dated: Wed Jul 31 19:30:50 (1091)

It never was illegal for a wiz to snoop then bring
on a was just considered bad karma
As stated in the code of conduct immortals are 'advised' to
leave a few minutes between logging off and then bringing on a second
It is quite standard for people to attempt to steal the
rod when attacking as this then removes one of the
attackee's methods of getting out of the fight
It cannot be asumed that said second used his immortal
to snoop..

From: Lister
Subject: PICS !!
Dated: Wed Jul 31 22:41:58 (1092)
happy viewing peeps!