From: Ellie
Subject: New Year
Dated: Tue Jan 01 01:45:06

Happy New Year to all on Shades.
I hope you all have a good 2002
Love from me...
And them over there.

From: Darkangel
Subject: happy new year
Dated: Tue Jan 01 17:11:50

Wishing everyone all the best in 2002.
Luv 'n' hugz....

From: Siva
Subject: 2002
Dated: Thu Jan 03 09:16:59

I would like to wish all a very happy new wen yppah
yrev a and a flawless trouserpress.

From: Mischief
Subject: Quiz 3rd Jan 2002
Dated: Thu Jan 03 22:41:34

The first quiz of the New Year was close run, won by Branwell by a whisker
with 24 points. Close second on 23 was Rembrandt, with Orddu on 17 in
third. Joint fourth on 4 apiece were Tryagain and Scytale, and joint 5th
Guiseppe and Siva with 2 points (although to their credit, Guiseppe left
early and Siva arrived late!).. Same time next week, thanks everyone for
taking part as ever!
Missy xxx

From: Branwell
Subject: Siva's flawless trousers
Dated: Sat Jan 05 19:55:02

These exist only in Siva's fevered imagination.
In reality his pantaloons are riddled with flaws and anomalies
and are a subject of ribald comment and general hilarity throughout
the known universe.
His thong though is gleaming and pristine.

From: Siva
Subject: Branwell
Dated: Sat Jan 05 20:36:10

This has to be your worst ever limerick.

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Jan 06 22:14:07

Tonight's winner is Darklis - 14 kills, 2 defeats, 0 deaths (busy girl!)
In a close second place is Obsession - 13 kills and 2 deaths
Moriarty is third - 6 kills, 1 defeat and 3 deaths
Fourth is Parasyte - 2 kills, 2 defeats and 4 deaths
Hot on his heels in fifth, BBvictim - 3 kills, 1 defeat and 10 deaths
In sixth place, Blumby - 2 kills, 1 defeat and 6 deaths
And in joint seventh, Taek and Zoolid with 1 defeat and a fair few deaths
Congrats all and great to see some players new to Bloodbathing!

From: Savannah
Subject: Sponsored Slim
Dated: Mon Jan 07 14:24:21

Im doing a sponsored slim in aid of All Creatures Great and
Small animal sanctuary in Wales and Bristol Childrens Hospital
life support machine appeal. It runs from today until Good Friday
If anyone would like to sponsor me email me with the amount
and I will let you know when and how you need to pay.
If you dont have my address I can be reached through inshades
Thanks Savvy

From: Branwell
Subject: Savvy...
Dated: Mon Jan 07 22:45:45

do sponsors get to see "before" and "after" pictures then?!

From: Guiseppe
Subject: Previous
Dated: Tue Jan 08 22:01:07

Ever the gallant eh Branny ?

From: ZEON
Subject: Multiplaying
Dated: Wed Jan 09 00:09:39

May i respectfully remind immortals that they must NOT
be logged onto the game at the same time as they are
playing with one of their seconds. By playing I mean
out on the game t collecting, fighting or whatever...
Thank you...

From: Savannah
Subject: Branny
Dated: Wed Jan 09 20:59:30


From: MrsDeath
Subject: punish
Dated: Thu Jan 10 11:20:20

If you punish it is only good manners to show yourself.
No interest in going into a lengthy debate, but I thought
the punishment was a bit harsh

From: Mischief
Subject: 10 January Quiz
Dated: Thu Jan 10 22:44:44

This week the theme was movies... and in first place on 23 points..
Orddu, a VERY close 2nd is Nathalie on 22, with Rembrandt third on 20.
Tryagain a worthy 4th on 6 points. Joint 5th Leo and Pegasus on 3 points
(although Peg arrived late and did very well!), 6th Salazarus on 2,
and 7th Angam with one point.As ever, thanks to all for coming!
Missy xxxx

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath results
Dated: Sun Jan 13 22:22:59

Tonight's winner is Bodybag - 18 kills and 2 deaths (coo!)
In second place, Gypsy - 15 kills and 2 deaths
Third is Darklis with - 13 kills and 0 deaths
Fourth is Moriarty - 8 kills, 1 defeat and 5 deaths
Fifth is Tajemstvi - 2 kills, 2 defeats and 16 deaths
And then we had a separate sort of little bloodbath after the main event
for the two fighting newbies who were used as cannon fodder .. aw...!
See next post for that result...

From: Chant
Subject: Mini-Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Jan 13 22:28:44

The winner was Jambop - 1 kill, 1 defeat and 24 deaths (from earlier too)
Angam was second with - 1 kill and 10 deaths
Congrats to everyone who took part - especially the newbies who were
really in at the deep end but stuck with it and got miles better!

From: Pashmiri
Subject: Errr come?
Dated: Tue Jan 15 03:09:05

Em pastes a log
The wraith lunges at you!
Stamina 50, Spells 32
The wraith smashes into you!
Stamina 20, Spells 34
zap wraith
Energy strikes out from you, and destroys it instantly.
Your spell worked, but the wand is destroyed by the powers involved.
You thump the wraith quite hard!
The wraith lunges at you!
The rest is history... sigh.. but another player heard the zap and then
I died.. how can this work?
Signed a fed-up Ex-Necro :) xxx

From: hazeii
Subject: This is how come...
Dated: Tue Jan 15 22:30:06

The reason is because the Wraith got the last blow in. It has a
power of 30, and your stamina was 20. While you were typing and
sending 'zap wraith', it got the blow in. The alternative for
cases like this would be to blend messages together (the response
to your input, and the output from the mobile fight) but that'd
REALLY be confusing.

From: Bluebirf
Subject: InShades Personae Piccie
Dated: Wed Jan 16 12:57:07

ZEON had been doing loads of work on the InShades site..
We would like to put some more piccies up!
Let us know what you think you look like - by sending pics
to and we will add them to the site!

From: Siva
Subject: Pictures for Inshades
Dated: Wed Jan 16 13:02:15

Why not send them direct to
Or is this a ploy for Blue to collect a set of glamour model
pics from the girls?
eh? eh?

From: Bluebirf
Subject: ...further to prev..
Dated: Wed Jan 16 13:07:04

Thank you Siva, if you let me have your email I'll forward them!
piccies can be sent to too..
and to remind you of where InShades is:
...and Siva, where is your piccie? We can resize it.

From: Ellie
Subject: Siva
Dated: Wed Jan 16 23:05:33

Bigger or Smaller.
And is it on the National Health.
Well Siva I don't have to think too long.
About what your having resized!!!
I do not think I will stop laughing for weeks.

From: Mischief
Subject: Quiz 17th January
Dated: Thu Jan 17 23:18:28

Another hotly contended quiz - this week with a music theme. Winner - Ordd
with 24 points, secind Chocolat, 22points, and 3rd Philote, 21 points.
4th Rembrandt 20, 5th Seb (cos his wife sung it) on 18, 6th Tryagain, 10
7th badriya, 8 points, 8th on 4 Guiseppe, 9th with 3, Polgara. Joint 10th
Proximo, Angelis and Pegasus on 2, and 11th hazeii with 1 (his only answer
to be fair!)
Thanks everyone for turning up - brilliant attendance - same time next wee
(week not wee!)
Missy xxx

From: Siva
Subject: Quiz
Dated: Sat Jan 19 09:54:09

Your scoring a little off, perhaps Missy. From checking the qsc,
it appears that BAGPUSS won with 27 points.

From: Mischief
Subject: Quiz Scoring
Dated: Sat Jan 19 15:03:23

My scoring CAN miss a couple on occasion, however Baggy wasn't there!
em sticks out her tongue at Siva!
But you must have been bored this morning to type "qz bag +" 127 times!
Missy xxx

From: Siva
Subject: Missy
Dated: Sat Jan 19 15:06:01

I didn't type what you word of a lie.

From: Mischief
Subject: Grumble
Dated: Sun Jan 20 01:20:31

ok ok ok so you typed "qz bag" (no plus sign....) Bloody pedant!
Missy xxx

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Jan 20 22:16:37

Tonight's First Place was hotly contested with the top 3 pretty much
level pegging the whole way but Gypsy managed to get an extra kill in
during the last minute! So ...
Tonight's winner is Gypsy - 13 kills and 1 death
In second place - SaMsOn with 12 kills and 0 deaths
In third place, Diddakoi - 10 kills, 2 defeats and 1 death
Darkis (late due to munching!) is fourth - 9 kills and 0 deaths
Fifth is Moriarty - 6 kills, 1 defeat and 7 deaths
Sixth is Darkronin (on a roll!) - 3 kills and 17 deaths

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath results contd.
Dated: Sun Jan 20 22:19:23

Also taking part were:
Parasyte and Madmoo, neither of whom stayed long .. but long enough
to die a couple of times each
Jazzy who was killed 17 times (all together now ... 'Awww..') and
then retired to safety to watch
Congratulations to everyone who turned up and see you next week!

From: Buffy
Subject: interfere
Dated: Tue Jan 22 18:18:16

I wish to complain that a wiz restammed Kocicka while I was still out
waiting to attack her
Kocicka cripple me and I attacked
She was on low stam and managed to quit the game without losing points
Either way, Mischief restammed her. I believe that this is not exactly
allowed. Please could an Arch comment and hand out punishment accordingly.

From: Kocicka
Subject: mischief helping
Dated: Tue Jan 22 18:50:39

Ok for starters i did cripple her, i admit that
however i didnt folow thru attack as was serially attacked by mobiles
i then went to restam at girl when i was attacked by buffy on 45 stam
i had to fl o qq to avoid kill so did lose points about 5 or 6k
went to safe where mis zipped me as i was on even less stam
then we fought she killed me end of story
however one last point,buffy is known for low stamming anyway
and mischief may not have seen the cripple
anyway i'm a novice she a necro so whats

From: Buffy
Subject: Kocicka
Dated: Tue Jan 22 18:58:10

Only complaint I have is the free restam you got from an immortal
I am sorry for low stam attack, but afterwards I like to think I showed
I was a lady by letting you restam twice and getting you LS
while you were fighting mobiles.
Sorry about that again.
My point still stands that an immortal must not restam someone
when another mortal is waiting for them.
Ps. no hard feelings Kocicka?

From: Mischief
Subject: Yawn..
Dated: Tue Jan 22 19:10:41

In response :-
Quite right, normally I'd never re-stam a mort at the level of sorc.
However, I thought attacking someone of 45 stam was pretty low, and
she deserved a freebie. If Zeon wishes to punish me (oeer), that's up to h
..him, even.
luv n hugz
Missy xx

From: Buffy
Subject: Yawn..
Dated: Tue Jan 22 19:15:58


From: Vickie
Subject: To Simon M
Dated: Thu Jan 24 12:10:37

Simon, I'm driving to London this afternoon (I know this doesn't give
you very much time but) if you are going to be in I could deliver
Roger's wine. Ring me if you get this in time.

From: Mischief
Subject: Quiz 25th Jan
Dated: Fri Jan 25 22:40:39

Firstly sorry to all the participant - QM had a terminally ill keyboard, s
so, thank you for your patience! Ok, winner this week (won on a tie-break)
was Branwell with 21, a worthy second, Orddu with 20, the luverly
badriya on 13, with Rembrandt a close 4th on 12. A VERY well done 5th
(and a welcome sight) was Hypatia on 10 (arrived late on, did great)
6th, Bluebirf on 6, 7th Tryagain on 3, and joint 8th Gemini and
ergo on 1. Thanx to UII for stepping in, new keyboard now, norm service

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Jan 27 21:56:19

Tonight's winner is Zodiac - 5 kills and 1 death
Very close in second place is Moriarty - 3 kills, 2 defeats, 2 deaths
Hot on their heels (no doubt to being late again because she was
munching her tea!) is Darkis in third - 3 kills, 1 defeat and 1 death
Fourth is Hal - 1 kill and 2 deaths
Poor Frezze got killed 5 times and didn't manage to get her own back (this
time....!) and I'm not quite sure what Carlin did as he didn't live or die

From: Darklis
Subject: Correction
Dated: Sun Jan 27 21:59:09

No deaths!!

From: Mischief
Subject: Valentine's Day Messages
Dated: Mon Jan 28 13:59:59

It's that time of year coming round, but if you
would like a message to your Shades loved one (or ones (!)) to appear
in my Inshades column, please mail your missives of lurve to me on itg16@h even!
Please send all messages no later than the 10th Feb.
luv n cupids!
Missy xx

From: Buffy
Subject: The Chapel
Dated: Mon Jan 28 15:46:23

Zeon, Is there any chance you could make The Chapel safe like the
church? It seems to make sense to do it like that.
Let me know what you think,

From: Zodiac
Subject: Chapel Safe?
Dated: Mon Jan 28 21:30:22

If you want safe go to the Pub! You seem to be the only one
Who doesnt like the chapel the way it is:P
Besides I like to go there and pray with you *wink*
- - - - - -
signed: Your Friend

From: Seth
Subject: Doctor
Dated: Mon Jan 28 21:42:52

Since *someone* deleted my comments on the wall :
Doctor First Stole the Axe from me, during a fight with Guard
THEN when the fight finished, jumped in and attacked
Surly that is BLATENT lowstamming?
Given Mischief's comments on Inshades, can *someone*
Discuss this with Doctor, or there Immortal?
Many Thanks

From: ZEON
Subject: Seth
Dated: Mon Jan 28 22:24:32

Firstly, one thing to remember is that IF someone steals
a weapon from you whilst you are fighting a mobile, as long
as you dont try to ret with anything else, your blows still have
the same effect as if you were still actually using the weapon
Secondly, yes it is blanent low-stamming but as has been
said before it is NOT against the rules, mearly frowned upon.
and if you re-read Missy's column you will see that the comments by
her and myself refer to attacking down, NOT low stamming :-)

From: Doctor
Subject: Me
Dated: Mon Jan 28 23:56:56

Well Seth, that is an interesting message!
I actually stole an axe from someone called Xander,
who had attacked me a week or so ago and killed me.
But that must explain the flood of expletives that you started
'tell' ing me. And why you attacked me. Still, you died.
I'm returning after a few years, and was finding my way round
Your language was offensive. Perhaps I should complain about it?

From: Doctor
Subject: Seth/Xander
Dated: Tue Jan 29 09:40:45

After the messages last night I found I had a log of Seth/Xander
And reading it again I felt that it needs to be aired.
The swear words did not have asterisks in them.
they are in the next message:

From: Doctor
Subject: Seth/Xander continued
Dated: Tue Jan 29 09:41:29

Xander shouts "Doctor U w**ker"
Xander tells you "U C**T"
Xander tells you "What a lowstamming Wep Stealing C**ks*cker"
Xander tells you "Can't talk W**ker?"
Seth tells you "***YOU ARE A T*AT***" - this is done *342* times
Seth tells you "F**K U - UR A C**T"
Seth tells you "What a F***ing Low Move. C**ks*cker"
Seth tells you "What are you? A D***less Queer? ...
... I'd break ya f***ing legs in RL"
Seth tells you "Your still a d***less t*at" P this is done *48* times

From: Doctor
Subject: Seth/Xander ...ends
Dated: Tue Jan 29 09:43:56

I thought this was a 'Summon and Slay' Mud, not 'Shout and Swear'
I'm sure it wasn't great to be attacked ... like it wasn't when you
killed me last week. But I remember that it is part of the game.
I suggest that if fighting upsets you so much you find another mud
So you are Xander too? Why were you both in the game at the same time?
or is it one rule for you and different ones for everyone else??
a Cross Doctor

From: Siva
Subject: fie, tut
Dated: Tue Jan 29 10:27:45

I think what should be treated as illegal is whinging about being
attacked, whatever the circumstances.

From: Pauli
Subject: giggle
Dated: Thu Jan 31 15:01:40

Teehee this is fun!
Can we have more of this please?

From: Branwell
Subject: Tonight's Quiz
Dated: Thu Jan 31 22:36:52

...was a hurried, cobbled-together affair with myself as QM, in the
unavoidable absence of Mischief (we think her pizza was late being
delivered: she had to leave very shortly anyway for a tryst in the
Bridal Suite with her latest husband).
Anyway Badriya took advantage of a low attendance to win for a change
2nd was Rembrandt only a poit behind, joint 3rd were Orddu and Siva.
But I disqualified Siva becaus ehe is a shifty-looking cove with a
face no sane person could ever trust.

> From: Mischief
Subject: Quiz
Dated: Thu Jan 31 22:39:42

HOI!!!!!!!! Not true!
Apologies all - normal service WILL be resumed next week
luv n hugz
Missy xxx

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Feb 03 22:03:54

Tonight's score is a little bit hit and miss I'm afraid as I was
flitting and Bluebirf got sort of sidetracked...
Tonight's winner is Gypsy - 13 kills, 1 defeat and 1 death
Second is Darklis - 3 kills, 1 defeat and 0 deaths
Third is Moriarty - 3 kills and 6 deaths
Fourth is Destinie (a very late starter) - 1 kill, 2 defeats, 3 deaths
Fifth is Buffy - 3 defeats and 12 deaths
Congrats all and see you next week!