From: Perialaga
Subject: Bloodbath 1-Dec-2002
Dated: Sun Dec 01 22:13:02

Scores as follows:
Moriary: 3 Deaths and 1 Novicing
Jazzy 2 Deaths
Whinnie 3 Kills
Axe 8 Kills!
Conan 4 Deaths
Ummbrelle 4 Deaths
Kidmystic 3 Deaths & 1 kill
Bodybag 3 Kills
.... as you can see, the winner is Axe!

From: Magestic
Subject: quiz
Dated: Mon Dec 02 17:43:03 (1094)

This weeks quiz will be themed
Theme is Fairy Tales
Thursday 9pm
QM is Magestic

From: Orddu
Subject: Quiz result
Dated: Thu Dec 05 22:38:41 (1095)

Tonight's QM was: Yog.
Scores were:
Orddu - 10
Rembrandt 8
Branwell 7
Angelis 5
Ender 2
Magestic 1
Next quiz, 9pm Thursday 12th.

From: Pauli
Subject: Meet
Dated: Fri Dec 06 11:56:45 (1096)

My head is hurting already...

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Gamers...
Dated: Tue Dec 10 00:37:11 (1097)

I saw this report whilst perusing some back-issues of a computer mag
"The average online gamer is a 23-year old with a yearly income of 35,000.
Habitual on-line gamers seek fellow on-line gamers as friends."
On reading this I was struck by the similiarity to our very own Branwell
and Ellie.

From: Millie
Subject: info...
Dated: Tue Dec 10 00:39:42 (1098)

Buffy dearest....
Are you planning on clubbing it on Sat?
Cannot make it on in the day to chat atm.. sigh
Will be good to see you on Sat .. giggle
(this is all so tricky....)
I hope someone gave you good lessons when trying to post!)
and less cider

From: Darkangel
Subject: Bluebirf's report
Dated: Tue Dec 10 00:48:41 (1099)

35k! Wow!
I wanna be an online gamer :P

There are no more messages.
From: Ellie
Subject: Meet
Dated: Sat Dec 14 16:48:27

Hi Guys
Cannot be with you tonight.
Hope you ALL have a great evening.
Will be thinking about how drunk you all are.
Make sure you take plenty of Piccies
And put them up soon!, so that those of us.
Who couldn't make it can have a good laugh.
Enjoy and have a great time all of you.
If I was there I would give you all a kiss, cept them girlies.
They not getting one for anything.

From: Melt
Subject: Meet
Dated: Sat Dec 14 17:10:20 (1108)

Sorry I cannae be there, but i'm down the pub dr^H^Hthinking of you
:) melt

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Dec 15 22:21:25 (1109)

Tonight's was a high level one ... so my pinkies are quite worn out!
The winner is Axe - 10 kills, 1 defeat and 1 death
Second is Bodybag - 7 kills, 1 defeat and 1 death
Third (with multiple line drops!) is Moriarty - 8 kills and 4 deaths
Fourth is Conan with 4 (yes, FOUR!) defeats and 9 deaths - at one stage
he was well in the lead! Well done Conan!
Iama tried his hand at it and did very well but alas, died 16 times
so next week he's after blood!

From: Buffy
Subject: Meet
Dated: Mon Dec 16 12:48:53 (1110)

Great seeing you all at the meet and I hope Medy learn't a valuable
never bet with a Jew!

From: Medy
Subject: Buffy
Dated: Mon Dec 16 14:04:45 (1111)

I'll bet you 10 pounds that I didn't learn any
lessons at all!

From: Magestic
Subject: meet
Dated: Mon Dec 16 21:28:18 (1112)

Gr8 to see the hunky Wizzes and the
gorgeous Witches
Buffy, Oh my God Buffy !!!

From: Lister
Subject: Meet
Dated: Mon Dec 16 23:14:39 (1113)

You see that Buffy has an admirer!

From: Magestic
Subject: buffy
Dated: Tue Dec 17 19:21:31 (1114)

Hmm, did someone take my comment in
a different way then I did??
Lister, HMMMMMM, Lister grin :)

From: Pauli
Subject: Buffy/Lister
Dated: Wed Dec 18 08:57:48 (1115)


From: Bluebirf
Subject: Buffy/Lister
Dated: Wed Dec 18 11:21:46 (1116)

Now come on, Magestic, you can't go on about both Buffy AND Lister
you just don't know what we are having to go through up here with
the two of them fighting over which should be yours.
So come on, make a choice! Is it Buffy, or Lister??
Please, Please give us a quiet Christmas in Immortal Land!

From: Buffy
Subject: Magestic
Dated: Wed Dec 18 12:00:34 (1117)


From: Magestic
Subject: Listter/Buffy
Dated: Wed Dec 18 21:10:00 (1118)

Either I can alternate day by day or
or I could go for the hunkiest
which must be Listy poos
come on give me a kiss you hunk !!! :)

From: Kali
Subject: meet
Dated: Thu Dec 19 10:02:17 (1119)

Well you all look like a right bunch of desperados
and I can only give thanks that I was 50 miles away
(as the bat flies).

From: Buffy
Subject: Magestic
Dated: Thu Dec 19 16:38:57 (1120)

Lister over me? Bah!

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Magestic
Dated: Thu Dec 19 19:44:30 (1121)

Buffy, you shouldn't be pandering to Magestic's fantasies!

From: Orddu
Subject: Quiz Result
Dated: Thu Dec 19 23:05:25 (1122)

Tonight's QM was: Bluebirf
Scores were:
Rembrandt - 16
Orddu - 15
Pinky - 13
Melt - 9
Smit - 7
Bluebirf - 6
Branwell - 5
Lister - 3
Siva - 2
No quiz next Thursday as it's Boxing Day.
QM on 2nd January is: Yog.
9pm as usual.

From: Buffy
Subject: Blue
Dated: Thu Dec 19 23:33:43 (1123)

You are right

From: Magestic
Subject: quiz
Dated: Fri Dec 20 02:14:29 (1124)

as I miss my quiz on boxing day do I get the next one ??

From: Smit
Subject: Quiz
Dated: Sat Dec 21 11:24:46 (1125)

Go on Smitty!!!! 7 pts.
Watch out Orddu, Branwell and Rembrant
Smit the oracle Wizard

From: Ariel
Subject: Buffy
Dated: Sat Dec 21 20:15:33 (1126)

Take a piece of free advice,
if Majestics around keep your
back to the wall.

From: Magestic
Subject: Magestic
Dated: Sun Dec 22 14:06:25 (1127)

lets not be so serious. only a bit of fun !!!
Merry Xmas everypeeps

From: Ellie
Subject: Christmas
Dated: Sun Dec 22 16:45:56 (1128)

I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas.
And a very drunk New Year...
I might not see some of you over the next few days.
Hence the message here.
And an extra BIG Merry Christmas to Spottie.
Shame you cannot be here to get your pressie.

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Spot
Dated: Sun Dec 22 18:37:21 (1129)

Me and the lads have some presents for Spot too.
They are being stored in the Death Lab.
Oh, Happy Xmas, Ellie!

From: Lister
Subject: chwistmas
Dated: Mon Dec 23 13:07:17 (1130)

appy chrimbo peeps and laydypeeps!

From: Magestic
Subject: Ariel xmas
Dated: Mon Dec 23 13:42:15 (1131)

got something under my tree for ya

From: ZEON
Subject: Lestat
Dated: Mon Dec 23 15:48:42 (1132)

A word in your shell-like...

From: Lestat
Subject: ZEON
Dated: Mon Dec 23 16:57:16 (1133)

Yes Zeon darling???
hugs Lestat!

From: Buffy
Subject: lestat
Dated: Mon Dec 23 18:53:19 (1134)

Lestat.....being naughty again??

From: Buffy
Subject: Xmas
Dated: Mon Dec 23 18:56:02 (1135)

oh and Merry Xmas......

From: Lestat
Subject: buffy
Dated: Mon Dec 23 19:35:18 (1136)

and happy xmas Ori old chap!

From: Smit
Subject: Christmas
Dated: Tue Dec 24 19:36:54 (1137)

Happy Christmas everyone and lets not forget what its all about
spending money to make .......
happy about ourselves......
umm, and the birth of christ.
All the best,
Smit xx

From: Pinky
Subject: Appy Christmas!
Dated: Tue Dec 24 21:05:48 (1138)

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

From: Tajemstvi
Subject: happy xmas
Dated: Wed Dec 25 08:41:03 (1139)

hope you all have a great time, its snowing here
so its perfect. see ya soon
love Taj

From: Aeia
Subject: Christmas
Dated: Wed Dec 25 23:08:14 (1140)

hope everyone has had a good Christmas!
and hope everyone has a brilliant new year!

From: Magestic
Subject: Buffy
Dated: Thu Dec 26 01:37:41 (1081)

hope santas sack contained something nice for you
he left a few pressies for me too
full of christmas cheer
but totally drunk on beer
have a good one hunk!!!!!

From: Ellie
Subject: I don't believe this.
Dated: Sat Dec 28 16:32:47 (1082)

Well at least I managed to get on here,
Which right at this moment is a miracle,
Now all I have to do, is try to put everything else right,
Remind me never to let my computer be reinstalled again,
I cannot list everything that has been lost,
As far as this game goes though, everything got wiped,
This is gonna take a long time to sort out,

From: Pinky
Subject: Ellie
Dated: Sat Dec 28 19:43:10 (1083)

Where is my Xmas cake!!
I'm waiting!
Pinky the starving to death ikkle mousie wizzard

From: Acid
Subject: Riddle me is !!!!
Dated: Sat Dec 28 21:04:18 (1084)

O woe is me riddle's, fiddles, tiddles
wot in heck is the answer to the Philsopher's riddle
help me, before all my hair falls out.

From: Ellie
Subject: Christmas cake
Dated: Sat Dec 28 23:05:54 (1085)

If that was the only problem I had,
You might stand a chance of getting it,
As it is, you need to email me, your address.
And don't forget, I said only if there was any left
Looks like you might get some though,
providing you behave.
Love Ellie

From: Smit
Subject: xmas
Dated: Sun Dec 29 03:42:23 (1086)

I have nothing further to add.....

From: ManUtd
Subject: Christmas cake..
Dated: Sun Dec 29 12:34:21 (1087)

Hey Ellie, i hope that's only cake he's
gonna get, or me and thee are heading for a big fallout
Acid sobs brokenly

From: Ellie
Subject: Birthday
Dated: Sun Dec 29 23:28:45 (1088)

Happy Birthday Brannie
Doesn't time fly
I hear it is your 60th this year
many Happy Returns Old Timer

From: Acid
Subject: Witch's
Dated: Mon Dec 30 21:17:35 (1089)

I've just won 100 trillion squid
so any Witch's (females only) that
want to be showered with love and presents
for ever, then please send your acknowledgements
to the Acid man, in the form of t, so i can make Wiz.
i thank you
PS: no i havent been drinkin, hic...
PPS: well on a bit..

From: Lestat
Subject: Acid's Squid
Dated: Tue Dec 31 18:05:52 (1090)

Acid, glad to here of your Squid bonanza!!
I hear Smity may know some recipies for cooking
Squid in many forms!!
But put them on Ice or they will all go off!!
Not sure what the ladies will do for you, as some
wont like Squid all that much!! being Seafood n'all
Suppose being showered in many forms of squid may be kinky
to some....give it a try!!!!
good Luck!!
anyway...ill stick to drinking blood once in a while
pass me the wine!!

From: Lister
Subject: ;)
Dated: Tue Dec 31 18:48:22 (1091)
for all you kazaa users
Instant supreme being (1000)
appy new year all, nearly party time!!

From: hazeii
Subject: Happy New Year!
Dated: Tue Dec 31 22:17:45 (1092)

Happy New Year, best wishs to all for 2003!

From: Ellie
Subject: Guess
Dated: Tue Dec 31 23:17:42 (1093)

Happy New Year
To Everyone On Here
Hope You All Have A Great Night
All The Best For 2003
Love And Lots Of Kisses