From: Smit
Subject: buffy
Dated: Wed Apr 10 20:01:40

Now I don't want to push this too far, i know it has gone far enough
but isn't it time buffy was given her witch back?
after all Zxylo was found to mt Bluebirf to wizard and
that is a serious crime and Buffy was guilty of a only playing
a stupid practical joke on Siva who she loves without a shadow
of a doubt...
I am sure she learnt her lesson and won't do it again...
Zxylo was found guilty of mting a mortal from sorc to wiz
is buffy's crime that bad to deserve more of a punishment?
She appolog

From: Smit
Subject: buffy pt2
Dated: Wed Apr 10 20:11:34 (1138)

it would seem to me that busting another wizard
as a joke would not be as serious as deliberately and
seruptitiosly mting 150k to someone at 5am to wiz
I am not asking for zxylo to be blotted or ostracised I am just
asking for the same rules for one to be applied to another
and again i ask that the rule of blotting Buffy
for a less than serious (no kidding - it was daft)
offence be turned over given the circumstances now
that everyone knows the conditions

From: Smit
Subject: buffy3
Dated: Wed Apr 10 20:14:58 (1139)

Sorry it has been so long for me to post
it is just no one has stuck up for her
except a few and only in closed doors.
I thought common sense would prefail but everyone
seems adamant to keep quiet and avoid any
I feel Buffy (B#
seeing as she does such a very poor job of
doing it for herself - poor girl.

From: Branwell
Subject: Smit
Dated: Thu Apr 11 00:11:45 (1140)

well said old fellow!
Allow the silly tart Buffy back please ZEON!
It would add greatly to the gaiety of Shades!

From: Blondie
Subject: Buffy
Dated: Thu Apr 11 09:47:40 (1081)

Hear, Hear ... Bring back Buffy!

From: StuckPig
Subject: Where did the t go???
Dated: Thu Apr 11 11:28:33 (1082)

I came on the game and got things like the chord and rag,
but the t for these had gone.
Is it possible to get the t without solving puzzles???
I am moaning like a Stuck Pig about this!

From: KiDmYsTIc
Subject: Treasure gone?
Dated: Thu Apr 11 12:16:03 (1083)

Someone may have cleared the reset before you came on stuck!

From: StuckPig
Subject: Where did the t go (agai
Dated: Thu Apr 11 13:32:51 (1084)

KiD, the chord was still about - so noone could have got into
the black tower, (could they?).
I'm told that the t was probably taken by a wiz
I suppose to give to Taj as she lost so many points
Oh well, I'm sure I'll find something else to moan about.
....moaning like a stuck pig. <StuckPig>

From: Buffy
Subject: Smit and Co
Dated: Thu Apr 11 16:09:24 (1085)

Just like to thank Smit for sticking up for me.

From: Roxanne
Subject: Buffy etc etc
Dated: Thu Apr 11 18:12:27 (1086)

Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but I always thought
that the BUST command was there for a reason...
NOT to be used as a 'joke'.....

From: Smit
Subject: Roxanne
Dated: Thu Apr 11 19:39:19 (1087)

Sorry, but Roxanne as no one knows you we can only assume
that you are one of the VERY rude wizards who continued
to swear and bring this game down.
I assume you are this said wizard because you have a knowledge on the
game and the wizard commands.
If you are soo shallow you can't speak out for yourself
and have to use a little used personna to do this then maybe
you should just reconcider and have the guts to speak
your mind with a name to back it up
and swearing doesn't help

From: Blondie
Subject: Roxanne
Dated: Fri Apr 12 09:45:14 (1088)

Moaning again Roxanne? Lighten up and get a life might be a good idea?

From: Tajemstvi
Subject: Buffy
Dated: Fri Apr 12 11:29:26 (1089)

zeon please reinstate buffy, she has leaned her lesson.
ok it wasn't the brightest of things to do
but it wasnt malicious, and we need good vampire killers.
but it wasnt malicious, and we need good vampire killers.

From: Feeblewit
Subject: Buffy
Dated: Sun Apr 14 02:13:15 (1090)

To hell with Buffy. Why should she be restored after she
as be found guilty? I say lock up Buffy and throw away the
key. Anyway Buffy don't need nobody to stick up for her
cos she is STUCK UP enough all by herself. So I say
stick it up Buffy till it hurts.

From: Siva
Subject: Buffy
Dated: Sun Apr 14 02:20:20 (1091)


From: Siva
Subject: Buffy encore
Dated: Sun Apr 14 12:41:55 (1092)

Reading back, I think this merits a further snigger.

From: Kochanski
Subject: BB Sunday 14th April
Dated: Sun Apr 14 22:11:24 (1093)

I came along to BB and it was pandemonium... no wiz or arch to setscore or
record the scores. So I kinda did it (hopes Z doesn't scream too much at t
the MT log ...
1st = Kidmystic with 6 kills, 1 death
2nd Axe with 2 kills, 2 defeats and no deaths
3rd was SoulMan 2 kills, 2 defeats and one death
poor Moriarty got hacked into tiny pieces six times, and Ronin seven times
and Pynkfloid sorta wafted about, avoiding death, but not killing anyone.
I can't setscore players to original score cos not ar

From: Kochanski
Subject: BB II
Dated: Sun Apr 14 22:12:06 (1094) I hope an Arch setscores people back!
Koch xx

From: Buffy
Subject: Feeblewit
Dated: Mon Apr 15 10:48:54 (1095)

You have a point there. I am stuck up enough.
It comes with years of breeding and heritage! something you indeed lack.
Ps. Siva is the only person who can "stick it up Buffy til it hurts!"

From: Siva
Subject: Buffy
Dated: Mon Apr 15 12:15:57 (1096)

Awww, now I feel mean for sniggering.
On a more serious note I always felt that Buffy was
a bit unfortunate to stay busted because although she
undoubtedly did unspeakable things to the dignity of
the ":bust | confirm" command (wink), she in her ignorance
or innocence thought it was all a huge joke and,
apart from being inconvenienced for a few hours by the
the loss of my wizard, so did I.
I think Buffy's reputation perhaps did her no favours here
and I feel she should>> more

From: Siva
Subject: Buffy II
Dated: Mon Apr 15 12:17:56 (1097)

>> probably lose the "Blot all Arches" suffix if she wishes
to endear herself to those who have it in their power to
restore her or condemn her to eternal damnation in the outer
darkness complete with weeping and wailing and gnashing of
molars. And that is my piece, and now I have said it.

From: ZEON
Subject: Bufster
Dated: Mon Apr 15 13:27:07 (1098)

Well I was going to hold a referendum on who thinks
she should be re-instated, but after seeing said suffix
as mentioned by Siva, I am now thinking of whether to hold
a referendum to decide if I should hold a further
referendum to decide if she should be re-instated
There again I might just blot her again....

From: Smit
Subject: Buffy
Dated: Mon Apr 15 14:08:09 (1099)

Whilst ZEON is always wise and fair - Siva is a bumbling fool.
Not once today but TWICE he has put his foot in it and got his
facts muddled. He should know as everyone knows that Buffy has no
such suffix and to not only slander the poor dears name but
to print it forever on the CT is beyond comprehension.
May I suggest that Siva take a little time off to check his fact
so that he isn't BUSTED AGAIN. By me
Yours, with a large pinch of Sodium Chloride.

From: Siva
Subject: Buffy
Dated: Mon Apr 15 14:58:29 (1100)

Now this merits a cackle AND a snigger. And furthermore
I feel it calls for a SEA SHANTY.

From: ZEON
Subject: Siva
Dated: Mon Apr 15 15:21:12 (1101)

I hereby propose to hold a referendum on as just to where
Siva should stick his sea shanties...
Answers on a postcard....

From: Siva
Subject: buffy
Dated: Mon Apr 15 16:30:02 (1102)

I must apologise, I was mistaken about Buffy's suffix, which
is in fact "the Vampire Slayer" as any fule kno. Can't
imagine where I saw the other one.

From: Buffy
Subject: siva
Dated: Mon Apr 15 16:36:10 (1103)

Once again I thank you all for your kinds words.
I would point out that my suffix is and has always been the vampire must be referring to Bergkamp who I will kindly ask
to change his suffix to Blot some arches. ;-)

From: Branwell
Subject: ZEON....
Dated: Mon Apr 15 16:37:19 (1104)

You'd make yourself a LOT of new friends and admirers, were you
in your infinite wisdom and good taste, to make the renderings of
sea shanties a blottable offence.
I may already have mentioned this!

From: Azmodan
Subject: Buffy
Dated: Mon Apr 15 17:54:19 (1105)

I though there was ment to be a certain degree of
impartiality in being an arch. Obviouls not, I've done alot of
daft things in my time on here including busting myself just because
did i ever get my wiz's back no. I got told the bust command
isnt a toy and basicaly tough shit.
Nice to see theres 1 rule for some and 1 rule for others

From: Buffy
Subject: Zeon
Dated: Mon Apr 15 18:00:00 (1106)

One word.

From: Tajemstvi
Subject: Blondebum and Blondie
Dated: Tue Apr 16 10:03:19 (1107)

what started out as a rumour and progressed to mutual fun and jokes,
i have been told has now led to one person feeling a bit fed up with it
so i would like to say that i am just as fed up with the rumour as the oth
is with the jokes. So will z or another Arch please delete/whatever the Bl
it was never my intention to upset or cause upset to another player with t
so to prove this i want her deleted, and blondie if ya read this...forget
no matter what the rest say....

From: Tajemstvi
Subject: continued
Dated: Tue Apr 16 11:07:13 (1108)

its ok renamed to something need for delete

From: Siva
Subject: how wonderful!
Dated: Tue Apr 16 13:25:30 (1109) see this outbreak of love and peace and joy on Shades.
Long may it continue.

From: Xyzabc
Subject: senser
Dated: Tue Apr 16 16:38:28 (1110)

all i would like to say on the matter is this
i (taj)locked up came back on to see taj attacked by guard
i shouted for zap as she was stuck, senser then attacked her
and intentionally low stammed her knowing this as he was watching fight
tes i swore lots as this was blatant low stamming at its worse
but guess what how would anyone know i was locked without snooping taj

From: Siva
Subject: Love and peace
Dated: Tue Apr 16 17:03:16 (1111)

Ah well it didn't last long.

From: ZEON
Subject: Taj
Dated: Tue Apr 16 18:07:21 (1112)

Sorry Taj, I know it may not seem fair but as stated in
the code of conduct which can be found at:-
It clearly states that points can not be restored due to
connection problems etc.
You say that an immortal must have been snooping you
and attacked you knowing that you were frozen, unfortunately
this cant be proved BUT if I ever catch an immortal doing
this they WILL be blotted.
Not much comfort to you I know...

From: Tajemstvi
Subject: points lost
Dated: Tue Apr 16 18:15:33 (1113)

Zeon thanks for your message and i understand they wont be reinstated...
i never asked for them to be and wont either,
i was snooped and was told that immorts had the log of what happened
if they were snooping they would have seen taj doing nothing.
even a zap taj even on my low stam would have helped
but to be told i had cheated then inferred that i may have edited my log
was the last straw as far as i am concerned.
i have been a pain in the ass sometimes i know, and have tried where possi

From: Tajemstvi
Subject: points lost continued
Dated: Tue Apr 16 18:16:36 (1114)

to redeem myself, but oine thing i am not is a liar or a cheat.
thanks for your prompt and fair answer
thanks for your prompt and fair answer

From: Buffy
Subject: Taj
Dated: Tue Apr 16 18:20:34 (1115)

Happened to me several times
I know this doesn't help, but it will make you better
Sorry, but you will be right back up there sooner or later.

From: Smit
Subject: Taj
Dated: Tue Apr 16 18:22:02 (1116)

I for one feel real sorry for you Taj.
It is always a beatch (did I spell it right Kid?)
I am sure no one accused you of cheating and
as far as I am concerned if someone deliberately killed
you knowing you had frozen then they should burn in hell
I sypathise with you as I was killed 3k from Wizard once because of
a freeze and I was none too pleased with my ISP either!
It is a shame with all the technological advancements
that games like this still suffer these awful problems

From: Siva
Subject: Branwell
Dated: Thu Apr 18 05:00:11 (1117)

What were you doing up (and on Shades) at 3:07am?
I think we should be told.

From: Siva
Subject: Branwell, encore
Dated: Thu Apr 18 14:15:03 (1118)

Aha! Aha! (No reply I see!)
It grows more and MORE suspicious.
And answer me this, Branwell...
Why are you known as "two noses"?
Yrs truly, the Akond

From: Mischief
Subject: Quiz - 18th April
Dated: Thu Apr 18 22:37:14 (1119)

Another hotly contested quiz.. This week's results :
1st Pynkfloid - 18 poinrs
2nd Branwell - 16
3rd Rembrandt / Orddu - 13 (tied)
4th Scytale - 7
5th Hairymoos - 3
joint 6th Ronin / Lister / Damocles - 1 point
Thanks everyone for attending...
Missy xx

From: Siva
Subject: Congrats Tajjy
Dated: Sat Apr 20 16:08:32 (1120)

Well done that witch.

From: Siva
Subject: Congrats Lister
Dated: Sun Apr 21 08:18:41 (1121)

No more shall ye be yclept Blister.

From: Lister
Subject: wiz
Dated: Sun Apr 21 08:27:23 (1122)

text Thanks all....Listy

From: Bluebirf
Subject: Immortal, Invisible!
Dated: Sun Apr 21 11:05:42 (1123)

Well done the new Immorts!
Keep taking the beer, Lister...
keep dieing Taj!

From: Tajemstvi
Subject: Witch
Dated: Sun Apr 21 13:02:16 (1124)

i would just like to thank everyone for their help
and those that killed me too

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Apr 21 22:05:02 (1125)

Tonight's winner is Moriarty - 7 kills, 3 defeats and 3 deaths
Close behind in second is Trolf - 6 kills, 2 defeats and 1 death
Hot on his heels in third is Axe - 5 kills, 2 defeats and 0 deaths
(it's been one of those fairly evenly matched bloodbaths!)
Close behind him in fourth, Saturn - 6 kills and 3 deaths
And ditto in fifth, Funnelweb - 2 kills, 3 defeats and 6 deaths
Conan came sixth - 1 kill, 1 defeat and 20 deaths (oops?!)
Ninja made a fleeting visit and came seventh - 1 defeat and 1 deat

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Result II
Dated: Sun Apr 21 22:06:09 (1126)

Xander also made a fleeting visit, died once and then vamooshed
and Jazzy was Jazzy and died thrice
Congrats all and see you next week!

From: Lister
Subject: Room
Dated: Mon Apr 22 15:40:02 (1127)

Any chance of my room..
When one of you gets a minute
big thanks and cheers people
Right...more beer

From: Azmodan
Subject: You a Man Or Woman
Dated: Mon Apr 22 18:08:53 (1128)

Try this test out.......

From: Siva
Subject: The gender test
Dated: Tue Apr 23 09:33:22 (1129)

I am definitely a woman. 86% confidence!
Howzabout that then guys and gals?

From: Buffy
Subject: Siva
Dated: Tue Apr 23 14:07:42 (1130)

I can confirm that Siva is ALL man!
From a devoted Buffy.

From: Philote
Subject: The gender test
Dated: Wed Apr 24 13:36:47 (1131)

Phew, quite a rlief, I'm a woman, 83% confidence
But I'm still 27% gay!

From: Siva
Subject: Philote
Dated: Thu Apr 25 10:15:25 (1132)

And only 10% mathematician.

From: Siva
Subject: Journalist needs help
Dated: Thu Apr 25 12:43:54 (1133)

A journalist friend of mine needs help with a piece
she is writing for the Evening Standard. Following the
publication of RELATE figures showing that 10% of
marriages are in trouble because of internet addiction and/or virtual
love affairs, she wishes to interview someone who has had some
such experience. The interviewee must be willing to be
identified by real name and be photographed. I told her I think
this is a tall order (there is no shortage of stories), but >>>

From: Siva
Subject: Journalist help contd
Dated: Thu Apr 25 12:46:12 (1134)

the paper has decreed that thus it must be. If anyone wants to
contact her (she is very nice, very gorgeous, very ethical and
will not publish anything that the aforesaid interviewee might
be unhappy with) please email
Yrs very truly,
PS: This puts me in mind of ...

From: Blondie
Subject: Journalist Help
Dated: Thu Apr 25 14:23:12 (1135)

How do you know there is no shortage of stories?

From: Siva
Subject: How I know
Dated: Thu Apr 25 14:42:01 (1136)

I once wrote a book on this subject.
PS: It is still available from

There are no more messages.

From: Freaky
Subject: The book
Dated: Thu Apr 25 16:44:05 (1137)

I have checked with Amazon and they say they have thousands
of books. Could you be more specific as to the title of this
book so I can decide if it is worthy of purchase.

From: Philote
Subject: Siva / mathematics
Dated: Thu Apr 25 20:37:19 (1138)

it wasn't supposed to add up you know

From: Melt
Subject: It's a very good book
Dated: Fri Apr 26 23:17:16 (1139)

and one day I hope to meet it's author and get it signed.
Meltie asks the obvious question:
why doesne Siva go in for the interview?

From: Siva
Subject: interview
Dated: Sat Apr 27 10:43:58 (1140)

I was interviewed by her for the Independent three years ago
prior to publication of aforementioned tome. Since new tome
due out Sept 16 (ISBN: 0743206983, advance orders now being
taken on is a novel and nothing to do with
cyberspace or computers, this seemed to be the wrong kind
of publicity. I have urged my friend Tsebaoth, who roleplays
a corpse in 'another place', to give the interview from
the comfort and privacy of his coffin.
Siva (god of music, drugs, drama, sex and death)

From: badriya
Subject: Freaky
Dated: Sat Apr 27 11:22:24 (1081)

The book about muds n stuff is The Cybergypsies

From: Aloysius
Subject: cybg
Dated: Sat Apr 27 16:16:16 (1082)

not just muds n stuff nyver

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Apr 28 22:07:01 (1083)

Tonight's winner is Apollyon - 7 kills, 1 defeat and 0 deaths!
In second place, Gypsy - 6 kills and 1 death (and 0 whinging!)
Third is Moriarty - 1 kill, 5 defeats and 4 deaths
In fourth place, Bint - 5 kills and 0 deaths
Fifth is Axe - 4 kills and 0 deaths
Sixth is Serenity - 3 kills, 1 defeat and 0 deaths
Seventh is Ninja - 2 kills and 4 deaths
And eight is Conan with - 1 kill and 25 deaths (eek!)
Congrats all and see you next week!

From: ZEON
Subject: Siva/Buffy
Dated: Mon Apr 29 19:14:10 (1084)

It has been brought to my attention that Buffy
has failed to live up to her promise of 'hot passion'
following her marriage to Siva.
Because of this deeply disturbing fact I have been asked
by the disappointed groom to anule said marriage
I therefore grant permission for all vows that
were (not) made during
the lovely long (not) wedding service to be null and void
And have great pleasure to
grant Siva his freedom to go sow his wild (or tame)
oats elsewhere

From: Buffy
Subject: Siva
Dated: Mon Apr 29 19:52:52 (1085) passion eh???

From: Siva
Subject: To whom &c
Dated: Tue Apr 30 01:14:56 (1086)

I am suddenly called away on affairs of cosmic government
to the other side of the galaxy. To wit the huge dust pillars
in the constellation of Orion, which at 2 light years each,
are small models of my divine phallus which stretches, as all
know, from one end of the universe to the other. If work on
these is proceeding satisfactorily I shallbe back soon.
But I think I may be gone some time.

From: ZEON
Subject: lister
Dated: Tue Apr 30 07:56:38 (1087)

Ok Lister, as if mting 33K for one of your characters
was not enough you appear to have managed to create yet
another character in the early hours of this morning and
managed to get 33K on it in a very short space of time
Both this character and Lister have been zero'ed
pending a full investigation

From: Buffy
Subject: lister
Dated: Tue Apr 30 09:59:50 (1088)

Poor Lister, he is really gutted. Could you please tell us the evidence?
Lister is one of the good guys so am thinking maybe a mistake has been mad
Let us knoe,
Nice one Arsenal!!!
(sorry had to sneak that in!)

From: Lister
Subject: T
Dated: Tue Apr 30 10:03:10 (1089)

If you check you will find i went from shades
to novice for first 2 resets
then collected the rest by clearing up
and collected the rest manually before
loggin off
very sad
sorry if looked different
didnt MT last night
thanks lister

From: ZEON
Subject: Lister
Dated: Tue Apr 30 18:22:01 (1090)

The evidence Buffy, is called a log.....
However I have accepted his explanation of the second
incident and restored Lister

From: Buffy
Subject: lister
Dated: Tue Apr 30 18:26:27 (1091)