From: Siva
Subject: BB
Dated: Sun Mar 04 21:40:36

I came here intending to interview Chantypoos about horses but
found myself scoring the BB, Peri having been forced to depart
in a hurry. There were five potential contestants present at the
outset, of whom Aurora and Nancy vanished sharpish. Bogus,
Moonraker and Moriarty competed for the honours until Moony
dropped out. Poor old Moriarty was beset by freezes and suchlike
and the long and short is that Bogus killed him five times.
Nuff being nuff, they then went for a drink.

From: Siva
Subject: BB more
Dated: Sun Mar 04 21:50:53

Oh yeah, then the three of us playing a game of footie.

From: Bacardi
Subject: Wiz Room
Dated: Mon Mar 05 13:57:41

Can I have one please Zeon? Hugz xxx

From: Seb
Subject: Branwell for arch
Dated: Wed Mar 07 00:46:41

So many people seem to favour the geezer that I simply must
oppose any archness (archdom?) for Branwell.
for no other reason that to strike a balance.

From: Siva
Subject: Branwell
Dated: Wed Mar 07 20:03:24

I suppose we LIKE the swine, though for the life of me I can't
think why.

From: Bacardi
Subject: Branwell
Dated: Thu Mar 08 09:00:46

Cos he's so sweet and cute!

From: Bergkamp
Subject: Branwell
Dated: Thu Mar 08 09:29:51

Can't go along with this Branwell for Arch thing, not when it should be me
So I am going for the Bergkamp for Arch!!
ps. Lots of people will suffer.....;-)

From: Angelis
Subject: Bergkamp
Dated: Fri Mar 09 19:16:48

Well, your guaranteed to get in now....

From: Siva
Subject: Oh for God's sake
Dated: Sat Mar 17 11:20:44

Has nobody got anything to say? This bloody chattrack has been
dead for a week. I don't come on very often any more, hell, I
need a hit of gossip, slander, whingeing, etc, in fact the usual.
From: Mindy
Subject: Meet Report
Dated: Sat Mar 17 14:47:21

Okay, its done....
visit our website, off the diary page.
M xx

From: Ellie
Subject: Siva
Dated: Sat Mar 17 23:39:05

OK Siva here goes, Handsome has NOT given Barefoot her points back
yet, but she is working on it. They ALL try to beat my killers up, but i'
not as black/blue as I used to be. Does that mean I became better, or they
worse, HA! review
forget that last bit (review) this is me after all
We all MISS you lots, grin, Barefoot wonders just where that Teddy is
cos she wants to beat him up for waving his weapon around all over the pla
place. That is it for now, as i'm sure I wont be allowed to write

From: ZEON
Subject: Teaching...
Dated: Sun Mar 18 05:11:55

for helpful advice

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Mar 18 22:29:49

Tonight's winner is Bogus! (he left the mobiles to play with themselves
for a moment or two) - 4 kills, 1 defeat and 0 deaths
Sigurd (coo!) is a very close second - 3 kills, 1 defeat and 2 deaths
And poor Nancy was tonight's sacrificial goat and died 7 times...

From: Paris
Subject: Bonjour!
Dated: Mon Mar 19 15:34:09

allo allo to all my old frendz! Paris is back.
I look forward to fisticuffs in due course!

From: Yog
Subject: Bournemouth Meeting?
Dated: Wed Mar 21 19:51:23

Would anyone be interested in a summer seaside meet in Bournemouth? if so,

From: Yog
Subject: Clearly incapable...
Dated: Wed Mar 21 20:00:15

oops, my post-room hymen is shown to all... alas and alack. anyway, Bourne
Meet in the summer anybody? I can happily arrange, as I am keen to meet
other tragic persons for mutually life fulfilling & self-worth ratifying
social intercourse. Any interest...?
email me at
(please feel free to send insults as well... the better, the better
Happy Wednesday everyone... and etc

From: Bergkamp
Subject: Yog
Dated: Thu Mar 22 10:44:10

Bourny meet sounds fine to me.

From: ZEON
Subject: Ingerlund
Dated: Sat Mar 24 11:16:39

To whom it may concern...
Please contact me and I will explain why
I have blocked Ingerlund's access

From: Siva
Subject: Ingerlund
Dated: Sat Mar 24 18:31:34

Well, now, this piques my curiosity. Please tell us anyway, Z,
with or without the email. In the public interest. Pour encourager
les autres. Sort of thing.

From: Branwell
Subject: Ingerlund
Dated: Sun Mar 25 18:33:36

Like Siva (whom the gods preserve) I too am a nosy git.
So come on Zeon, spill the beans!

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Mar 25 22:06:07

Tonight's winner is Bogus (he managed to keep away from the mobiles long
enough to play...) - 11 kills, 2 defeats and 1 death
In second place, Moriarty with - 3 kills, 4 defeats and 9 deaths
Tawwagon was third with - 3 kills and 3 deaths (coooer!
Melt was almost tonight's sacrificial goat but he girded up his loins and
started to wreak his revenge and so he's fourth! with -
1 kill, 1 defeat and 10 deaths
Congrats and stuff to all who turned up!

From: ZEON
Subject: Nosey Gits
Dated: Mon Mar 26 00:38:35

Well Branflake, the logs show that you were actually there
at the time..not paying attention or too busy chatting
up Alana were we?? :-)

From: Branwell
Subject: ZEON
Dated: Mon Mar 26 13:20:53

I put up my hands Guv: you have caught me bang to rights.
I have been multitasking - exchanging pleasantries with the
fair Alana (who speaks VERY highly of you) whilst simultaneously
exchanging raunchy ICQs with the delectable Savannah (who speaks
somewhat LESS highly of you)
With such a pair of charming diversions it is little wonder this
Ingerlund got up to no good - whatever it was!

From: ZEON
Subject: Inshades
Dated: Mon Mar 26 18:23:54

Right, now that I have got ftp access back
after Shades move to a new home, I shall finally
be updating Inshades this coming weekend
To be honest, apart from the BB and quiz results
there ain't alot to update, so...if any of you
lazy sods have anything you want to appear in it
please get it too me by the weekend

From: Mindy
Subject: Summer Meet Type Things
Dated: Mon Mar 26 20:07:36

Seriously advanced warning... (well for me anyway!)
This years Sussex Meet (aka the Bouncy Castle Meet)
is planned for the 21st July (Bouncy Castle availability
subject to confirmation) so stick the date in your
diaries NOW! :-))
love and hugs
Mindy xx

From: Art
Subject: Summer Meet thingy
Dated: Mon Mar 26 21:02:56

Doh! I'm out of the country then. *sob*

From: Melt
Subject: BB
Dated: Tue Mar 27 00:35:04

Ach, 10 deaths isne so bad...

From: Pauli
Subject: summer meet
Dated: Tue Mar 27 11:25:19

Oh no! I dont think I'll be able to come cos Dave is back then
I'll have to see later on.

From: Branwell
Subject: Pauli
Dated: Tue Mar 27 14:39:45

What?! Is it HIM you're ashamed of or US?!
Bring him along dear, so we can ALL tell him a few things...

From: Mindy
Subject: Summer Meet Thingy
Dated: Tue Mar 27 15:07:09

Due to popular request, the date for this has been
changed to 16th June 2001
please amend your diaries!!
(Bouncy-castle still to be confirmed, killer chilli
a definite!)
love M xx

From: Philote
Subject: Pubcrawl
Dated: Tue Mar 27 15:53:58

If anyone is interested in a pubcrawl...
this saturday (march 31), circle line pubcrawl in London
12 hours, 27 pubs, 27 drinks
start at 11 am at Stanhope Arms pub across the street from
Goucester road tube station.
Then travelling anti-clockwise to pubs near circle line tube stations
Might be the last time in a loooong time to meet me!
xxx Phil & Brid

From: Art
Subject: pubcrawl
Dated: Tue Mar 27 16:16:46

Hmm.. I won't be able to do the whole thing due to some other plans on
that day, but I might be able to turn up for a couple of hours.

From: Pauli
Subject: saturday/branwell
Dated: Tue Mar 27 18:18:09

Oh no I wont be able to make it bridlet!
but should be able to make summer thingy if its in june
And as for you Branwell, I'm deeply ashamed of you
in particular. You got nothing on me anyway :)

From: Siva
Subject: Branwell/Pauli
Dated: Tue Mar 27 23:08:00

Not having nothing over no-one never stopped him
nohow nor his nonsense.

From: Branwell
Subject: Siva...
Dated: Wed Mar 28 17:03:20 ever, speaks the unvarnished truth. I have had quite a tidy
income all these years from a monthly stipend he has made me so
long as I keep quiet about the business involving him, the Wife
of the Vicar of Framfield and the Unpleasantness one Harvest
Sunday behind the chicken shed.
In fact this was all bluff on my part. The Lady concerned felt so
humiliated and shamed by the whole business she has never uttered
a word about the whole experience.
I nonetheless cashed in.

From: Sue
Subject: Poor Excuses
Dated: Thu Mar 29 20:36:33

Just what is it with this latest breed of player..
they either only play at safe times when noone else
is around, or they qq at the mere sight of another player
It ain't big, it ain't clever and it certainly doesn't
command ANY respect from ANYONE
It is just so so sad
Bout time this game was beefed up a bit and was made
back into a challenge again...and while you are at it
Peri, get rid of the bloody Xmas version!!

From: Pegasus
Subject: Christmas Version
Dated: Thu Mar 29 20:44:06

Sue, it's tradition that Christmas version doesn't get
wiped until at LEAST October. Surely you wouldn't want
to upset the applecart and confuse the old-timers to death?

From: Philote
Subject: cowardly wannaB
Dated: Fri Mar 30 10:23:24

Just what is it with these high and mighty immortals
that think there is only one way to play this game:
Now I wasn't around in "the old days" when everything was better
but I'm sure you had lots to moan and complain about then too
Now just staying safely invisible unless it is to bring out
a killer second ain't big, ain't clever and it certainly doesn't
command ANY respect from ANYONE
Surely it's always been part of the game that there are
killers and non fighters (remember the pacifist

From: Philote
Subject: cowardly wannaB (contd)
Dated: Fri Mar 30 10:26:45

mode?) We're all playing by the rules and aren't hurting anyone
So why do you care if some prefer to hang out outside the pub
or manage to get to warlock on 1k per reset
And since when is it an offence to play when no one is around?
I'm sure you've NEVER done that....
lots of love and cuddly kisses

From: Twolive
Subject: Increased Difficulty
Dated: Fri Mar 30 11:36:20

Well, here's one quick suggestion to greatly increase the
difficulty, and swing the balance more towards the killers:
Make "who" and "qw" only work if you're in a (Safe) location

From: Halley
Subject: Twolive
Dated: Fri Mar 30 14:39:29

Hmmm not a bad idea actually....
wWhat do people think to that - no qw outside safe
Could add a little excitement to the game
Yours pondersome Halley

From: UnluckyII
Subject: Twolive
Dated: Fri Mar 30 16:27:00

I see you suggest this AFTER you made wiz

From: Branwell
Subject: qw
Dated: Fri Mar 30 16:32:30

So nervous mortals will be heading back to safe all the time
just to do a "qw"?!
And you'd presumably deprive sorcs etc of their ss and si commands?
And no preemptive spells would be possible either?
I think your idea needs a little more work on it(!)

From: Sue
Subject: Philote
Dated: Fri Mar 30 19:20:48

Touchy Philote, Touchy
Take a valium....

From: Taliesin
Subject: Giggle
Dated: Fri Mar 30 22:10:29

Anyone who comes on here and gets a wiz cos they need respect is
a seriously sad git. As for when you play - it's open 24 hours a day
if people want to kill potential wizzes get out of bed and try it?
The only reason I want a wiz is for the functionality - and that all
seems to be here - so if anyone is unhappy about it - I could care

From: Taliesin
Subject: Oh.....
Dated: Fri Mar 30 22:12:58

and I WAS around in the old days - when crews of killer wizzes
stood shifts all night to stop people getting to wiz. Sigh - there
just aren't any real 'professional' killers about these days
just a lot of noisy little amateurs.....;)

From: Sara
Subject: Que?
Dated: Fri Mar 30 22:15:56

er functionality to do/for what???

From: Taliesin
Subject: Functionality
Dated: Fri Mar 30 22:24:45

Invis, /, zap, mt, reset, fxa, all that stuff

From: Siva
Subject: Caring less
Dated: Sat Mar 31 00:07:03

Taliesin, when you say "I could care less", I suppose you mean
that you "couldn't" care less.
But then again, I don't give a fish's tit.

From: Taliesin
Subject: caring
Dated: Sat Mar 31 01:08:39

u got it siv! (damned typing)

From: Branwell
Subject: Siva
Dated: Sat Mar 31 19:42:30

You learn something new ALL the time on Shades!
For example, until the learned Siva used the phrase "fish's tit" I
did not even realise that our piscatorial friends were thus endowed!
Clearly he had done the research - let us not enquire too closely HOW -
and I salute his diligence!
(So tell us Siva, are you a tit man or a fin man?)