From: Ellie
Subject: Punternet
Dated: Tue Jul 03 16:45:56

Looks like your going to have to
ask the Likkle Lorry Driver
about Pearl of Penrith
I hear she is one of his favourites

From: badriya
Subject: phaid
Dated: Thu Jul 05 00:12:12

Need you in the other place. A lady is languishing for your charms. No a

From: ZEON
Subject: BB results
Dated: Sun Jul 08 22:33:23

Well as neither Chant nor Peri managed to buzz the
scores up, here they are
1st Gypsy 8 Kills 1 Defence 0 Deaths
2nd Bogus 2 Kills 1 Defence 1 Death
3rd Moriarty 2 Kills 0 Defences 6 Deaths
4th Owen 0 Kills 1 Defence 1 Death
5th Abacus 0 Kills 0 Defences 7 Deaths

From: Siva
Subject: BBQ results
Dated: Wed Jul 11 14:54:28

1st Branwell 19 drumsticks, 1 pickled onion, 3 helpings ice-cream
2nd Chant 1 veggieburger, 2 bowl salad, 16 black coffees
3rd Zeon 63 burnt sausages, 1 toothpick, 3 quarts beer
4th Ellie 1 large battered cod, 94 greasy chips, 1 saveloy
5th Deckard 4 chicken tikka masala, 6 naan, 14 Kingfisher

From: Deckard
Subject: Kingfisher
Dated: Wed Jul 11 18:20:51

20 actually ;)

From: Melt
Subject: BBQ Results
Dated: Wed Jul 11 23:24:53

food? Why wasne I invited? em hasne eaten for 2 days now,
being an 'orrible student 'n all...

From: Bergkamp
Subject: BBQ Results
Dated: Thu Jul 12 14:11:54

Where was my invite???
saying that my diet now is such that I probably would
have managed 1 drumstick!
Ps. Ordered your book Siva!

From: Innocent
Subject: Book
Dated: Fri Jul 13 00:04:11

You have a book siva?
What on?
Or would I be horribly shocked?
From the Innocent One

From: Ellie
Subject: Innocent
Dated: Fri Jul 13 15:09:58

You would be Very VERY Shocked Innocent
Lets just say you have to order it from
Specialised Book SHOPS!
and Siva is living up to your name.
as for me, I am far too innocent for it

From: Siva
Subject: Book/Innocent
Dated: Fri Jul 13 16:31:22 (108

It's on a shelf at the moment. But soon to go into store, as we are
moving. It is a thing with pages. The pages have words on. Some
of the words are not very nice. Pay no attention to Ellie. She
has not read it.

From: Angelis
Subject: BBQ
Dated: Sat Jul 14 11:43:00

Er, Siva.. you forgot the gallon of Bacardi coke for ellie!

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath Results
Dated: Sun Jul 15 22:20:38

Tonight's winner is Ahalya (long time no see) - 7 kills and 4 deaths
SECOND is Moriarty - coo! - 1 kill, 2 defeats and 7 deaths
Bogus is third - 2 kills and 1 death
Well done everyone, especially Moriarty as he's usually stomped on!
Hope to see MORE of you next week!

From: Bergkamp
Subject: Siva
Dated: Wed Jul 18 17:02:40

PArt one complete....purchased book.
Part two is a bit more tricky
Actually need to read it!!

From: Chant
Subject: Bloodbath results
Dated: Sun Jul 22 22:04:33

Tonight's winner is Ahalya (alias Kick Yer Head In Spice) with -
4 kills and 2 deaths
In second place is Bogus (the Mobiles' Friend) with -
2 kills, 1 defeat and 3 deaths
In third place, Logical (who got into the swing of it very quickly!) with
3 defeats and 3 deaths
Fourth is Moriarty (wreaking his wrevenge) - 1 kill, 1 defeat and 2 deaths
(and he didn't get killed for ages and ages!)
Custard had to flit early and got killed twice though it was a close
shave both times!

From: Darkangel
Subject: Shades
Dated: Wed Jul 25 15:06:38

There are a few problems with the game at the mo.
Dying (via dance, sinking, etc ) takes ages, saving also
also, the reset timer doesn't seem to be moving
Time for a battery change?

From: Xarabella
Subject: Shades
Dated: Wed Jul 25 15:13:07

Hmmmmm, fighting mobiles doesn't give me the usual fight info
infact it doesn't appear to do anything, and quit takes a while
I guess the hamster has fallen off the wheel...grin

From: ZEON
Subject: Probs
Dated: Wed Jul 25 19:19:17

As you may have gathered shades is suffering a few probs
at the moment. It needs a reboot and Peri will do this
as soon as possible....

From: Catz
Subject: Reboot
Dated: Wed Jul 25 23:27:04

just how long does it take to reboot?
and just how soon is soon?
will it be tonight, tomorrow, next week..
next month or next year?
an improvement is urgently needed

From: Bergkamp
Subject: reboot
Dated: Thu Jul 26 09:30:28

A lot better thanks.

From: Pegasus
Subject: Hamster
Dated: Thu Jul 26 23:13:00

I think the Shades Hamster passed on several years ago.

From: Bergkamp
Subject: Hamster
Dated: Fri Jul 27 10:34:15

we had a hamster???

From: Halley
Subject: Hamster
Dated: Fri Jul 27 13:47:13

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let's not discuss the Shades hamster
It would be too grim!
Having said that - anyone seen Amstar recently?

From: Branwell
Subject: hamster
Dated: Fri Jul 27 14:00:07

Why I thought it was VERY tasty indeed: little chunks
on sticks with a simply DIVINE peanut sauce....

From: Ambushbug
Subject: Shades Hamster
Dated: Sat Jul 28 12:27:51

It's time for the truth to come out.
I was the Shades Hamster for many years, until I was fired
for being too hairy.
I won't say they were happy times. In fact I WILL say they were
extremely terrifying and traumatic times. But I survived.
I still can't watch a movie with Richard Gere in it without
breaking into a cold sweat though.